6 December 2012

Nootie Cucumber Melon Dog Grooming Range

Nootie Cucumber Melon Shampoo £7.99 and Daily Spritz £6.99

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, it will come as no surprise that my dog Harvey (bassador) is one of my obsessions in life, and it's only natural that sooner or later another post will be created just for him. In this case, it's very relevant to my blog as this post is all about doggy grooming! After I used these products, I immediately thought that I wanted to share the experience with you guys! 

Harvey is a little "prince" who gets spoilt a lot with new toys and yummy treats, and our weekend activity is to go for long walks in the countryside so Harvey could have a run. After one of these walks in the recent weather, we got drenched and Harvey was covered in mud so a bath after the walkie was a must. We stopped off at Pets at Home to pick up a shampoo and got recommended this Nootie shampoo and spritz in "Cucumber Melon" for its delicious scent!
I love giving Harvey baths, it takes a bit of teamwork usually but bathing a dog is hilarious and you are guaranteed to get soaked! This shampoo lathers on really easily and makes the dogs fur soft and fluffy, with the bonus of Nootie using natural ingredients with no soap or parabens, no harsh chemicals or sulphates and it is OK to use along topical flea and tick treatments. The daily spritz is applied after the dogs bath or just as a refreshment daily and it gently conditions the coat and makes it smell delicious and refreshing!
I absolutely love the scent of these products, and although Harvey isn't a fan of being spritzed, he loves being clean and fluffy. And the guests will love smelling the sweet and refreshing scent too!

I hope you guys enjoyed a different kind of "beauty" post! Do you have a little monster in your life that you treat and spoil?



  1. Loved your post!
    I have three dogs at home and my mum have been working in a dog groomer from more than 20 years, and yeah those products you reviewed are amazing! thanks for sharing :)
    MAria C

  2. I also use this on my Pug, smells so lovely! :) xo


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  4. Cute dog!


  5. Going to have to try this on my springer.....he is very spoilt too. X

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