14 January 2013

In Love With The Old.

Strapless dress (old) French Connection// t-shirt Urban Outfitters// shoes New Look (similar here)// watch + bracelet Urban Outfitters

I love re-discovering items of clothes in my wardrobe that I haven't worn for ages and completely forgot about! Some of those items I will sell (you can check out some stuff in my shop FashionFake :)) if I think I'm never going to wear them / I am not too big to get in them, but sometimes I will find an absolute gem that I will fall in love with again.

I bought this FCUK dress when I was 18 (wow, 4 years ago!) and I remember my mum suggested I get a bigger size (ouch, ma) so I followed her advise and the dress ended up being too big for me. Now that my body has finally dropped the look of a plank and decided to give me a more womanly shape, the dress fits perfect.

I love wearing it with a T-shirt underneath, today I picked a black T with an animal print cross on it because I like the idea of the top of the print poking out to mix the look up a little bit, and give it a little edge.

I kept my makeup simple and fresh, and added slight waves to my hair (you can find out how I did it here) to finish off the look. I'm actually looking forward to seeing what else in in the back of my wardrobe so I'm going to do a raid tonight, keep an eye out in the store as there may be some bargain items you'll want to pick up!



  1. Love how you've teamed the dress with a T-shirt. Looks fantastic!

  2. Loving this look, girl! Such a great mix! Also... completely love your blog! You have a new follower via GFC! Take care, doll! Can't wait for your next post! xo, megs


  3. That dress is gorgeous, you look so pretty



  4. Love this outfit, that dress is gorgeous xx



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