31 August 2012

I'd Like Summer to Stay Forever.

Dress with belt Zara, hat vintage, rosary pearls necklace Topshop, elephant necklace H&M

This is my "Please don't leave sunshine!!!" outfit. It's getting colder day by day and the mornings are getting darker which makes it somewhat difficult to get out of bed. And I feel we didn't even have a summer here in the UK, there was definitely not enough BBQ's going on! Anyway, that's not really what I want to share with you this chilly Friday. What I do want to talk about is how everyone starts up blogging. I started my blog a few months ago, one of the reasons I haven't blogged from earlier is that I didn't have anyone to help me take pictures of outfits on a regular basis and I could not fork out for a nice camera with a tripod. So I thought before I save up and splurge, I wanted to see if my blog would even get noticed by anyone and liked. Now that I know so many of you are interested in what I have to say/wear (:)) I am saving up to buy a lovely Canon camera with a tripod, but that's not going to happen for a little while yet. However, I have found the perfect solution to blog on a "budget". I use my iPhone camera now, and by downloading several photography apps I am able to take high resolution pictures and edit them. Of course they might not look as great as ones taken by an actual zoom lens with a perfect flash, but they're alright. Then I was faced with another problem. It's all very well when my friend has the weekend off work and she agrees to spend several hours with me taking outfit snaps, but when I'm on my own I cannot balance my iPhone to stay put until the pictures are taken. It's so much hard work! But here's the perfect solution - a tripod designed to hold your iPhone. I didn't even know they existed! I love this little tripod, it's got flexible legs so you can not only stand in up but also wrap the legs around things like branches if you're doing an "outdoorsy" OOTD. The pictures above are taken with the help of this little guy, and I can already tell this blog is going to be blooming with outfits as I don't have to wait for help anymore! And I will now be able to do my first videos (yaaayy!)
So, in conclusion I'm getting there. Slowly but very steadily I am learning about new technology that can help new bloggers out, because we all know how tough it can be.

What camera/phone/camcorder do you use for your blog? Is there a favourite app?

My new best friend - the Capdase Smart Tripod for iPhone * :)
You can find this and more cool accessories on the Mobile Fun - Accessories webpage.


30 August 2012

First Ever Thank You Giveaway :)

Guys, so a couple of weeks ago I reached 100 GFC followers, and I just wanted to say thank you! It's now over the 100 mark, and I'm so happy about the fact that you like what I have to say and so many of you read my reviews and leave lovely comments! I know most of you prefer my fashion posts so I will do more of those in the feature, but right now I wanted to give you a little beauty treat.
As the weather is so hideous these days, one minute you feel like it's sunny summer - the next it turns to cold, sharp autumn. These items will carry me through the seasons, my inspiration came from this weeks weather!

So this shampoo is a favourite at the moment, it's so new that I haven't even written up my review about it yet! It gives your hair volume but doesn't weigh it down like so many conditioners do! It smells delish and is a real treat for you and your hair, and will carry you through all the seasons. Mucho ♥

Ahhh Anatomicals! I am a big fan of the brand, I always get excited when I find it in shops as the only place I can get it from (in my area) is from asos.com. The minty tingling lip balm is for those hot days when you can use a cool down, and anti-crack balm is for those sharp, windy days when your lips need a bit of TLC.

This is the new Impulse Sweet Smile scent, it's so summery - I love it! The scent instantly makes me think of exotic places and sunshine. I use Impulse whenever I feel like I could do with a little "perk me up" on casual days as sometimes I don't want the heavy scent of perfume, sometimes the best scents are a clean body with a spritz of fragrance.

I picked these colours from MUA because they are the softest, warmest pinks I could find. The beauty of this pink is that it is easily transferable from summer to winter, in the summer a light pink blush on top of a bronzer makes your skin look flawless and in the winter it just gives a bit more of a frost to your cheeks. Including blusher, lip gloss and lip liner.

