21 December 2012

Audio Earmuffs.

I was recently contacted about the new headphones that MobileFun.co.uk have received - earmuff headphones! They come in different colours and prints, with everything that you need to connect your audio device to the headphones and make a great present for music fans.
I love the idea of inbuilt heaphones into earmuffs as they still keep you warm in the winter, but I was sceptical about the quality of the sound before I got a chance to listen to it. I love music and I like a variety of styles and bands but with headphones the most important with me would be to hear the base on songs like Midnight City by M83, so the quality of the sound is very important.
I received the headphones and quickly tried them out - the size is perfect, just like having headphones wrapped in a cable knit and some fur, and the quality of the sound is great! I listened to all my favourite songs and really enjoyed the sound. Like any other headphones you get a little bit of noise coming from them, so if you're travelling on a quiet train you might want to turn the volume down!
I really love these headphones and I can see that they're going to be a cute accessory to my winter looks, and I can plug my iPod straight into them when I want to listen to my favourite songs!
What do you think? Would you wear a pair of audio earmuffs?



  1. they look awesome :)

  2. Aaaaaw so adorable and a great idea :-)

  3. ahhh my gosh, they're so cool! they'd have made an awesome christmas pressie for someone :) lovely blog!xo

  4. This is so cute and is great now. It's getting really cold.

  5. just came across your blog! Love it :)



  6. Wow i love all collection of Earmuff Headphones. cool dude.


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