9 July 2012

Hey, I Put My New Shoes On...

 Orange suede platforms Zara, black strap platforms Zara, neon pink platforms Primark, bag Chanel, pink boots Boohoo.com



Firstly, Happy Birthday to my best friend who turned 22 on 4th of July!! And to my mummy who turned "18" again on the 6th of July!! This week has been a bit of a party week, lots of yummy food and wine, seeing friends and family has been great. 
On another note, I went a little shoe happy this month and bought myself now a total of four pairs of shoes this month! Technically two of them were an early birthday present from my mum so I actually only bought two pairs. It started off with the pink boohoo.com boots which reminded me so much of the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" shoes in the color I've wanted for £35 (bargain!) so I quickly went online to grab a pair. They are the comfiest shoes, really soft on the inside which is quite unusual for new shoes as I always find most pairs start off being quite hard on the feet. They add on masses of height to you, so my boyfriend has banned me from wearing them when we go out as I end up being taller than him... So tall girls, beware of the height! I then saw another bargain in Topshop, a pair of black heeled boots which you can see in my post here, they were on sale for £35 down from £79 and with a bargain like that it would be sinful to say no.
It then carried on when we went shopping for mums birthday and stumbled into Zara who apparently have the most amazing sale on right now! I had a handful of shoes, all of which were stunning and with a discount of up to 50% off, but I managed to narrow it down to the black pair and the suede orange pair (Thank You Mama!). I then got so obsessed with my shoes I decided to make a display in my dressing room just for the new shoes, which encouraged me to try and sort out that room as at the moment it is a bit of a mess. 

Have any of you had a successful shopping spree this weekend? Who has the best sales on? 



  1. very nice post ! love the shoes and that chanel purse xoxo

  2. That chanel bag is laaaaavly xx


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