29 June 2012

This Week on Instagram

Happy Friday everyone!
This weeks round up - took a picture which I'm rather fond of when I did my "Naked Glamour" make-up; I really emphasized my eyes with '60s flicks by using a liquid eyeliner (Rimmel Glamour Eyes in Black) and keeping my skin flawless by moisturizing daily with Benefits b'Right range. I love their products as they last such a long time, smell gorgeous and refreshing and make my skin flawless overnight. I use the Moisture Prep Toning Lotion first which makes the Total Moisture Facial Cream soak into my skin quicker and I only need a tiny blob of it, and finish off by combating my dark circles with It's Potent! Eye Cream. Keep the eyes and cheeks natural, I add a little lip balm to keep my lips soft and a tiny flush or blusher (Mememe Blush Me! Blush Box in Pink). Keep hair in soft waves and you've got the Screen Siren look for the weekend!
Also, my sudden weekly obsession with my old, tribal Topshop necklace! I've worn it every day of the week, I think! With my style going quite boho this week, the necklace complimented every outfit I chose and added extra color. You can read about my latest outfit here.
It was my friends birthday this week, the baby of the group turned 20! Happy Birthday Jordyn :) We had a little get together at his flat and ended up turning my friend Louise into what I can only describe as a Christmas Tree decoration by putting all of the party hats on her! Suggested party trick here, as it's hilarious to watch her try and take them all off! 
And of course, I reviewed my Glossybox this week. It's always exciting to see it arrive on my doorstep! You can read the review for June here.
And if you like my blog, please remember to vote for it for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards :)
Have a good weekend bloggers!


Boho '00


Grey top Topshop, white linen top Zara, chunky necklace, belt and ring Topshop, wide legged jeans and brown faux-leather wedges Dorothy Perkins.

Remember in the year 2003-2005 everyone was obsessed by Nicole Richie's modern boho style? Well for some reason today that's all I could think about when choosing my clothes. I almost always wear skinny jeans but today my hand reached over to grabbed the only wide-legged pair of jeans I own. I then reached for a linen detailed vest, and a baggy grey top to loosely throw over. I finished the look with my chunky Topshop necklace, big ring and bangle, and brown wedges. I think I had this coming all week, all the fringing, the chunky accessories and maxi dresses... 
I used a brown eyeliner to highlight the green in my eyes and left my make-up rather natural, with an added dusting of bronzer and a flush of blusher to give my skin a dewy glow. My hair has a slight natural wave to it so when I fall asleep with damp hair, I wake up with semi-ready waves, all I need to do is tame the front of my hair with straighteners. 
That was my favourite style when I started getting interested in fashion, I wanted to wear flowy maxi skirts with loose vests and massive sunglasses! What was your favourite style when you were younger? 


28 June 2012

June Glossybox.

It was a long wait for me to get my June Glossybox, but so far I think it was worth it. After reading all the negative feedback on social networking sites about how this box was not worth anything, I have to say I wasn't really looking forward to receiving my box. However, when I actually tried out the products I was really impressed and now I'm looking forward to July's box! Here is what I got:

Glossybox Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush: I don't mind getting brushes and other make-up applying tools in my box and I needed a new brush as my one has completely worn out! This brush is nice and soft, I found that applying bronzer with it was really easy. It retails at £15.00 and I have to say I wouldn't pay that much money for one brush unless it came from a designer name and I reeeally wanted it, but I do like it and I'm happy it was included in my box. The brush is made from natural goat hair which is a plus for most women and I have to say it is super soft, but I don't really like using animal products so for me that's the only downside.

HD Brows Precision Tweezers: Woo I got the tweezers in my box! Which apparently was the prize winning item of this months goodies. I loved my HD Brow Gel (you can read last months box review here) so I've kinda become a fan of HD Brows now! And I can't wait to see if my next box will have something from them. The tweezers are good quality, easy to use and at retail price of £19.95 I think they were a great item to be featured in the box. If you already have tweezers and are happy with yours, HD Brows tweezers would make a perfect gift as they come in a neat little box!

BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer: This mineral bronzer is the perfect summer skin boost! The pot is little but not to worry as mineral make-up goes such a long way! You only need a little sprinkle, then use your brush to swirl and pick up all the mineral particles, then sweep over your cheeks! I like to smile when I put my bronzer on as it highlights your cheekbones and looks more natural. Mineral make-up is also really good for your skin, I found since I started using it, my skin has got better, less spots, less red patches, more natural glow. And this is a bad, bad habit but if you ever rock up to bed at 3am after a night out and forget to take off your make-up, minerals are less likely to give you spots the following day.

Green People Sun Lotion SPF15 with Tan Accelerator: Ok, so this item really upset me when I saw it as it reminds me of being in the sun, on the beach, and all it's done for the past months is rain!! I did try it out, the product boasts in natural antioxidants and moisturizing protection, it feels really good on skin, not sticky and smells nice. And it really did make my skin feel soft, even after an hour of application. It comes in a generous size tube, and would be perfect to take on a weekend away on the sun!
8/10 (The 8 is only because I can't test it out in the sun. Yet.)

Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick: This make-up stick says it covers up minor to severe skin flaws and some of the examples they have are dark circles under the eyes, acne and red patches. I have to say when I saw the size of the tester I thought it would last me one go, however, I used it under my eyes and also on some places where I have scars (left from my teenage days of pimples!) and I'm not even a quarter way through! I think this tester will last me a while, at least a month. It's nice and soft, I went for the Porcelain shade as I am quite fair skinned and it really freshened up my face (Last picture is me wearing Vichy). The only thing I didn't like is after I applied it and set it with powder, it did gather under my eyes and by my nose so I had to smooth it out again. The retail price is £19.00 and I do think it's worth the spend if you have problem skin or uneven skin tone.

So, I really liked this box and the products in there, and I'm now impatiently awaiting my next box! If you would like to find out more or subscribe to Glossybox visit http://www.glossybox.co.uk/
What did you get in your box this month? Did you like it?


27 June 2012


Fringed top Primark, maxi dress (worn underneath) Topshop, necklace Topshop, bracelet from a vintage boutique in Bath.

Hello readers, as you can see I have now progressed onto an iPhone from my Blackberry and I'm loving all the different apps on it! I have downloaded three different photo apps which allow me to edit photos in different ways so I'm going to try each way out now, lots of pictures to take so beware! I'm also slightly addicted to the popular games available...
I've had this fringed top for quite some time now but I never wore it because I  wasn't quite sure how... Fringed crop tops always look cute in magazines when a model is wearing a bikini underneath but it proves difficult to try and use one in the middle of the week. So I wore a black maxi dress underneath it to make it wearable for work and yet still trendy. I added some chunky accessories to add a bit of a theme to the outfit so I've ended up with quite a 1970's hippy like look but in the '00s.
Anyway, I hope you like it and let me know what pieces of clothing have you got that you're not sure how to wear every day, or how you did wear them!


25 June 2012


T-shirt Topshop, maxi skirt with belt River Island

Today I decided to pair my feather print maxi skirt which is really girly and feminine with a more punky T-shirt to give it some edge. I'm used to colour coordinating and matching pieces from the same style so I'm loving playing around with different genres and colours! I also added a delicate raw pearl necklace to match the romantic style of the skirt.
Is it better to stick with one style and keep it classic or clash pieces to create on trend looks?


21 June 2012


Dress Pins & Needles at Urban Outfitters, waist jacket H&M, shoes Topshop.

I love this outfit for work during the summer, the colours fit really nice together and the collar of the dress just makes it that little bit more official if you work in a corporate building like me. I love the button detail on the waist jacket, which cost me a bargain £14.99 from H&M. I added the Topshop dalmatian loafers to add a little more interest to the outfit, and because they're my favourite shoe at the moment :)
I wish I would have done something different with my hair though, I was being slightly lazy and you know what mornings are like, I am not alive until 9am after my glass of water and a snack of summer berry flapjacks! But here I found the perfect hair style for that outfit, also it would looks great with light dresses in the summer! (image taken from my board on Pinterest


20 June 2012

Kreativ Blogger.

