28 September 2012

Glamorous UK Disco Pants.

Peplum top H&M, jewellery and shoes Topshop, disco pants £29.99 Glamorous UK.

I've finally braved the disco pants trend and I love them, they are now one of those staple wardrobe pieces that make me feel really confident and stylish. These trousers are more of a dark charcoal colour which I prefer to black, and you can adapt them day to night. When ordering, make sure you remember that they come up really tight so you have to go a size up from what you would usually buy with trousers. I wore this outfit last Friday night when me and my girlfriends finally all got together for a couple of cocktails. We had a lot of laughs and the drinks were yummy, but that is something I enjoy doing once in a while, I would rather grab a takeaway and a scary movie and snuggle in bed with my fluffy dog.

What would you wear your disco trousers with?


26 September 2012

VO5 Plump Me Up.

VO5 Plump Me Up Shampoo (£3.59) and Conditioner (£3.59) Plump It Up Volumising Spritz and Dry Backcomb Spray (£3.49)

If you still haven't gone to grab a VO5 product range suitable for your hair, you probably should. Granted it probably won't work for everyone, but since I've been using the Plump Me Up range my hair has gotten the volume it needs without the feeling of having too much product in it. The shampoo leaves my hair smelling like I've just come out of a salon and that scent lasts all day.
I then grabbed some styling products from the same range to get the full effect. Use the Plump It Up Volumising Spritz on towel dried hair aand make sure to get the roots, then blow dry pulling the roots upwards for shiny hair with volume. Next day, I use the Dry Backcomb Spray to bring back the volume and create a backcomb effect without damaging my hair.

Thumbs up VO5, I'm loving this range and will be trying the rest to see how they work! Which one is your favourite?


25 September 2012

My Top 3 Foot Creams.

The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion £3// Soap&Glory Heel Genius £5.50// Nip+Fab Stiletto Fix £9.95

I have an obsession with foot creams, I love super soft skin on my feet and the cooling effect most foot creams offer. My oldest friend is the Heel Genius, it is a great moisturiser and smells delish and is a funky blue colour. I love applying it before bed and then popping on a pair of thick, soft socks. By morning my feet feel amazing and super soft.
I then tried The Body Shops Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion - it has a strong scent of peppermint which I love, and is a lovely pink colour. It instantly cools feet, making them feel refreshed, soft and nourished. I also love the fact that my feet then smell like fresh peppermint all morning/evening! It's a bargain £3 and this small bottle has lasted me months.
My latest foot cream is the new Nip+Fab Stiletto Fix which also has a hint of mint in its scent. This cream can be used on feet and legs which is great when you've been on a shopping spree or running around the city for whatever reasons. It's in a handy tube which means it's great to carry around with you and apply when needed, of course now that the tights, socks and jeans are coming out for winter I'll just be using this product at the end of the day when my feet and legs feel really exhausted.

My favourite foot creams are now the ones that contain peppermint in them, the cooling sensation is amazing! Which is your favourite?


24 September 2012

September Glossybox.

Lady GaGa Fame Fragrance (from £25): This is the first beauty product from Lady Gaga, also the first black perfume which turns transparent once it's in the air. I have to say I am not a fan of celebrity perfumes, I think they usually smell cheap or like something you have as your first perfume which came alongside the "Beautician Barbie". I was intrigued by this perfume simply because of the colour change, and I did amuse myself spritzing it on as it does come out a dark colour but just as it hits your skin it changes transparent! The scent is OK too, I won't be rushing to the shops to buy the perfume but if it was given to me as a gift I would use it for nights out.


Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum (£29) and 5 Minute Facial (£10.95): I cannot describe how excited I am to try these products! I have been wanting to try a snake serum since my mother started obsessing about its wonderful effects last year but I never followed through with it. So I was really happy to discover the testers in this months box, haven't tried them yet as I am going to go all out and have a pamper evening with the finale of these *hopefully* magical serums!


Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream (£20): I love great performing eye creams, this 99% natural origin product helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, soothe tired eyes and banish dark shadows. The product smells great, it doesn't feel greasy and has a soothing effect.


The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream (£9): Anyone who has read this blog before will know that I am a huge fan of The Body Shop. I love their products because they work, the company abides by a code of ethics and their products smell delish! This cream nourishes your skin making it feel really soft and fragrant.


BIOSILK Silk Therapy (£15.80): If I don't take care of it, my hair goes frizzy with split ends and it's just not nice for anyone. I have tried a lot of serums and conditioners, and I rarely find something that has a lasting effect. This leave in treatment made my hair silky smooth, and even tamed the split ends! It's definitely worth the money, my hair is so unruly and it worked! It did help that I used a warm hair dried to dry my hair after applying the serum onto towel dried hair.


If you would like to find out more or subscribe to Glossybox visit the website here.

What did you get in your box this month? Did you like it?