And to finish on a colder note, this cute nail polish and eye shadow combination from Accessorize is of a perfect autumn colour! In the autumn I love wearing browns, olives, plums and dark reds and this colour will go with any of the above! Use the eyeshadow very lightly as an every day colour and add more for a night time look.

So here it is, please enter below via Rafflecopter! The winner will be announced over Twitter next Wednesday! *Please note this giveaway is for UK only, sorry overseas friends next one will be for you too** 
PS, I will be checking the entries ;)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Nail Rock for ASOS nail wraps.

Nail Rock

Nail Rock

nail teddy bears

nail teddy bears

Last week I had a good rummage through the ASOS website when I found these cute nail wraps in the Beauty Sale. At £3.50, I decided to give nail wraps a go even though I've never used them on my nails before. The set comes with everything you need (all you have to do is ensure your nail polish is removed with an acetone based remover): nail file, cuticle stick, wipes and stickers. I read through the instructions and it's very basic - wipe your nails, push cuticle back, cut the stickers to size, stick on and smooth. I did exactly that but as you can see in the picture above, the nail wraps still have some bubbles and uneven surface even though I smoothed them like a maniac for about an hour.
I think it's a skill that will come in time, even though these teddy wraps didn't go as I planned I still want to try some more nail wraps to see if it's really technique that fails to produce the nest results or is it that the nail wrap is simply inconvenient?
Have you tried nail wraps before? What was the result?


28 August 2012

One of the Lost Boys.

Topshop smock dress

Topshop smock dress

denim jacket

Topshop smock dress

Topshop brown leather flat boots
Dress, necklace and shoes all Topshop, denim jacket Warehouse

After looking back on this outfit, I realize how Topshop oriented my wardrobe is... I don't purposely stick to one brand of clothing, but somehow most of my outfit combinations end up being 70% Topshop! Oh dear...
This is a typical casual outfit for me, I saw these boots and fell in love with them! They will look great in all seasons - worn this way in summer, then warm things up with cable knit tights during the colder weather! I actually love them. They were very slippery when I worn them for the first day, so if you have a pair, take precaution methods to not end up on your backside in front of a live audience!
This outfit also really reminds me of something one of the Lost Boys from Peter Pan would wear, the colours, the boots and the funky necklace all make me think of a playful island full of children refusing to grow up.


27 August 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Honey

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Honey
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey

Recently I've been getting asked quite a lot about my Revlon Kissable Balm Stain so I thought I'd do a mini post on my purchase. I was really intrigued by this lip stain, the day they were available in stores I managed to get the colour I really wanted, Honey. It wasn't my usual choice of lip colour but as I didn't have anything similar I thought I'll give this one a go. I loved it. I love the texture, it's so creamy and soft! The colour stains your lips and you can make it as light or dark as you want to plus it's handy to carry around with you. The balm itself has a pointed edge so it's easy to outline your lips with it and then colour you lips in.
Overall I am very pleased with this product, I have it with me all the time just because the colour is so versatile and goes with most makeup looks, and I have now discovered that I can wear darker shades like Honey and have started to expand my collection.
What is your favourite lip stain?


22 August 2012

Seeing Butterflies.

ASOS Butterfly Playsuit

ASOS Butterfly Playsuit

ASOS Butterfly Playsuit

ASOS Butterfly Playsuit

ASOS Butterfly Playsuit

ASOS Butterfly Playsuit

ASOS Butterfly Playsuit

Jeffrey Campbell dupes Boohoo.com
Playsuit asos.com, gold chain Topshop, boots boohoo.com

I love my new-ish (ie I bought them a little while ago but only worn them now) www.boohoo.co.uk shoes, which are an interpretation of the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" shoe which everyone who reads popular media would have heard of this summer. I have a pair of shoes I bought from Topshop about two years ago which are just like the black Litas so I decided I didn't want another dark colour and since pastels were the hot colours of summer I  had my eye on the minty coloured Litas. After about a month of searching and waiting for stock, I realised I need to give up on my dream of mint coloured celebrity shoes, and I went in search of a dusty pink. While I was waiting for a shipment of my second colour of choice, I stumbled upon this pair on boohoo.co.uk for fraction of the price and next day delivery.

