22 February 2013

The Body Shop Lychee Blossom Body Mist.

Let me start with this: I love body mists. There's nothing better to refresh and make you smell delicious in the muggy summer days (or even when it's roasting hot), on a casual weekend when you don't really fancy the strong scent of perfume or after a hot bath or shower.

I picked up this little beauty from The Body Shop sale, I love eating lychees so I thought I must like the scent of them and I did! It's a refreshing fruity/floral scent, in a compact bottle that you can carry in your handbag for instant "refreshness".

As corny as it may sound, the scent of the Lychee Body Mist is actually quite relaxing as the word makes me think of Asia, in particularly the serene gardens of Japan. So I do feel more "zen" and relaxed when I spray the mist around me. It's quickly become one of my favourite products as the scent stays with you for quite a while, it's easy to use and carry with you and the smell is divine.

Do you use body mists? Which one if your favourite?



  1. I love cheapy little sprays like this to use during the day, otherwise I end up getting through my perfumes far too quickly! This one sounds lovely.

    My favourite at the moment which Avon have just released is the apricot and shea butter spray, it smells so so pretty! xo

  2. i love body mists, any by victoria secrets, and luv the boots natural collection in vanilla


  3. That's so cheap for a bodyshop spray- their perfumes in the glass bottles are also lovely too!


  4. uuuu nice, lovely stuff!! =)
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