31 July 2012

Benefit California Kissin' Lipgloss

Benefit California Kissin' Smile Brightening Lipgloss £14.00

I have been dying to try out this lipgloss as I am obsessed by anything that promises to make your smile brighter. As a huge fan of Benefit makeup, I was eager to test out California Kissin' as it's described to be a minty fresh gloss with a hint of blue, which you apply over or under lipstick and the colour makes your teeth look whiter. On its own, the lipgloss has no colour and made my lips looks quite pale but not in an attractive way, so it's not something you can carry in your bag as an instant colour - you need to have a lipstick with it. I then tried it with a bright pink lipstain underneath the gloss and voila! I could see the blue tint on my lips, and I'm not sure it made my teeth look any whiter but my completion was definitely brightened, eyes emphasized and skin softened. It hasn't been my miracle "whitener" but I do like the lipgloss for the colour it turns pinks into and the minty fresh scent :)


30 July 2012

July Glossybox.

Elizabeth Arden's Visible Difference Skin Balancing Cleanser, Serum and Lotion (Bonus Product): I have never used products by Elizabeth Arden before so this was really new for me. I really enjoyed the cleanser as it had tiny exfoliating pieces in the super smooth creamy cleanser. The cleanser is super easy to lather on, that was my favourite part! After the cleanser I used the serum as I was on my way to bed, so I thought I'd save the lotion, which is SPF 15, until tomorrow when I'm out in the sunlight. The serum was very moisturising, it made my skin feel flexible and soft. I did enjoying using the products, I would use them again!

MONU Extra Rich Night Cream (£36.95): The first thing that struck me about this cream is its scent which reminds me of a full bouquet of blooming orchids. The cream itself made my skin glow when applied, I do think I had to put on a little more of the cream than my usual moisturiser as I felt with a thin layer my skin didn't feel as indulged as it should have been before bed.

Collin Resultime Regenerating Collagen Gel (£47.25): I'm all about the scents while testing this Glossybox! The smell of this gel reminds me of my mother, she always used the best skin care products and I guess there's something in them that makes them smell similar. This gel can be used daily as a serum (by applying a thin layer) or as a mask (by applying a thicker layer and then wiping off the excess). This gel is used for repairing the cells and skin tissue on your face. This product is used in spa and beauty salons, and can be part of a regenerating treatment. I'm hoping it will help repair the slightly scarred area on my cheek, so I'm giving it a good go this month in hope to see some results!
8/10 (Bare in mind, this mark could change in the course of the next couple of weeks if results are drastically visible!)

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Frosting in Pavlova (£10.00): Love! This frosting can be used on the lips and on the cheeks (bad photo I know, but you can see the hint of colour). It's a great item to have in your bag to carry everywhere, just in case you need a make-up boost! And the smell and taste is just delish!

Kryolan Satin Powder (£4.75): With a pale pink/champagne glow, this powder is great to use for a night out by applying over your eyelids, daytime by applying onto the inner corners of your eyes and it makes a good eyebrow highlighter!

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray (18.95): I am a fan of sea sprays, this is something special! It smells of tingling ginger which I love, and I spray it onto my hair after I've blow dried it nearly dry and scrunch up my hair. It then creates lovely beach style hair in minutes!

Great box this month, the products were really fun to test out! If you would like to find out more or subscribe to Glossybox visit http://www.glossybox.co.uk/
What did you get in your box this month? Did you like it?


Birthday #22!

