30 July 2012

July Glossybox.

Elizabeth Arden's Visible Difference Skin Balancing Cleanser, Serum and Lotion (Bonus Product): I have never used products by Elizabeth Arden before so this was really new for me. I really enjoyed the cleanser as it had tiny exfoliating pieces in the super smooth creamy cleanser. The cleanser is super easy to lather on, that was my favourite part! After the cleanser I used the serum as I was on my way to bed, so I thought I'd save the lotion, which is SPF 15, until tomorrow when I'm out in the sunlight. The serum was very moisturising, it made my skin feel flexible and soft. I did enjoying using the products, I would use them again!

MONU Extra Rich Night Cream (£36.95): The first thing that struck me about this cream is its scent which reminds me of a full bouquet of blooming orchids. The cream itself made my skin glow when applied, I do think I had to put on a little more of the cream than my usual moisturiser as I felt with a thin layer my skin didn't feel as indulged as it should have been before bed.

Collin Resultime Regenerating Collagen Gel (£47.25): I'm all about the scents while testing this Glossybox! The smell of this gel reminds me of my mother, she always used the best skin care products and I guess there's something in them that makes them smell similar. This gel can be used daily as a serum (by applying a thin layer) or as a mask (by applying a thicker layer and then wiping off the excess). This gel is used for repairing the cells and skin tissue on your face. This product is used in spa and beauty salons, and can be part of a regenerating treatment. I'm hoping it will help repair the slightly scarred area on my cheek, so I'm giving it a good go this month in hope to see some results!
8/10 (Bare in mind, this mark could change in the course of the next couple of weeks if results are drastically visible!)

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Frosting in Pavlova (£10.00): Love! This frosting can be used on the lips and on the cheeks (bad photo I know, but you can see the hint of colour). It's a great item to have in your bag to carry everywhere, just in case you need a make-up boost! And the smell and taste is just delish!

Kryolan Satin Powder (£4.75): With a pale pink/champagne glow, this powder is great to use for a night out by applying over your eyelids, daytime by applying onto the inner corners of your eyes and it makes a good eyebrow highlighter!

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray (18.95): I am a fan of sea sprays, this is something special! It smells of tingling ginger which I love, and I spray it onto my hair after I've blow dried it nearly dry and scrunch up my hair. It then creates lovely beach style hair in minutes!

Great box this month, the products were really fun to test out! If you would like to find out more or subscribe to Glossybox visit http://www.glossybox.co.uk/
What did you get in your box this month? Did you like it?



  1. Elizabeth Arden products are fab most of the time! Never let me down... (yet?) xx


    1. I fell in love! It's only my second day using them but I'm already loving how smooth my skin is :)

      Lana, xo

  2. Replies
    1. So far I've liked all my boxes, bring on August! :)

      Lana, xo


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