21 January 2013

Snow Days.

Earmuffs ASOS // faux fur wrap ASOS // coat Zara // jeans River Island // boots New Look // gloves Accessorize // watch Urban Outfitters // bag Primark

(How grumpy do I look?! I think it's because the light was in my face...) I was really happy when the snow finally fell in the town I live in on Friday, it was beautiful and everything was white. On the Saturday me and Oliver went to Salisbury to get his tattoo appointment booked in and I wanted a chance to shop around in the sales. I saw two really cute bralets in Topshop, but couldn't decide which one I wanted so I left them both - regret! I really wish I bought one of them now... We ended up having a mini snowball fight on the way back to the car, strongly getting on the nerves of the public we walked past :)

My mum bought me this coat last year for Christmas and it's the warmest thing ever! Also, it's probably the only smart AND warm coat that I own, but I love wearing it with jeans. I came up with this look when I found my ASOS sale earmuffs that I actually haven't worn before and I wanted to take them on a day out (sadly they ended up in a muddy pile of snow as I started to loose the snowball fight...) so I teamed them with more faux fur in a contrasting colour!

I've been loving the snow days, and I know it's a nuisance for some but I want it to snow again this week, just so I could get a chance to make a snow angel!



  1. You look gorgeous, love the coat!



  2. the earmuffs are sooo cute and love the coat



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