20 February 2013

H&M Nails in Peach Me Soon and Chica Boom Boom.

H&M Nail Varnish in Peach Me Soon and Chica Boom Boom £2.99 each

I have never tried the H&M nail varnishes before but this time I picked up two of their colours as they were so bright I just couldn't resist! I am really fussy with nail varnishes as I hate the really diluted ones which you need to apply several times to get the colour right, and the ones that take half an hour to dry! So I tend to stick to brands that I know and love.

I thought these colours would be great in the summer with naturally tanned skin, and when I look at them on these gloomy days whilst I impatiently await for the warmer months the bright oranges and peaches will help me, and maybe even brighten up my day.

I had to apply two coats of these varnishes as they were a little thin and I wanted the colour to really stand out, however they didn't take very long to dry which was a bonus! I would also suggest applying a top coat to prevent chipping in the first couple of days, but overall I did like them. I want to pick up some more bright colours from their new range and at £2.99 they are a bargain.

What is your favourite brand of nail polishes? Have you tried the H&M ones? What did you think?



  1. I love Barry M polishes - but for this price it's worth trying out!! Great post x


  2. I have tried out a H&M nail polish before it was called Nerd I believe & i loved it and for the price you can't complain :)
    Only thing is that they are that cheap I need to buy more than one when I go into H&M next time.
    I'm loving the peachy colour.
    Great review though.

    Shauni xx

  3. for only £2.99 each it's a bargain! x


  4. I've heard pretty good things about the H&M polishes! These two colours are seriously gorgeous! xo

  5. What a bargain! They are two gorgeous summery shades!



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