21 September 2012

Faux Leather Skirt for Autumn

sweater New Look// scarf Primark// leather look skirt New Look// chelsea boots ASOS

If you follow me on Twitter, you will know just how much I've been obsessing about getting a leather look skater skirt. I couldn't find one in my size anywhere, all online stores shut down! And knowing the little town where I live I knew my chances of getting one without going to London or the next nearest city were slim to none. So I went to drown my sorrows and buy a couple of jumpers in New Look in preparation for autumn as it is now slowly creeping up upon us. When I got to the till, the sales girl asked me if I'd found everything I was looking for. I sighed and told her of my undying lust for a leather look skater skirt. She said they didn't have one. UNTIL she realised that they had that style in the girls section, and suggested I try one on. I was skeptical - as if my bum is going to fit into a 14-15 age skirt! But I'm happy she made me try it on as it fits perfectly, and it was only £11.99! I'm really happy with it and I will be wearing it with chunky knit jumpers during the day and with studs and lots of jewelry at night!

Have you got a leather look skater skirt? Are you going to be getting one this season?


20 September 2012

Floral Blues.

Dress H&M, jacket River Island, boots New Look.

I'm loving flowers with an edge - biker jackets, tough boots, leather... You can most definitely still wear the floral trend in the winter, so many designers have sent their models kitted out in flowers this a/w. Try and mix the trends, I also incorporated purple into this outfit as it is such a huge colour this season.
This is another one of my recycled dresses, I've had it for years but I cannot bring myself to stop wearing it. It's so comfortable and goes with almost anything!

PS Sorry about the pictures, don't know what's happened in the process of uploading them. They now look like they've been scanned from an old photograph, but in a strange way I kinda like it. Makes them feel unique. Hmmm, I really need to invest in a real camera...


19 September 2012

The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Morocco Scrub.

beauty blog, The Body Shop scrub review, FashionFake

beauty blog, The Body Shop scrub review, FashionFake

I have lots of love for The Body Shop for a number of reasons: the ethics of the company, the goodness in their products, the scent of their products, the effectiveness and even the price. Because when you get something that genuinely works and you only need a little, it's worth the extra couple of pounds! And if you shop at good times and have a rewards card, well my last shop came up to £60-something and I only paid £30. This company has it thought through, like I said lots of love for them!
I also love scrubs and I was very excited when I discovered this scrub. Black Olive and Argan Oil sounded like such an amazing combination, knowing that both of these ingredients have amazing effects on skin. I also love the scent of this scrub, it's not sweet at all, more herby - a scent you would expect to smell in a Moroccan inspired steam room. The scrub is gentle on the skin and once washed off leaves skin feeling thoroughly moisturized and nourished. You only need a little bit of the scrub so it will last a while before you need to splurge for another luxury product.


18 September 2012


Jacket Topshop, dress Primark, clock necklace Topshop, shoes New Look.

Ok, first of all apologize that I have no make-up on! It's been one of those ridiculously lazy weeks when I have barely managed to get myself out of bed let alone bother about making myself look attractive. I think I look like a zombie au naturale. But I like my outfit. Some of you might recognize this dress from one of my very first posts when I styled it 70's style - here. (Also, I think kudos to me for how much my blog has improved since I started!)
I have now decided that the dress' pumpkin colour is just right for autumn, paired with a tweed boyfriend jacket, mid heel boots and a vintage look clock necklace I am warm and happy to embrace the season changeover.


13 September 2012

Dr Western.

Shirt dress and belt both Topshop, neck tie ASOS, boots New Look.

The title is a lie, I wasn't wide awake when these pictures were snapped, I was just listening to K Perry's song.... Love it but I have now overplayed it for myself! So this is the next step to autumn, my office look. I saw these gorgeous New Look heels yesterday and just had to purchase. The are so comfy and warm, perfect to get through the autumn/winter season! The studs make them really on trend, and the faux suede material means that I can indulge in the seasons leather trend as the two materials look great together.
After these pics were taken, I chucked on a blazer and it looked very on trend and smart to carry on my day in the office.


12 September 2012

MoneySupermarket.com Passion for Fashion Competition.

Passion for Fashion is the latest blogger competition held by moneysupermarket.com in which fashion bloggers are asked to compile outfits for 5 different occasions: office wearparty, casual, outdoor and first date. The rules is that each outfit must be under £200 and suitable for this autumn/winter season. (Find more details about the competition http://www.moneysupermarket.com/home-insurance/passion-for-fashion/) I have spent a good number of hours fantasizing about the following outfits, which would be my ideal autumn/winter 2012 staples.
If you see anything you like, click on the name of the brand under the image and it will take you straight to the item on their website :)

Office Wear

Dress £70 Topshop.com// Shoes £22 ASOS// Quilted Laptop Case £17.99 New Look// Nail Polish £2.95 Accessorize at Superdrug// Watch £35 ASOS
Total: £147.94

I am an office worker myself, I know how dull and boring it can be to dress smart and appropriate. But, it doesn't have to be. This dress from Topshop is the perfect new season office dress as it ticks all the "uniform" boxes: it's black and white, it's smart and it's un-revealing. But it's also equipped with a collar studs and chain which give it the needed edge to look fashionable whilst appropriate. Combine it with a quilted laptop bag (fashionable and practical), flats with studs or chains to feel comfortable and cute, and don't forget to put your watch on to never be late!
PS: Peachy, warm nail colour will keep you thinking about the fun summer you've just had and the summer coming which will be even better!