T-shirt Topshop, skirt Zara, sandals Monsoon, sunglasses Primark

Body River Island, shorts H&M

Hey everyone, I am alive! Sorry this blog has been quiet for nearly a week - I was a very busy bee! I turned 22 on Wednesday 25th (:)) so leading up to that I decided to take some time off work and just relax in bed until midday watching awful day time TV and having my breakfast in bed. I also cleared out my wardrobe a little more in preparation for a Swish Party which is long overdue as I now have two huge bags fulls of clothes/shoes/accessories! On my actual birthday, I was awoken by a number of presents including a bottle of champagne (tempting to make a champagne breakfast but I was being good....), I went to my old place of residence, Bath, with my mum and my little brother for a spot of shopping. We went to a place called Jimmy Spices, which is great as it's an all you can eat buffet (stay and chat for hours!) and it has Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian cuisine regularly, with guest starring countries changing daily such as Mexican, American and Middle Eastern. I got spoiled by my mother who bought me a whole new set of Benefit make-up. I am obsessed, now I just want to go and buy all the rest of the products to make my make-up box look like a Benefit counter!
On our way back from Bath, I was tricked into believing we were going to have a quiet drink somewhere so insisting on coming home first so I could get changed, and was surprised by all my closest friends who jumped out of the cupboards...Heart attack and a half! I had the cutest surprise party with flowers, my lovely cake made by mama and lots of nibbles and wine!


24 July 2012

Spa Find.

Spa Find Dead Sea Salts* and Renewed Radiance* range

I have always heard of the great reputation spa products have, especially when connected to the Dead Sea, but I have never sampled them myself. After recently discovering Spa Find, one of the spa companies I am now interested in, I decided to try some of their products.
Spa Find concentrates on natural mineral therapy at home and has a range of products for different types of skin and provides information on how to care for your skin after you've treated yourself. The main minerals in Spa Find are: Magnesium (the anti-stress mineral), Potassium and Sodium (the purifying and hydrating minerals), Calcium (the anti-ageing mineral), Bromide (the relaxing mineral), Sulphur (the healing mineral) and Iodine (the detoxifying mineral). The company boasts being all natural, hypo-allergenic and paraben free and also not tested on animals.
Tonight I tried the Dead Sea Salts and  I have heard so much about the goodness of these salts, not only for your skin but also for your body and mind. The salts tackle stress problems, relieve aching pains such as that horrendous back ache you come back home with after a day spent at your desk in front of the computer. I poured in three handfuls of the salt into a running bath and hoped for the magic to happen. In my area, the water is very hard and I can feel it on my skin as I get out of the bath NEEDING moisturiser, but with the bath salts the water was really soft on my skin and once dried, not flaky. I was very impressed by that. I was also impressed by how positive I felt when I got out of the bath. I will be using the bath salts throughout this month to see if it does make a difference to my stress levels (which are hiiiigh at the moment!). Marks so far 9/10.
I also tried the new Spa Find Renewed Radiance cleanser, day cream and face mask. The range is aimed at dry, mature and sensitive skin and is supposed to "renew" your skin by bringing back its moisture and radiance. First, I cleaned my face with the cleanser by massaging it into my skin, concentrating on areas I find problematic (at the moment a couple of spots). I then wiped off the cleanser with a cotton bud an proceeded to apply the mask which should be used once a week. It sits on your face for 15-20 minutes or can be left on overnight if your skin has gone through a lot of stress in a particular week (make-up, busy schedule, etc...) and then you remove the mask with a wet cotton wool. The mask was very soft and gentle, it felt more like a cream on my face and I think next time I will leave it overnight to see what results I get. I liked the fact that with this mask you can carry on talking (or singing in the shower...) for the time you have to leave it on for. I finished off my trial with the day cream and I am very particular about the types of creams I use as I have very, very sensitive skin which will lash out by covering my face in pimples if it doesn't like something. This range is really aimed at sensitive skin and I have proof as my skin was left cleaned, moisturised and bright by the end of it. The one thing I felt was missing was a scrub. I am a lover of scrubs so most of my regimes include some sort of scrub! I would recommend this range for people with sensitive skin, or even just the mask to revive a dry or dull complexion. Marks 8/10.
I am very pleased with my first experience of spa products at home, and I will be sampling some more in the upcoming blogs so keep your eye out! What do you think of spa products? Do you have a favourite to suggest?


