29 June 2012

This Week on Instagram

Happy Friday everyone!
This weeks round up - took a picture which I'm rather fond of when I did my "Naked Glamour" make-up; I really emphasized my eyes with '60s flicks by using a liquid eyeliner (Rimmel Glamour Eyes in Black) and keeping my skin flawless by moisturizing daily with Benefits b'Right range. I love their products as they last such a long time, smell gorgeous and refreshing and make my skin flawless overnight. I use the Moisture Prep Toning Lotion first which makes the Total Moisture Facial Cream soak into my skin quicker and I only need a tiny blob of it, and finish off by combating my dark circles with It's Potent! Eye Cream. Keep the eyes and cheeks natural, I add a little lip balm to keep my lips soft and a tiny flush or blusher (Mememe Blush Me! Blush Box in Pink). Keep hair in soft waves and you've got the Screen Siren look for the weekend!
Also, my sudden weekly obsession with my old, tribal Topshop necklace! I've worn it every day of the week, I think! With my style going quite boho this week, the necklace complimented every outfit I chose and added extra color. You can read about my latest outfit here.
It was my friends birthday this week, the baby of the group turned 20! Happy Birthday Jordyn :) We had a little get together at his flat and ended up turning my friend Louise into what I can only describe as a Christmas Tree decoration by putting all of the party hats on her! Suggested party trick here, as it's hilarious to watch her try and take them all off! 
And of course, I reviewed my Glossybox this week. It's always exciting to see it arrive on my doorstep! You can read the review for June here.
And if you like my blog, please remember to vote for it for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards :)
Have a good weekend bloggers!



  1. Good luck with the award Lana :)

  2. You look beautiful, Lana :)
    That "Naked Glamour" make-up looks amazing on you.

    Have a great weekend too,

    Hugs ♥,


  3. Thanks doll! Hope you had a lovely weekend :)
    Lana, xo

  4. Please, let me know your Instagram username and I will follow you :) . Mine is amoderndaylady. I'm brand new to Instagram :D !

    Sara from A Modern-Day Lady

    1. LanaSuhova :) Im following you on Instagram!


  5. You look gorgeous! The makeup is beautiful


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