Hello fellow bloggers,

Today I found out that the lovely JolieBaby had awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger Award :) Made my day, so everyone have a gander at her blog!

Thank you so much Kristen <3

The rules of giving this award:

Post a link to the blogger that gave you the award.

List 7 interesting facts about yourself that your readers might find interesting.

Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know!

7 interesting things about me:

1. I am obsessed with dogs. I love every dog, even when they're naughty. I'd know because my Harvey is the most stubborn, hissy-fit throwing drama queen in the world and I love him more than anything. One day I want to live in a manor house with acres of land and a significant number of rescue dogs running around on fields during the day, and sleeping by the foot of my bed at night. And always rescue dogs, they need a good home.

2. I cook every day. I love food! I love trying out new food from all over the world and then trying to make it at home! My favourite is sushi which I have now mastered how to make and I enjoy it as a treat once in a while (as my boyfriend hates fish and anything that came from water as food, I don't indulge in fish very often when I'm at home). My friends favourites are my home made pizzas, where everything has been made from scratch including the pizza sauce! It's the best for get togethers. And recently, I've even started to grow my own vegetables and herbs! So this summer I will have fresh, home grown salads. You can find my favourite food and drink inspiration here :)

3. I'm a die-hard horror movie fan. The scarier the better. I think as a child I thought I was a superhero who could save the world and conquer anything, and now that's being re-lived when I think I could take on all the Leatherfaces, zombies and werewolves in the world. Oh by the way, special interesting fact is: I'm dead scared of werewolves. Not the high tech ones from Underworld, no, I'm petrified of An American Werewolf In London. Can't watch that film on my own. Shhhhh....

4. I was an animal activist at university. I made a flag with red paint which resembled a bleeding footprint and paraded it around my class. I tried to steal and burn my mothers fur coat. I also went vegetarian for 6 months and loved it, until I found out that I need meat to survive and be healthy. So now I take the time to check out the meat I buy and make sure it came from a happy place. I don't eat (and haven't eaten for many years) from places like McDonald or KFC because I've seen behind-the-scenes and how cruel they are. I don't wear real fur. There's no need when we have such soft and warm replacements. I try my best to make sure everything I invest money on helps animals. Although I am much more calm since my university years, it's still in me to do everything I can to stop animal cruelty on this planet.

5. I witnessed a war when I was a toddler. I am Russian but I was born in a tiny country on the border of Russia and Georgia called Abkhazia. There was a war from 1992-1993 and although I don't remember much, I remember seeing a tank outside our window on the day the war ended and everyone knew we won.

6. My favourite place to shop is the city of Bath, England. I lived there for three years and I've discovered that it has the best mix of vintage shops, high street, designer boutiques and charity shops to hunt for bargain designer pieces!

7. My favourite band is Rise Against and favourite album is The Sufferer and The Witness.

I award the following with the Kreativ Blogger Award:

These are really cute blogs and if you haven't read them yet, please take the time to have a look as you won't be disappointed! And get involved in nominating the blogs you think deserve this award!



Headwear Primark, silk tunic Zara
Photographer Claire Hurst 

The silk tunic from Zara is the softest thing I have ever worn, the fabric is so light that it's perfect on hot summer evenings paired with skinny jeans and some moccasins or brown leather sandals. You can also wear it as a dress with hotpants underneath (because it is short), or as a bikini cover up at beach BBQ's and glam it up with statement bracelets or a head piece like I've got here.


18 June 2012

Weekend Eve's.

Weekend Outfit at my home (the dog wants to be involved in every picture:)) - Dress Topshop, denim jacket Warehouse, shoes Topshop.

