15 February 2013

The Body Shop: Cucumber Facial Cleansing.

I have decided to change my cleansing routine this year and opt out of lazy makeup wipes making a switch to  cleansers. I spotted this duo when I was looking around The Body Shop and for a bargain £2 I decided to try it out. The tubs are quite big and will last a long while as I don't use an excessive amount of cleanser and toner.

Start of by cleansing your face with the milk and cotton wool pads, eye makeup included. Then wash face with your choice of facial wash (mine is currently Bare Minerals Purifying Facial Cleanser) and dry. The final step is to use the toner, dab a little on a cotton wool pad and glide all over face and neck.

Since using this method, my skin has been a lot smoother and brighter, I've noticed the problems I had with clogged up pores are becoming smaller by day. So I'm definitely going to stick to this and ditch the makeup remover pads for good! The cucumber scent is fresh, the feel revitalizing and the end results priceless.

What is your cleansing routine? Have you made a switch this year?



  1. These look lovely, I have such clogged pores so may try it seeing as it worked for you! I love cucumber scent too, bonus!
    Such a bargain!

    Laura xx
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  2. I bet it smells amazing, I'll keep my eyes open for these during my next trip to The Body Shop! x


  3. you're nominated for a versatile blogger award:)


  4. I really want to try these! I need more body shop products in my life

    A little bit Unique


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  5. прекрасный дизайн !


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