12 January 2013

VO5 Look 2 : Voluminous Up-Do

Tools for the voluminous up-do: VO5 Plump It Up Volume & Lift Spritz* £3.89// High Definition Weightless Volume Mousse*3.89// Plump It Up Dry Backcomb Spray* £3.49// a round brush (you can get one from Superdrug)// a hair dryer// some hair pins (depending on how thick your hair is, I used 4)

I love finding different hair styles on platforms like Pinterest and a very common style is the messy, voluminous beehive with braids wrapped around the sides of your head. I love the look so I wanted to recreate it in a fashion that you could wear daily, using high street products. I love the lazy, romantic look - it's perfect for a first date and always reminds me of spring. So here's how I did it: 

1. Start with towel dried hair. Use the Volume & Lift Spritz and apply all over your hair from a 30cm distance, avoiding the roots.

2. Gently scrunch the product into your hair. 

3. Shake up the Weightless Volume Mousse and squeeze out a small handful (again, depending on how long/thick your hair is).

4. Spread and scrunch it into your hair, avoiding the roots. 

5. Using the round brush to achieve more volume, blow-dry your hair until it's fully dry, voluminous and soft. 

6. The VO5 Dry Backcomb Spray achieves the same look as backcombing your hair, with no damage from the action! It's a great product to use as it doesn't ruin your hair, and if backcombing is something you do every day, or if like me you tend to get bad split ends, you should really consider using this.

7. Spray it close to the roots, all over the head. Avoid the ends of your hair as you want these to remain relatively sleek and smooth for this hairstyle. 

8. Rub the spray into your hair, and mess it up for more volume! 

9. Start braiding your hair, for this style you're going to need to take a small strand from each section of your hair across your head and braid it in. This helps the braid stay in place better, and looks like a hair waterfall :) Braid on both sides of your hair.  

10. Have a look and make sure you are happy with both of the braids before you pin them.

11. Using hair pins, secure the ends of the braids together on the back of your head. Although the waterfall braid style will help them to stay put throughout the day, ensure the pins are tight and will keep (especially thick) hair in place. 

12. Plump up your hair and carefully mess it up for the final finish and you're done!

I love this, because it's not an over-the-top look and you can wear it every day. If you are going out or have a special event, just mess up your hair a little more on Step 8 and you will get extra volume! 
What do you think of this style? Will you be trying it? 



  1. A brilliant how-to! I love wearing my hair like that! :) xxx

  2. gorgeous! this hair look is very "fashion week" like! love it



  3. This looks lovely, it really suits you. I might try this hairstyle, it looks very professional yet still young and fun :) xo


  4. luv the tutorial, must try it, and i've been wanting to try out the vo5 products, not just because of the pink packaging...well maybe


  5. Ooh love the idea of the back comb spray, because I hate the damage backcombing does to my hair but sometimes I quite like the look.
    I've been using the VO5 volume powder recently which actually works really well, never found something that gives my really thin hair so much volume so easily!

    Emily x - prettypleaseprettyplease.blogspot.com

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