18 July 2012


Dress Urban Outfitters, blazer Alia Kris, faux pearl collar Topshop, cycling shorts made from old tights, shoes Carvela, lipstick ColourSensational Popsticks Maybelline in Pink Sugar

I was yet again slightly early for work this morning so I decided to stop by Superdrug and see if they have anything that might cheer me up on this rainy morning. Superdrug usually have offers and discounts which is why I love stocking up there, although Boots do more of my favourite brands.
Whilst browsing through the make-up isle I came across (probably old news but new to me!) Maybellines ColourSensation Popsticks which drew me in with it's name and with the nicely illuminating case. I opened a tester and saw that inside the lipstick looks like a glittery ice pop and smells delish! So I had to make a purchase...
The lipstick glides on really easily, it feels almost like a lip balm! My lips felt moisturized and healthy, Pink Sugar is essentially colorless so it gives your lips a natural glow. It's a great tool to take with you on a night out when you can't really be bothered to fight your way to the mirrors in the ladies WC's as you can apply the product without a mirror.
And to add to the find, when I got to paying I was given a make-up bag as a freebie! I love it, it's perfect to put in your handbag to carry around day to day (and I really needed one as my bag is just full of beauty products) it's got different compartments and places to keep your mini brushes and lip/eye liners! So if you're anywhere near Superdrug this week, inquire about this handy girl tool box! (While stocks last)


16 July 2012

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo £6.99 and conditioner £6.99 (from Boots)

I have heard lots of stories about the amazing Argan oil which is supposed to work miracles on your body and your hair. The oil has been used in shampoos, conditioners, serums, sprays, capsules and any other way you can imagine to be applied to your hair. Pure Argan oil can also be applied to the face, nails and body. But in most cases, the great reputation also comes with a hefty price tag. 
I decided to try this shampoo and conditioner as I have used Organix before and I remember I loved the smell of their coconut scented shampoo, and at £6.99 a bottle I though it wasn't too much of a waste if I didn't get on with the product. The oil boasts to fix hair which is dry and limp from styling, mend split ends and tame frizz. 
When I shampooed my head, my hair felt squeaky clean but quite dry (even though it was wet) so when it came to using conditioner I left it on my hair for a couple of minutes for it to really sink in. I stroked the conditioner into my hair so everything was covered. When I got to drying my hair I noticed that a) my hair was drying MEGA quickly, it took me about 10 minutes to blow dry my entire head of hair, b) when I started brushing my hair and straightening it, my hair felt amazingly soft, movement appeared in it and my hair genuinely looked like it belonged on a popular shampoo commercial.
The products gave me really soft hair, my split ends weren't as prominent but I guess that's because my hair was smoothed out and moisturized. I'm looking forward to using my Organix shampoo and conditioner again and I think it's a great way to see how Argan oil reacts with your hair type for a fraction of the price! 

I have now been using the shampoo for over a month and I am still impressed with the results. I like how soft my hair is after the use of the shampoo and mainly the conditioner.

Another thing I feel I need to mention is that despite the name, Organix does not use organic materials in their products. After doing my research on the company, the benefits of using Organix is that their products do not contain parabens or sulfates. However, like most other popular shampoo brands they do use chemicals. I never associated them with organic products, I bought these just because I really liked their last shampoo. If you are passionate about green and organic products, please remember that this is just another big brand company. There are many alternatives to using Moroccan oil in certified "green" products which I will aim to review in the future! 



12 July 2012

Budget Sites.

With the current financial climate we all struggle to go out and spoil ourselves by buying a new pair of shoes or that dress you've been dying for, but sometimes it is very much needed to survive the stresses of every day life (cheeky excuse)! So all of us must understand how important it is to find a place where you can spoil yourself on a tight budget, and still have something to eat at the end of the month.
So I have searched and searched the World Wide Web and have found a couple of websites which will help you buy amazing clothes on a next to nothing budget, starting with the cheapest and ascending to designer.

Everything5Pounds is a great website to browse on. It has clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, lingerie and childrenswear, all items just £5.  It is the kind of website you have to spend some time on, but I have spotted a couple of cute dresses (such as the one in the picture) which are a bargain! I would strongly advice this website to anyone who is holiday clothes shopping or festival clothes shopping, if you're anything like me and don't  want to take your favorite clothes anywhere where there is a potential of losing/ruining them, Everything5Pounds offers you a huge range of choice for, well, £5!

