5 February 2013

W7 Candy Floss Brightening Face Powder.

W7 Candy Floss Brightening Face Powder £3.65

For Christmas (seems like ages ago!), my boyfriend treated me with loads of makeup and beauty products, from both brands that he knew I loved and some I have never used before. I was a little worried at first because boys don't tend to know a lot about purposes and shades of makeup but I have to say I was really impressed with the products he got me :) ♥

One of them was this W7 Brightening Face Powder. I have used highlighters before, and shimmers, which I usually apply to my cheekbones to define them. The first time I applied this face powder I just dusted it all over my face, it has a very light and transparent texture and the shimmery particles catch light to give your face a healthy glow. It was early in the morning and I applied very little makeup that day but I was getting compliments left, right and center about how healthy and glowing my skin looked. I noticed it myself, the powder used on top of foundation adds just the right glow for you to look healthy and natural.

I use this powder as an every day essential now, it also looks great dusted over cheekbones for a simple glow. Do you use any brightening makeup products? Which one is your favourite?



  1. woah! this product is super cheap yet looks amazing on you! x


  2. This reminds me a lot like the Benefit blushers because of the packaging. I like the colour, it looks lovely on you! Definitely going to look into this one! Thanks for sharing, doll! :) XO


  3. wow, I'm definitely hunting this down! I love it when you find such a great product that's so cheap too! At the moment I'm using the Mac MSF in semi-precious crystal, it's subtly brightening, really pretty, I'd recommend it :)
    Eleanor x

  4. the packaging look gorge


  5. looks great! you look so pretty!



  6. Looks great on you! I wonder if its a dupe of anything by Benefit? The packaging is identical!

    Black & Gold
    Laura xx

  7. I love the packaging. It's quite beautiful x

  8. This is a gorgeous shade!



  9. This looks exactly like the kind of shade that I like to use for blush/highlighter! It reminds me a lot from the pictures of Benefit's Dandelion blush

    The only thing that puts me off is the name... I really don't know why!

    Emily x - prettypleaseprettyplease.blogspot.com


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