26 January 2013

RocknRose Mini Haul.

With my new and slightly more bohemian attitude to life I decided to shop around for some jewellery with semi precious stones and checked out one of my favourite websites, RocknRose. I shopped the sale first where I found the gold and silver collars which were a bargain at £10 AND go with anything you want to wear. Then I found the blue stone cuff which I thought would look perfect once the weather warms up and I can wear floaty, hippy-esque maxi dresses again, and the blue is such a beautiful colour that it truly is hard to resist.

I then carried on with my original mission and found the gorgeous bullet shell necklaces in Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Black Agate. I chose Amethyst because of its apparent meaning of bringing soberness of the mind, spiritual wisdon and healing powers, which we could all use in the month of detox!

I can't wait to start styling with my new gems, and I can't wait to get some more! What is your favourite semi precious stone and why? I'd love to pick a couple more!



  1. I love the collar necklaces! I have so many collar/bib necklaces, they instantly glam up any plain outfit! I'm after a rose gold one next but these are gorgeous.

  2. Great jewellery, love it all! X

  3. they're such beautiful jewellery! x


  4. Darn, the bullet necklace is amazing! In fact everything is amazing! ^_^

  5. These are gorgeous! I especially love the gold collar necklace & amethyst bullet necklace xx

  6. These are all so so beautiful!
    I'm not so sure if the semi precious stones would fit in with my style but I do love the collar necklace :)

    Emily x - prettypleaseprettyplease.blogspot.com


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