24 January 2013

Rimmel Apocalips.

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer £5.99 (from left) 102 Nova, 400 Big Bang, 501 Stellar

Hey guys, I know I'm a day late with this but you've gotta forgive me due to a raging migraine that came over me on their release date... But I finally got my hands on some of these new beauties! Rimmel's Apocalips have been paraded for a couple of weeks now, from launches to blogger reviews and sneak previews so we're all well aware they've been created and finally arrived!

The lip lacquers are mega rich in colour, shine and moisture - I'm not a great fan of lip glosses but having tried them today, I have to admit I really enjoyed them! I picked the subtle Nova, which I know is a colour that suits me, the daring Big Bang which is a mega bright red shade (not for the shy!) and Stellar - a pink with a warm hint of coral.

The glosses smooth over lips easily and cover with colour immediately, the shaped brush makes it so easy to apply Apocalips! You can snap them up at Boots or Superdrug, they're priced £5.99 each and on offer as 3 for 2 currently in Boots! (Offer correct at the date of post)

So, with all the hype surrounding these little beauties, and rightly so as they are a pleasure to use, will you be trying these apocalyptic glosses?

I thought I'd give a quick update that since using these lip glosses, I've become slightly obsessed. Thinking of going and buying the whole collection! The colours are unbelievable, AND lips look nice and plump! Real love for them ♥ 



  1. These look really lovely, and despite the fact that I rarely wear lip gloss, I think I'll be trying these! xxx

  2. I'd be lost without mine already! Xx

  3. they are such pretty colours! x


  4. I've ordered a couple of these, and I can't wait for them to arrive! I've read some great reviews already. xo

  5. Probably if there are any really pink shades!

    Beauty Fiends Blog

  6. Really want to try this in Big Bang!



  7. I just got my mitts on Celestial and Big Bang! Can't wait to try them on!

    Laura - Black & Gold

  8. These colours are so pretty!

  9. Ohh i really want one of these. i just havent had the chance to shop yet. Really want one or several!

    Pipp xx

  10. I bought 3 of these including Nova and love them! Great review :)

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