31 May 2012

Wild Horses.

Dress River Island, belt Topshop, shoes New Look.

I love horses. I used to ride a pony when I was little, he was white with brown spots and I felt like a cowboy. His name was Chenge and he was the naughtiest pony in the stables. Then I rode for a little while with my friend Claire (https://www.facebook.com/ClaireHurstMedia) and her pony Flatley, who also happened to be the naughtiest pony in the stables! Then 9-5 work happened and then my pooch Harvey happened and now there's no energy for a horse, which kills me slightly. I find horses calm me down more than anything on this earth.
Me and Claire ventured to find a nice scenery to have a photo shoot for her new portfolio and we walked for ages around this little forest and all these fields, when we finally saw horses we had to stop. He was so beautiful and so calm, and not scared of us at all.

Another thins I love are maxi dresses, I think they go with anything from high heels to sandals to work boots. This is one of my favorite maxi dresses in my wardrobe because I can toughen it up on days when I want to be casual, but I can also make it look really glamorous by adding some beautiful vintage jewelry and pinning my hair up.


30 May 2012

Blue Notes.

Skirt Primark, waist jacket H&M, body River Island, shoes Topshop, bag Marc Jacobs "Stam"

I love maxi skirts. They can be classy, grungy, hippie, casual or glamorous and you can wear them everywhere because the length will be appropriate for all. I spotted this maxi skirt about a year ago in Primark, and I loved how simple it was yet the color made it look really special and at a bargain £12, I decided to adopt it for my wardrobe. I have only worn it a couple of times but I really enjoy picking out outfits which involve this skirt. Today I paired it with a stripy body and a white smart waist jacket to create a riviera  inspired outfit. I picked the same color shoes as the skirt although I now feel it probably would have been better to have white shoes (which I realized I don't have any flat white shoes, only heels which will be inappropriate for a half hour walk as they will result in me breaking my ankles). 
What is your favorite length of skirt and why? 


29 May 2012

Working Girl.

Blazer Forever 21, t-shirt Topshop, trousers Primark 

Hello everyone enjoying the sun and hello those who has to drag themselves out of bed on this Tuesday morning! I did and it's never been as hard as today when I couldn't even be bothered to open my eyes... The weather in England is keeping beautiful, so I paired my smart cigarette trousers with a "keep me cool" t-shirt and the blazer just in case I have a last minute meeting. 
What I really wanted to share though, was my necklace. I've had this necklace for 14 years and they are real, unprocessed pearls on a string. It was a present for my 8th birthday from my then best friend, who was a young boy named Alexander. He found the pearls and had his older brother help him drill tiny holes in them and make them into a necklace. And I still have it and wear it, now I'm nearly 22. I think it was the cutest gift because of all the thought that went in to it, and the effort and I also love it because not many girls have a necklace which is made from such precious material, real and raw. I paired this necklace with plain white stud earrings to make my outfit very monochrome and keep it smart. 


25 May 2012

Glossy Box #1 Happy Birthday!

My first ever Glossy Box arrived last nigh - yaaayyy!! It was so exciting opening the beautifully wrapped box, and even more exciting to rummage through what was inside. This was the 1st Birthday Edition (Happy Birthday Glossy Box!) and inside I got a cute balloon to blow up and send a picture to Glossy Box (I pulled a silly face in mine, I'm not very good with serious) and a complimentary pocket mirror with a magnifying mirror which I will carry around everywhere as it's the perfect size. And I got the beauty products: 

Noble Isle "Summer Rising" Bath & Shower Gel: I love the smell of this shower gel, it reminds me of a warm scent of summer. It's difficult to explain but you know when you go out on a hot day somewhere rural where you pick up lovely scents of freshness and fruit. That's it, it smells beautiful. It also didn't dry my skin, which a lot of shower products do. 

Lolita Lempicka "L'Eau en Blanc" and Eau de Parfum: Well I love it! I remember when I was quite young I got a tester of Lolita Lempicka's L'Eau En Blanc in a magazine and I loved every spritz of it. I haven't changed, I still think the feminine floral sweet scent is captivating. Thinking of splurging this summer. 

Weleda Face Cream/Body Milk: This has a very strong scent of roses and although I am not the biggest fan of products smelling of that flower, the smell gradually disappears leaving your skin moisturised and soft and I found it made my skin glow. 