Boohoo.com is my favorite place to shop for shoes right now. I have recently purchased the Paloma shoe in Baby Pink and I am over the moon: the shoe is comfy, beautiful and cost me a bargain £35! The best part about it all is - I've been dying for a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's Lita shoes but the colour I wanted sold out all over the UK so I would have to specially order them from the US which totaled my would-be spending at around £160. Now, as much as I loved those shoes, I cannot afford to spend £160 on shoes as I kinda need my electricity and gas to be running. Boohoo's Paloma shoes are the exact copy of the Lita's I wanted at a fraction of the price. I return every month to see what they have and I've already spotted 4 pairs which I will have to pick from this payday! Designer-like shoes for next to nothing? Amazing. Go look. Now.

Fashion Vouchers is a newly discovered site for me. The website offers you discount codes and also alerts you of the best sales around the net. From Urban Outfitters to Dorothy Perkins, this site has a versatile approach to styles and ages. I will definitely be keeping my eye out to snap up some bargains in the summer sales!

Ebay is where most of my friends grab their fashion bargains! From the sold out Topshop shorts to Chanel classic hand bags, Ebay has got everything you would need. It's great to find authentic fashion pieces due to the amount of models/bloggers/ employees of designer companies who sell their unwanted freebies for pennies. I snapped up an Alexander McQueen scarf for £30 (RRP depending on size etc, but on average £200) from a model who got given the scarf after a McQ show and she didn't think it was her style... However you do have to watch out for fakes, especially if you are buying a designer item. Make sure there is always an authentic label on the product, tags, usually designer items will come with a box too. Happy bidding!

Girl Meets Dress I found out about this website when I suddenly had a Gala Dinner with my new job to go to and I needed a beautiful dress for, well, next to nothing. I shopped around and I couldn't find  anything for less than £100 and I didn't really want to purchase an expensive dress which will never be worn again, as a Gala Dinner is not my usual weekend activity... So I thought renting a dress might work out for me! Girl Meets Dress has the most beautiful designer evening gowns such as the one above from Dina Bar-El which RRP's for £700 but for 2 nights it's yours for £109. The website also provides cocktail dresses, party dresses and casual style dresses. Rent an Alexander Wang dress worth hundreds for £79 for that all-important job interview you have? Perfect!

TheOutnet.com is a great website to find designer clothes and accessories on a standard salary. I found these Miu Miu wedges which will look great in the summer with a white shirt dress and oversized sunnies as well as in autumn with thick knit tights, a cute dress and knitted scarf + hat combo. The original price is £420 but with TheOutnet.com you can grab these beauties with a 40% off discount at £252, which for Miu Miu shoes that can be worn in different seasons is a bit of a bargain!

These are just a selection of website which can help you find the best fashion bargains on a tight budget. But there are also other ways of saving money on clothes:

  • Swish Parties! A "swish" party is a clothes swapping party, you get all your unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories (just make sure they're either new or in great condition!) and ask your friends to do the same. Then grab a clothes rail and several dozens of hangers and make a little shop in your living room! You can use different coloured post it notes to determine the "price" of an item. It's a great social catch up if you provide some nibbles and drinks, and get everyone to chip in! 
  • Student Discount. If you are a student, most shops now offer student discount with your NUS card. It's usually 10% off, but follow your favourite shops and companies on Twitter and Facebook as they regionally have student event evenings with 25% off! 
  • Recycle. Dig out some items in your wardrobe that are boring you but could make a potentially great new item! Turn an old pair of jeans into studded denim shorts or dip-dye your old white vest for the Navajo trend!
  • Use the Sale. Use the winter and summer designer sales to your advantage to buy classic pieces such as the LBD or jeans. They might be more pricey than the New Look sale and sometimes you'll have to wait a few months to wear the item you have purchased but classics never go out of style. That will be an investment, not a splurge. 
What is your tip for saving money on clothes/accessories? 

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