10 February 2013

From Paris With Skin Love...SVR Laboratories!

Prior to trying this toner, I didn't include toners in my daily facial care routine. But adding just this one simple product has encouraged me to update my routine as my skin feels a lot cleaner and fresher. A toner is used after you cleanse your face and before applying moisturiser, and I use it morning and evening.

The SVR Laboratoires Provegol toner is aimed at problem skin to help eliminate spots, close pores and reduce redness. My skin feels a lot brighter since I've started using this cleansing water and although I've decided to try another toner for my daily routine, Provegol has helped clear up my skin when I had a minor breakout.

Do you use a toner in your daily routine? Which one would you recommend?



  1. I've been using the Premae Balance Rescue toner that I got in January's Glossybox. It's really refreshing and I think it does something! it's always hard to tell when you use so many products to make your skin better!

    I've just posted a February Wishlist! Check it out on Black & Gold

    Laura xx

    1. I love the Premae Balance Rescue toner! Was gutted when it ran out :( I must get more!

      Lana, xo

  2. Really want to try this!

    A little bit Unique


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  3. Ladies, we are so chuffed that you absolutely LOVED our Balance Rescue Face Tonique. Please visit our site and leave a review. Would really appreciate it. Warm regards, Clare Eluka CEO Premae Skincare http://premaeskincare.com/products/face/toniques/balance-rescue x


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