I still feel like I cheated on Jeffrey Campbell (as I have been faithful to the brand for some time now) but with all the hype and waiting around and not being able to get what I wanted, this was just the easier and money saving solution!

I have to say, the shoes are the most comfortable pair I have walked in for a while, and I am impressed with the range of styles and colours on the Boohoo website. Big love for this seasons shoe collection!


21 August 2012

Nads Wax Pots.

Nads Natural Warm Wax, Nads Brazilian and Bikini Wax.

Prior to trying wax pots, I have been waxing unwanted hair with ready-made strips with which all you had to do was heat them up by rubbing them between your palms, stick on and peel, but for me they only did half the job. I'd have to go back and wax the same area twice or get the tweezers involved more than I wanted to and it was a tedious and less than pleasant experience. So I decided to go one step further and try out wax pots, and Nads caught my eyes (ha-ha...) I purchased the Natural Warm Wax to use on legs and the Brazilian and Bikini Wax for the more sensitive areas.

Being brave I decided to try the Brazilian and Bikini Wax first as I am more familiar with at home bikini waxing. The wax pot comes with two wooden spatulas to  apply the wax once it's warm, cleansing wipes to help get rid of unwanted wax left on your skin and 4 shapes you can use (for the brave home waxers!). You heat the wax pot in the microwave for the amount of time depending on your microwave settings, take it out and leave to melt. Once the wax is of the same consistency as honey, I dab a tiny drop on the inside of my arm to test the temperature (please be sensible whist testing the temperature as hot wax can be very dangerous and painful). Once I'm comfortable, the process begins. You spread a thin layer of the wax onto the desired area, count to 15 and peel off as quickly as you can, holding your skin tight. Personally, I did not feel the pain at all the first couple of times, it was only after some time that my skin started to get sensitive and I had to stop. The wax did not cause me a reaction and my skin felt comfortable, the natural ingredients made my skin feel soft and the wax smelt so fruity! I love using this type of wax now and I will never go back to strips again. It was so easy to use and so pain-free that I recommended it to my friend who later messaged me to say "I'm happy to report that you aren't a liar! That wax was so pain free and easy to use, I'm so impressed!" Top marks for the Nads Brazilian and Bikini Wax from all! (Please remember to test the product on a small patch of your skin, then wait 24 hours to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients)

As I was so psyched about how easy and pleasant the first wax pot was, I was eager to do the same with my legs. This one works a little different, the wax pot comes with cleansing wipes which you use prior to the waxing to ensure the area is dirt and grease free (whilst you do that you can heat up the wax which takes only seconds to heat). Once the wax as at a comfortable heat (again, ensure you test the heat carefully as hot wax can be very dangerous) you spread the wax in a thin layer with the spatula on the area you wish to wax and then apply one of the cotton strips included in the pack to press against the wax and peel off as quickly as you can. It's not that I found this painful, in fact it didn't feel painful at all, but the after effect was a nasty stinging feeling which left my skin red and bumpy. I was a little nervous at first but the sensation went away after about an hour or two and according to the girls I spoke to it's normal for your skin to be sore after a wax, especially if it's not used to it. The waxing itself was another pleasant experience as the wax smelt gorgeous and felt really nice on my skin. All you have to do after you finish is wash of the wax with a little bit of water, I prefer to get into a luke-warm bath and just let my skin cool off a little. However... The wax didn't work quite as well as I expected as the hair was not visible on my skin, but I could still feel it. I won't be using this wax again, just because it didn't quite work for me.

So the verdict is that I really enjoyed using the Nads Brazilian and Bikini Wax, they smell and feel wonderful and the best part is that they include natural ingredients and the brand is against animal testing. Mucho love! ♥
Have you used Nads Natural Warm wax before? Did it work for you?


