15 November 2012


Jumper New Look, skirt River Island, boots New Look, bag Chanel, gold Peter Pan collar Primark.

Today I decided to give my outfit a little luxury by adding my most prized possession: my vintage quilted Chanel bag. It was a Sweet Sixteen present from my best friend at the time, I still remember how my eyes literally lit up when I saw the black box with white CHANEL printed on it! I always think if I end up without a job, this little baby will be able to pay my rent for a couple of months ;) I love teaming my bag with simple outfits, and I have to say it doesn't get taken out very often and never for nights out because god forbid I get it scratched, I will spend the rest of my week crying. It may sound silly and materialistic, but a treat like this comes once in a blue moon for me and I love it like some people love their cars... I also have to carry the little card around with me because I cannot stand people thinking it's a fake. (That's a little pet peeve of mine, I like dupes of designer bags from the high street but I absolutely refuse to buy a bag from the back of the van with LV stamped all across it. No.) I don't own many designer clothes and accessories, so I love mixing them in with my outfits from the high street, plus theres one thing about designers: it's very easy to go over the top.  Topshop jeans and boots, Primark T and a designer bag to me is a great combination.

What is your opinion on designer clothes? Are they worth it when the high street is getting better by the day? Or do you shop for classic, vintage pieces?



  1. Lovely blog.

  2. Your Chanel bag is to die for :)


  3. lucky you to own a Chanel bag! :)

    xo, Hanna

  4. I absolutely love your outfit! With the little Chanel bag it looks perfect =)

  5. Love your bag! I think I'd cry for a week too if I had a Chanel bag and scratched it!
    Daniella x


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    1. I'm very very jealous of your bag! Your hair looks amazing as well :)
      In an ideal world I would be able to mix high street and designer pieces together. I never think the high street bags are nearly as nice as their inspiration x

  7. I definitely think once in a while, those special designer pieces are totally worth it. The ones that you want so badly and wait a long time for. :)

  8. love the look baby!

    new outfit post - Galaxy cat

  9. Great look! :) Ooh, I'm so jealous that you got a gift like that from your friend for sweet 16. ^^ It's priceless!
    Your question about designer clothes; I can't afford those, so obviously I wont be getting my hands on any new stuff. But I would definitely buy some vintage Chanel or Dior or anything, if possible.

    Indie by heart

  10. Thanks for the comment on my blog! That Chanel bag is lush! I always think those bags are definitely worth the hefty price tag because of how classic and timeless they are.

    I am now following you :)

  11. I love your bag, you lucky girl! If I could afford to buy designer, then Iwould definitely buy it all the time, but I do like the whole mixing designer with high street! I reallyyyyyy want a Mulberry Bayswater!!

  12. love your bag! great outfit :)


  13. very cute outfit hun xx

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    ohsewfashion.com // @ohsewfashion

  14. This is like a perfect fall outfit, love it!

    And I love designer clothes, I think they can be worth it but I personally have never went out of my way to really buy anything in that price range.

  15. Love your bag! I think I'd cry for a week too if I had a Chanel bag and scratched it!
    Designer Bags

  16. Lovely!!




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