3 January 2013

Burberry Touch.

Burberry Touch Eau de Parfum 

My mama got me this miniature Burberry Touch Eau de Parfum as she knows how fussy I am with scents and she wanted to make sure I like it, and I did! It's the second Burberry perfume I have tried and I loved both of the scents.

I would wear this scent lightly every day, Burberry touch is light and refreshing with a sophistication about it. With top notes consisting of fruit and rose oil, it's a feminine and flirty perfume. You can also pick up the gentle aromas of vanilla and cedarwood to give it the Burberry fine class.

If you're a fan of girly, sweet scents then this is definitely for you. I've always avoided Burberry because I thought it's more for the sophisticated, mature woman but I was really wrong as I'm in love with this perfume!  Apply perfume to pulse points of your neck, wrists and I use a little trick and apply it behind my knees as the scent gets released whenever you move!

What is your favourite scent? I love perfume and am always on the lookout for a new one!


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  1. I really want to smell this, sounds amazing




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