14 December 2012

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Primer.

Primers really make a difference when applying makeup. They make your skin smoother, cover up pores and make it easy for foundation to glide over your skin smoothly, producing flawless coverage. My favourites include Benefit POREfessional, Mac Prep + Prime and BareMinerals Prime Time for mineral makeup.
I previously tried a L'Oreal Primer (you can read the review here) so I decided to give the classic L'Oreal Studio Secrets primer a go. I like primers that make your skin feel velvety and matte and from the tester I could see that is what this primer would do.
Once applied, the primer glides easily onto skin and smoothes pores and imperfections, creating a good base to start from. The only problem I had with this primer is that if you apply thick moisturizer onto your skin before applying the primer, it clumps and you end up having lots of bits of primer/moisturizer to pick from your face before it's smooth again. So I would advise either a very thin layer of moisturizer or waiting five minutes for it to sink it before you apply the primer.

What is your favourite primer? Do you use one at all?



  1. Great post :). I had put this primer on my xmas beauty list already. Will defo buy it now xox


  2. Your makeup looks gorgeous! I really need to try this product at some point.



  3. I really need to experiment more with some primers! I love Porefessional but I use a Rimmel one as it's more in my price range. I'd love to try this and the new Clarins ones though. xo

  4. I recently used a primer from Lancome. It worked really well. I do like the POREfessional quite a bit though.


  5. beautiful! primers make makeup look so much better! :)


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