Company Magazine July 2012

I was very happy to find out on Sunday evening that FashionFake's tweet sent to Company Magazine ended up in their current issue! I had no idea as it's usually a Monday morning magazine pick-up for me, and it is my favorite magazine to read and get inspiration from. A few issues back the cover of the magazine had Kate  Bosworth was featured on the front cover with dip-dyed ends a shade of aqua on her blonde hair. I really liked the idea, not so sure about the color as something that bright and bold would not really suit my style, so I went for a safe option of dark brown, and a dye that would only stay on for a month or so, so I wouldn't be left with the options of wearing a hat or cutting my locks off if I didn't like it. I used Boots Semi Permanent Hair Colour (£2.50 which is a bargain price to experiment with tips of your hair!) in Dark Brown. I am intending on experimenting with it again, so if you want to find out how I dip-dyed keep an eye out for a new post this week! I loved the dip dye in my hair, but the color didn't last long at all, it came out in the second wash which is great if you made a mistake but this time I want something that will last longer. I then Tweeted my picture to @Companymagazine who were my inspiration and they printed the picture in theis July issue! Which is also the month of my birthday, so I'm very please. I just wish I took a nicer picture, if only I'd known! :)

Have any of you guys dip-dyed your hair? If so, send me a link to the picture to be featured in my blog post about dip-dying!


15 June 2012

Pastel Make-Up and Food Find of the Day.

Happy Friday my blog darlings! I have been amazingly lazy at dressing myself this morning so I'm currently in baggy jeans and a white T. However, I did want to share my make-up as this morning I was rather pleased with what I've managed to do to my face. When I woke up, my hair ended up in a natural wave and my highlights looked really soft so I decided to opt for pastels (which is really popular this summer). I made sure to moisturize really well with Benefit's B'right range before applying a MAC foundation and concealer, a little bronzer from Bare Essentials to contour my face and blusher from Benefit (Sugarbomb) right on my cheeks - smile when you put on your blusher as it catches your cheeks in the most natural blush. By making my skin look flawless, all I had to do was just a gentle eye flick with the help of Rimmels 'liquid eyeliner (Glam'Eyes) and a coat or two of Benefit They're Real! Mascara. Voila, and I don't feel so bad about my non-exciting outfit.
I also wanted to share today's food discovery which is Fudges Jalapeno Wafers. They taste like a piece of heaven, soft with a little kick, something that makes you want to give up whatever you're doing and spend the day in a sunny garden with a chilled beer and these wafers. They only have natural ingredients, which is perfect for people like me who try and eat good food but can't resist a sinful snack once in a while. Or every lunch time when left without supervision. And they're made in Devon from only the tastiest ingredients!
And to end, I'm going to leave you with the face of my little boo Harvey and what he looks like when you have a) food in your hand or b) he wants a cuddle.
Enjoy and have a great weekend y'all!


14 June 2012

"Talent, Pride and Determination"

My ParalympicsGB official scarf from Next arrived this morning, courtesy of the Next Blogger Network (Thank you!). It arrived in a cute white box with a ribbon tied around it. When I opened my parcel I found the Next ParalympicsGB scarf and a Next catalogue of all their TeamGB inspired merchandise. My favourite pages were all their home accessories as I'm currently obsessed with decorating my home with little bits and pieces, and they have the cutest cushions and tea sets! Then I got to the scarf. It was packet in it's original shop wrapping, the hand painted lion on the scarf is a visual interpretation of a quote that describes the determination, courage and talent of the Great British Athletes. There are 60 hands printed on the bottom of the scarf which symbolise the athletes' sixty million supporters. My favourite is the quote on the left hand corner of the scarf which says "Talent, Pride and Determination". The quote could be adapted by anyone and give them inspiration to get on with their own daily challenges, just as the Paralympic Athletes conquer the challenges they face.
The very important thing about this scarf is the support you will be giving to the British Athletes as ALL profits from the sale of the scarf will be donated to them. So, above I've showed you just a couple of ways how you can wear your scarf with pride and support the athletes this year on their home ground! My favourite is tying it around your bag in the shape of a fluffy bow, that way on hot days you will always be prepared for a chilly breeze! I have also used it as a summer turban, really easy to start at the front of you head and wrap it around with a knot. You can also wear it a la Paris tied around you neck with loose ends, or bow it up and make a fluffy bow around your neck.
How would you wear your scarf?

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