22 October 2012

October Glossybox.

October Glossybox

October Glossybox

October Glossybox

October Glossybox

October Glossybox

October Glossybox

October Glossybox

October Glossybox

October Glossybox

Anatomicals Don't Just Clean It Woman, Scrub It! Body Scrub (£3.49): I think Anatomicals is such a great bargain range, with funny packaging and great scents it does exactly what it says on the package! This scrub has a fruity scent and microbeads to refresh your skin. The best way to use it is if you have a scrub mitten, squeeze out a drop of the scrub and lather all over your body, scrubbing more on the elbows and knees where skin tends to get rougher. It's a bargain buy and is a cute pick me up on those cold, rainy mornings!


Dr Jart Premium Beauty Balm (£24): This is the first BB cream I have tried and having SPF 40 and also anti-ageing properties, this balm seems to have it all. I found the balm to be quite thick for a BB cream, but it gave a good coverage to the face and although you can layer it onto the skin for more coverage I don't see the point, it's thick enough and the idea is to not have heavy makeup with BB balms, right? This colour is slightly dark for me, I'd probably use it more in the summer when I'm slightly more tanned and don't fancy heavy foundation, I wouldn't recommend it as a first BB though because of the hefty price tag!
(Sorry for the ripped box in the picture, I guess my Glossybox must have been rough handled in the process of getting to me!)

Amendment: Hey guys! So I decided to wear my Dr Jart BB this weekend and actually, I was completely wrong! Although the colour looks scarily dark when I squeezed it out of the bottle, once I applied it in a thin layer over my face it matched my skin tone. I still stick by it being quite thick, which doesn't bother me because I like a good cover up but it might put some people off if they would like a more natural look. The BB is really moisturizing, I love the feel of it on my skin and also the fact that my skin never goes dry when I wear it! 

6/10 (9/10)

Skinetica Anti-Blemish (£6.99): I've been very lucky to get rid of my acne during my young teenage days, but I do get the occasional spot here and there, and my skin really suffers through the transition of seasons, especially in Autumn. I haven't tried this product yet as my face is pretty clear at the moment and I don't want to judge it without trying, so I'll amend this specific review once I have a spot (which I'm sure will happen now I said that :/)
What I can tell you is that this product boasts to get rid of spots in 2-3 days without being harmful to your skin, but when you smell it - it is strong! It smells of alcohol which makes me think it will dry out your skin completely if you have dry/combination skin. It also recommends not to wear any makeup for two days while your using it, so this product is best tested when you know you won't need to get your foundation on!


Yves Rocher Instant Anti Wrinkle Moisturiser - Hydra Vegetal (£18): Love this product, it smells of refreshing cucumber and really cools your skin once applied! This is information on the moisturiser from the website: 
"They tested it: Instant decrease in wrinkle depth -9%* * Result after 15 minutes, effectiveness test on 22 women The Secret of Botanicals MOISTURE CAPTURE BOTANICAL SAPS Yves Rocher Botanical Beauty Research chose botanical Maple and Blue Agave saps for their amazing moisture-capturing power. Combined with patented botanical Betaine, they create a genuine water reservoir within skin that: - offers a source of lasting moisturising** - distributes moisture throughout the different layers of the epidermis, even the most dehydrated, to guarantee in-depth moisturising.*** Skin is filled with water, intensely and lastingly moisturised, as if plumped** and radiant with beauty! “Moisture Capture Botanical Saps have the ability to distribute moisture to all layers of the epidermis. And to respect nature, our saps are obtained through a natural extraction process.” Xavier Ormancey - Yves Rocher R & D Director ** In vitro test *** Clinically proven by In vivo test using Raman spectroscopy" 
Sounds impressive! Again, because I don't have deep wrinkles at this stage of my life (I'm only 22!) I didn't see a drastic change in my face, but I loved the moisturising and cooling effect of the cream. I'd happily give it top marks just for that!


Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in  (£6.99): I was so excited to see a nail polish in my box as I'm obsessing with nail colours at the moment, and I was really excited to try out Sally Hansen as I always used to want it when I was a little girl from seeing it in my magazines! The fact I got a black colour was also a huge bonus as I'm on the lookout for the perfect black. So this nail polish is a 5 Steps in 1 Bottle process with a base coat, strengthner, growth treatment, colour and top coat. Sounds perfect, right? Wrong. You are told to apply two coats and voila, job done. Well I applied two and the black was still not thick enough to cover my nails, so I had to apply a third thick coat and even then, the colour was not even. The nail polish does dry quickly, doesn't chap easily and doesn't stain nails which is great, but the fact that this black didn't sit well as a colour just ruined it for me. I will try this in other colours, perhaps the nude tones looks better, because it is a nice nail polish to have overall, just really unimpressed with the colour...


I'm really sorry my review was a week late this month, my box has yet again been delivered to me after everyone else.... Maybe it's just my area that's being delivered to last?

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What did you get in your box this month? Did you like it?

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  1. this box sounds pretty good except from the poor nailvarnish, great post!
    vanessa xx

  2. love it ! xoxo
    now following you !

  3. awesome produtcs !:)


  4. my box was only delivered to me on friday I think? They were much better this month I think! It's a shame about the nail varnish though, it looks so pretty in the bottle!
    Eleanor x

  5. Great Reviews hun, I got the BB cream in my box as well, have been using a Garnier one which is half the price, and I think a bit better!
    Hope you have a great week :-)

    Vanessa x

  6. me encanta!


  7. I've never heard of this before but it is SO cool, I want a box of treats!

  8. Thank you for the comment.


  9. Phahaha " don't just clean it, rub it" hilarious :D

  10. I quite like the box, I hope the american version comes with a Dr.Jart bbcream! xx

  11. the nail polish looked lovely, shame it wasn't good in the end! x

  12. What a good box!! I have always been hesitant to sign up because I frequently see not-so-great (at least, to me) boxes on blogs but this month I finally decided to give it a go. This box gives me hope!

  13. I wish I had recieved the BB cream in my october glossbox, everybody loves it!



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