Clutch £30 Accessorize// Bangles £25 Topshop// Nail Polish £3.50 Models Own Pink Sorbet from ASOS// Dress £80 Topshop// Shoes £35 boohoo.com
Total: £173.50

I am obsessed with this dress. This would be perfect for all those Christmas and New Year parties that all of us have to attend, and the best thing is that it's just right to wear for family do's and nights out with friends. I love the suede shoes with the sequins on the dress, mixing fabrics is great especially when one is muted and the other is loud! Mix gold tones with the black for a truly wintery feel, and I added a bright nail colour to wear with the peep toe wedges!


Hat £3.99 H&M// Boots £69.99 New Look// Leather Look Skater Skirt £19.99 New Look// Sweater £36 Topshop// Necklace £20 RockNRose// Bag £29.75 Forever 21
Total: £179.72

I love this casual look, and seeing as I'm going shopping this weekend I am absolutely going to be on the hunt for all these items! Leather-look skater skirts are so cute this autumn/winter, chunky jumpers will keep you warm and cozy and studded boots will add an edge to any outfit. The spike necklace from RockNRose is an investment piece this season, it might be £20 but it will go with anything from casual to party style.
From the outfits I've created, this one is definitely my favourite.


Parka £80 River Island// Jeans £30 River Island// Bag £38 ASOS// Boots £20 boohoo.com// Wool Socks £8 Pringle at Socks Shop// Carmex £2.55 ASOS
Total: £178.55

When I hear the word "outdoors", especially in winter I think of cold weather with snow, a park or a forest or country fields to which I take the dog out and end up having a snow fight with my friends. That's the idea behind this outfit, something cute and casual which will keep you warm and comfortable. You will always have to splurge on a good coat, but the great thing is - it will last you for years! Styles such as a parka will never go out of fashion, I've had mine for 3 years now and I still happily wear it when the cold kicks in. The hiking boots are so comfy to wear and paired with wool socks your feet will be mega warm and cozy! All I need to remind you of is to keep a tube of lip balm in your pocket, when you get into a warm place like a pub or a cottage remember to apply it so your lips don't go chapped! 

First Date

Bag £35 Accessorize// Tights £8.50 Topshop// Dress £75 Topshop Boutique// Shoes £25 boohoo.com// Nail Polish £5 Mirror Ball in Hot Stuff Models Own// Floral Crown £36 RockNRose
Total: £184.50

I ♥ first dates. I always remember first dates, of course I haven't had one in a while because I am happily attending date number I-lost-count with my boyfriend who I've been dating for 1 year and 5 months :) I think it's always best to make an effort, still be yourself but wear something you feel cute and comfortable in. This would be my perfect outfit for a day time date, cinema date or a casual drinks date. I love the colour scheme and the floral elements of this outfit. The tights will keep you warm in those breezy autumn months if you do decide to take a stroll in the park! 

What do you guys think of the five outfits? Which one is your favourite?
If you have entered the competition, leave me your links! I'd love to see what you guys came up with :)


11 September 2012


Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in a while! The reason being is that I spent a long weekend in sunny Canterbury! It's such a beautiful place and I'm so happy I got to go. Here are just some pictures to share with you, the top one is of the hotel I stayed in which is the Best Western Abbotts Barton Hotel. It's a ten/fifteen minute walk from the city center and it's lovely. I loved how cute my room was. Whilst there I also visited the Cathedral, which is so stunning and interesting. I love old buildings and especially cathedrals/abbeys/churches. To stand on the same place where St Thomas Beckett was historically murdered is the weirdest feeling ever!
Then of course there's the food... Anyone can tell you how obsessed I am with food. I love trying new things, going to different restaurants and enjoying gourmet food. My favourite lunch of the weekend was the fish and seafood platter they served at the hotel, it has everything from tuna pate to cockles, smoked salmon, breaded fish and crayfish.Yummmmmms ♥
And to finish, a couple of outfits I wore at the weekend! A casual one to mooch around the streets of Canterbury and find the quaintest of shops and pubs, and two for my evening events!

I love discovering new cities/towns. Have you guys got any location suggestions for the next trip? Or perhaps a lovely food market/restaurant?

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