30 August 2012

Nail Rock for ASOS nail wraps.

Nail Rock

Nail Rock

nail teddy bears

nail teddy bears

Last week I had a good rummage through the ASOS website when I found these cute nail wraps in the Beauty Sale. At £3.50, I decided to give nail wraps a go even though I've never used them on my nails before. The set comes with everything you need (all you have to do is ensure your nail polish is removed with an acetone based remover): nail file, cuticle stick, wipes and stickers. I read through the instructions and it's very basic - wipe your nails, push cuticle back, cut the stickers to size, stick on and smooth. I did exactly that but as you can see in the picture above, the nail wraps still have some bubbles and uneven surface even though I smoothed them like a maniac for about an hour.
I think it's a skill that will come in time, even though these teddy wraps didn't go as I planned I still want to try some more nail wraps to see if it's really technique that fails to produce the nest results or is it that the nail wrap is simply inconvenient?
Have you tried nail wraps before? What was the result?



  1. They look so lovely and fun! I have only tried the Sally Hansen ones before and they were perfection. Definitely looking into trying these out soon.

    Love your blog! x

  2. it's a great idea, beautiful nails :)



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