12 March 2013

March Glossybox.

1. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (£25): Favourite product of this months box, Eight Hour Cream is a multitasking miracle performer which can be used on dry skin, chapped lips and even to quickly give your eyebrows shape! I never knew this product existed (whoops..) but it was actually created in 1930 by Elizabeth Arden, so it's been a beauty favourite of many women for 83 years! Although it's quite pricey, I will be investing in a tub which I will carry around with me everywhere.


2. Nails Inc "St James" Nail Polish (£11): I am a big fan of Nails Inc polishes so I always get excited to see one in my box. St James nail polish is named after the original aristocratic area of London and is still considered to keep some of the best restaurants, gentlemen's clubs  and private banks. The pillarbox red colour is representative of the areas glamour - I love the intense and bright red.
For best application use a base coat and then apply two coats of St James polish. Finish with the Kensington Caviar Top Coat which dries in 45 seconds and voila! Your nails are ready to go.


3. Juicy Couture "Couture La La" (£63 for 100ml): Couture La La was created in Juicy Courutes image  of a womans layered personality: confident and fearless and flirty and feminine. Main scents in this perfume are feminine and bold florals, and a sensual scent of musk and woods.
I really liked the scent of this perfume, even though I haven't been a huge fan of Juicy Couture since I turned 19, this might just bring me back to use their perfumes again! They did a good job at making Couture La La super feminine and flirty, with a musky undertone.


4. TRESemme Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray (£4.69): This hairspray offers all day flexible firm hold which is humidity resistant and brushes out with ease. I am very skeptical about "hero" hairsprays as I have quite unruly hair which will not last all day and will definitely start annoying me in humid climates. To me this hairspray works like any other, it holds for a couple of hours until I start doing something like wondering around outside. It does have a firm hold so you don't have to intoxicate the room with fumes of chemicals which is what always happens to me and I have to leave for a second because I can't breathe! Also, quick tip - for added volume flip your hair upside down when spraying!


5. Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Lip Brush "Cranberry" (£12): This was my second favourite product in the box firstly because it's great and secondly because it was full size. I got introduced to Jelly Pong Pong via my July 2012 Glossybox, and ever since I tried their Irish Cream Pavlova Lip Frosting, I've been a fan. This lip brush is super easy to use and handy when you're on the go, it works as a lip stain and a moisturiser with beeswax and ceresin wax to create a sheer and smooth application.
I love the colour of this lip brush, it can be a bright pink for a pop of colour or soft for a natural look. Also, I've been wearing it since it's been windy and the best thing about lip stains is that your hair doesn't get stuck on your lips! That is probably the most annoying thing about wearing glosses, is that your hair and your face is a mess the moment a gust of wind strikes.


So this months theme was City Cheek and Glossybox also included a cute city handbook and guide about all the best cities in the world! That was a cute treat and I hope they do things like that more often. Overall I liked all the products in the box, however was disappointed that Glossybox have lacked again on full sized products in this box. Although one could argue that all these products fit into your handbag and could be used when you're running around the city...

Did you get a lovey Glossybox this month? What products did you get?



  1. I got the same box as you this month and I wasn't happy with it at all, I'm going to send mine back because the products were all really small sizes and only 1 of them was from a luxury brand, when glossybox promises 5 luxury products every month.
    Eleanor x


    1. I felt like that as well, they've had a great bunch of boxes in the last couple months but this one just didn't feel up to standard! I'm toying with the idea of trying Birchbox next!

      Lana, xo

  2. Glossy Boxs like these make me want to sign up for them but some months there is nothing in them that I would use and feel it would be a complete waste of money.
    Great post though.

    Shauni xx

  3. Looks like a pretty good box! I like the lip stain. x

    <3 Melissa

  4. I have a red lip stain which i got in my glossybox, wore it today for an interview and I love it its really easy to put on xx


  5. I love the colors! So perfect for this season. I just started following you ;)


  6. This month's Glossybox looks fabulous, full of beauty goodies! Need to try the 8 hour cream!

    Elizabeth Daisy xo


  7. I really enjoyed reading this review of your Glossybox - normally with these sorts of things I get bored! But you kept each one to the point and I liked the little bits of info you included :) 8 hour cream really is a miracle worker - and it lasts for absolutely ages so it's well worth the money!! xx

  8. wow, amazing products this month (:



  9. That eight hour cream sounds amazing.

    I've heard mixed things about Glossybox. I'll prefer to get a box that would hold up expectations and not disappoint, you know?

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  11. 8 hour is amazing!! X


  12. This is really one of the best glossyboxes ever, I love the lip balm and the tresemme hairspray, so many gems!

    A little bit Unique


  13. Really glad you like everything from your March GlossyBox, that nail varnish looks brill! xx

  14. this box doesn't seem as good as some previous boxes... disappointing

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