20 August 2012

August GlossyBox.

August Glossybox

August Glossybox

Lipcote Glossybox

cleansing oil Glossybox

balm Glossybox

nail polish Glossybox

August Glossybox

Vera Valenti L'Ombre a Paupiere Margarita (SPAIN) (£3.85): This is a multicolour eye shadow palette with a built in mirror and an applicator pad. It's a great palette to have with you on the go as it's small and compact. And you will probably need to carry it with you as I found the eye shadow does not stay on for long. I had to apply quite a lot of it on to see the colours, if you like subtle shimmers then it's a great product but I was hoping the colours would show up more on my eyes. I love the idea of green and browns, but the intensity was just not there. I also do not like the look of the actual compact as the white plastic makes it look cheap.


Lipcote Lipstick Sealer (UK) (£3.99): Lipcote is a famously known lipstick sealer which has been used by celebrities and make-up artists for 50 years now! I never tried Lipcote before this box and I honestly think I will never be able to live without this product again. I used lipsticks quite often, sometimes heavy reds and sometimes a subtle pink or plum for a hint of colour. I hate how lipsticks rub off so easily leaving marks on your glasses or your boyfriends cheeks. With Lipcote, you apply your lipstick then dab, then apply a little more and dab again so your lips are dry. You then apply a thin layer of Lipcote on top and for me, it stings like hell for about 3 seconds but it's worth the result. Lipcote dries in seconds, and your lipstick lasts for a good 2 hours with drinking and eating! Big ♥


DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (JAPAN) (£18.50): This is a cleanser that combines olive and rosemary oil to nourish the skin whilst taking off all the make-up, dirt and impurities from your face so that products such as toner can be absorbed better. You pour a little product on dry hands and then massage your face, skin must be dry. You then rinse it off with lukewarm water and voila! Your skin is left feeling cleansed and nourished.
I enjoyed using the product, my skin does feel really soft after I finished my routine which now includes the DHC cleanser, but I do wonder if it will react different with oily skin??


All for Eve for the Eve Appeal Eve's Balm (£4.95): This is a multipurpose balm that can be applied on your lips, face or body on areas of dry, chapped skin. The products contains lavender, wild mint and chamomile to soothe and nourish your skin. The little pot has a mirror inside so it's always handy to have with you to check up on your make-up too!
I love the way this balm smells and I've been addicted to it during the weekend. A definite handbag must-have (for me!)

The Eve Appeal is a gynaecology cancer research fund and you can find more information about it here http://www.eveappeal.org.uk/


Alessandro Pro White (GERMANY) (£7.85): This is a nail polish which due to a special pigment in the ingredients is supposed to balance out the yellow in your nails (sometimes can occur if you use nail polishes) and turn them back to polished white. You apply this nail polish onto clean nails, I find it can also be used as a base coat. I didn't see a drastic change when I used it, I guess it could be something that will work over time?


GlossyBox Lipstick in Glossy Pink (£9.50): GlossyBox teamed up with Kryolan to produce a range of every day lipsticks, creamy in texture and colours that can be as subtle or as strong as you choose. I really loved their brush in the June box (you can read the review here) which I use every day to apply my bronzer (which also came from that box) so you can see that GlossyBox are expanding into having a beauty range of their own. I like the colour of the lipstick, it is definitely something I would use as an every day product and it's nice and smooth, leaves my lips feeling nourished. But what I don't agree with is their pricing. £9.50 for this lipstick is just too much, as GlossyBox is not famous for its own brand makeup I think they're aiming too high. It is a nice colour and it feels great, but it's not the Superman of the lipstick world. So three marks go down just for the over-price alone.