Collection Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner: Ok, now this one is a bit of a catch 22 - I love the colour which was a chocolate brown for me and it is so easy to apply that I enjoyed putting it on. However, the eyeliner smudged when I walked into work so by the time I took my sunglasses off I'd looked like I'd been hit in the face. So I don't believe the "lasting" side of it. I will test again several times in hope to be proven wrong because I actually really like it. 

HD Brows "Brow Beater": Love! This is a clear gel that sets your eyebrows into the desired shape. Its brush makes it so easy to apply, the product moisturises your eyebrows and sets them in place. Definitely 10/10! 

So, if you haven't signed up to Glossy Box yet, try it and you'll love it! I'm hooked. What did you get in your Glossy Box this month? Any impressive products? (http://www.glossybox.co.uk/)


Thank You :)

I have now reached 10 followers (my first 10!) on GFC and I am so grateful to everyone who took the time to look at the blog and follow! You're all so talented and I can't wait to get to know you better :) .xoxoxo


Casual Friday in Double Denim

Denim waist jacket New Look, printed t-shirt Topshop, jeggings H&M, sandals Topshop

Happy Friday everyone! It's casual Fridays at our office and today I decided to go double denim. I've always been afraid of that trend because it is just too easy to get it wrong! But I thought if I wear washed out 80's style jeggings and a light denim waist jacket with a white T, it should look cool and summery? What do you think? Would you guys ever attempt double denim? If you have it on your blog, send me a link, I'm fascinated by it right now!
I also treat myself with a graze box once a week, it keeps the muchies away (for about an hour as that is how long it takes me to graze it all away! ooops...) and it's really healthy for you. You get your nuts and dried fruit with the occasional treat of lovely chocolate! Try it out and see what you think - www.graze.com

I've also decided to not have a border around my pictures and make them big and bold, what do you think? Better like this or the old border around them?


24 May 2012

Summer Lovin'.

Dress New Look, cardigan River Island, denim waist jacket New Look, ring Topshop, sandals Dorothy Perkins, nail polish + lipstick Barry M. 

I was invited to my friends BBQ last night and as I've been at work all day I thought I'd really like to wear something fun and girly and what better than my new pink, heart print summer dress! I got warned that it will cool off in the evening so my original outfit being with a denim waist jacket could potentially turn into the one with the furry cardigan. It didn't, the weather stayed hot until 9pm when we left, but it was good to have that back up. I absolutely love my new skull ring from Topshop, it's the little details that make the outfit really fun!
I also tested a new color from Barry M last night, the nail polish is called 'Neon Pink' and the lipstick to go with it is 'Dolly Pink'. I think in the summer these colors will go wonderfully with a natural tan and you can also brighten up a white winter outfit with them, so cannot wait to test that in December! 

That last one was a lie, I certainly can wait until it gets cold again....


23 May 2012

First Day of Light.

T-shirt + shorts + belt + moccasins + bracelet all Topshop, watch Urban Outfitters, perfume Daisy by Marc Jacobs

The weather is uh-mazing in the south of England today! So I got my pins out :) It's way to hot to wear trousers or tights, plus it's the first day of proper heat so let's get summery! This outfit is really casual so to get away with it at work I have chucked on a blazer to balance the outfit out and smarten up. I love these shorts because of all the different colors and they are so comfortable because they're made of silk. The print on these shorts is lovely but quite manic so you need a plain t-shirt to tone it down a bit. I'm also wearing brown suede moccasins to keep the outfit smart (although I would have loved sandals!) and comfy for work.
I got the bracelet yesterday when purchasing a new outfit from Topshop, it's a cute little star and it costs £2, £1 of which goes to charity. I love those bracelets because you can keep them on like a festival bracelet and go swimming and shower and it's not that heartbreaking when they finally snap (my last one lasted a couple of months) because the money went to a good cause. Topshop Says Donate has now collaborated with Fashion Targets Breast Cancer to produce 3 little bracelets and a cute little scarf to fight for a great cause. Show your support today by visiting your local Topshop, I'll be heading back to get the other two bracelets and stack them up this summer! 
I finished the outfit by spritzing on a little Daisy by Marc Jacobs, it's such a light, refreshing floral scent and one of my favorites. What perfume would you chose as your favorite summer scent and why? 

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