8 February 2013

MaxFactor Creme Puff.

MaxFactor Creme Puff in 05 Translucent £5.99

I always use powder after foundation, I find it makes my skin look smoother and I love the matte effect powders give skin. I bought this alongside the Max Factor foundation I blogged about earlier (review here) in an offer which Superdrug commonly have, their 3 for 2.

I never used to be fussy about powder until recently I really started noticing a difference between poor quality (a lot of the time price has nothing to do with the quality of the product) and decent products. I have used powders which cost £25+ before which made my skin shiny and greasy, or even worse collected in my pores to create horrible patchy skin! As a bargain powder, Max Factors Creme Puff really has worked wonders - it's nice and soft on the skin, creates a flawless look, stays matte for several hours and is generally long lasting. It comes with an application sponge, and I use that for times when I'm only applying powder as it gives a thick coverage. On a day to day basis, I use a powder brush to lightly apply coverage.

This is my every day powder and I'm really impressed with it. It does everything a classic powder should do with lasting results. Do you use powder over foundation? Which one is your favourite?



  1. I use Rimmel at the moment, but I think I'll try this when that one runs out :) xxx

  2. I use Rimmel's Stay Matte, the best in my opinion! I have Creme Puff at home and it works well but I can't stand the smell! Whereas Stay Matte is virtually scentless.

    Laura xx Black & Gold

  3. This looks gorgeous on you, I adore Max Factor make up, it can't go wrong n my eyes




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