There has been a lot of comments on GlossyBox and how certain things come in small sizes, but I'd just like to mention that two months have gone since I received my BM Bronzer in June's GlossyBox, I have been using it every day and I still have half of the tub left. As it was a mineral bronzer, you need a tiny dusting of the product to not only do the job but also last a while. Same as with the DHC Oil, just a little splodge will work.

If you would like to find out more or subscribe to Glossybox visit the website here.

What did you get in your box this month? Did you like it?



17 August 2012

Dead Sea Spa Magik

dead sea spa magik

salt scrub dead sea

dead sea spa magik

dead sea soap

dead sea spa magik

dead sea spa magik

From top to bottom: Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing*, Cleansing Bar *, Rich Moisturizer*, Delicate Boosting Mask*.

After using some spa skincare last month, I was curious to see what else is out there in the world of spa skincare. I knew of Dead Sea Spa Magik and I've always wanted to try it out so here goes: 

Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing: This product is a nourishing naturally exfoliating treatment with Vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant and prevents ageing, whilst the coconut oil hydrates the skin. The scrub reduces cellulite, detoxifies the body, improves circulation at the same time relaxes the muscles and calms nerve endings. All of the Dead Sea Spa Magik products contain no parabens which are the chemicals that preserve most products such as skincare and makeup, it's always nicer to go for natural products which will be gentle on your skin. 
You take a small handful of Salt Brushing and massage in circles onto dry skin until you can feel the salt dissolving. Then you shower the excess off, but what I prefer to do is get into a bath after Salt Brushing and soak up the Coconut Oils and Vitamin E, it makes my skin silky smooth after! And no need to apply moisturizer after as the oils really do moisturize you enough. 
I fell in love with this product. I use it two to three times a week, it's truly an indulgent experience and an at home spa must-have for me. 

Dead Sea Spa Magik Cleansing Bar: This cleansing bar is a soap-free, natural bar to balance pH and deep cleanse the skin on your face, neck and body. It revitalises dry skin and maintains skins moisture balance whilst giving your skin a deep cleanse. I really enjoyed using this bar on my face as soaps actually completely dry up my skin but as this one is deceivingly not, my skin felt lovely without any tightness at all. It cleared up the makeup off my face, so I know it's a strong cleanser and you can use it daily which is great. It smells a bit like soap and I love that smell, really clean and fresh!

Dead Sea Spa Magik Rich Moisturizer: Re-hydrates your skin and protects it whilst leaving skin radiant and smooth, with certified organic ingredients. It has UVA and UVB protection, helps correct moisture balance and is light and doesn't make your skin go greasy. The ingredients include Olive and Coconut Oil, Lemon Balm extract and Linden Blossom extract. It is a morning moisturizer and can be used as a base for make-up, although I still put on primer after the cream. My skin is so sensitive and I'm always very wary of what I apply on my face, for me it has worked and my skin is not playing up, it feels nourished and not dry throughout the day. However, if you do have sensitive skin, always make sure that you test a product first on a small patch of skin before applying it all over your face as everyone has different skin and what works for me might not work on your skin.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Delicate Boosting Mask: This smooth and creamy hydrating Dead Sea Mud mask is suitable for sensitive and dry skin. It removes impurities, gives skin a fresh glow and improves skin texture. The ingredients in this mask include Vitamin E, Olive and Coconut Oil, Lemon Balm extract, Linden Blossom extract and of course Dead Sea Mud. I apply the mask for 10-15 minutes over my face and my neck and relax. It smells that common spa smell so I always light some scented candles, sit in a quiet room and just pretend I'm in Fiji or somewhere nice like that. You then remove the mask with a damp natural sponge, and rinse with warm water. Again, this product worked really great on me and my skin loves it, however test on a small patch of skin before applying all over your face to avoid any unwanted reactions

So I'm getting more and more into spa skincare products, I guess my favourite part is that you can create a mini spa in your house with the help of several products and some candles. I love all the Dead Sea salts and mud, I can feel myself being more relaxed after using them. Maybe for me it works like a placebo, but it works which is the important thing! 

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