30 April 2013

Clinique Chubby Stick in Oversized Orange.

I recently worked on a photoshoot (which I will be doing a post about later this week, so keep your eyes peeled!) which was in Bath, one of my favourite places in England. I lived there when I went to university and for a couple of years after that, and I miss it every day. So I took the opportunity to get back on a later train to have a mooch around the shops and I found myself searching through the Boots isles. Now, I went there with the intention of maybe picking up one or two products, I didn't intend on actually having to pick up a basket! 

One of the products I saw was this Clinique Chubby stick. The colour grabbed me right away as I'm really into my corals at the moment, and this is an orangey coral which isn't too bright and too pigmented, it's a subtle shine. I thought this colour is just perfect for when the sun is properly out, the heat is on, the tans are developeing nicely, it would look just gorgeous on the lips. I love how the Chubby Sticks moisturise the lips and give them a hint of gentle colour, perfect to apply when you're on the go and don't need to concentrate in a mirror. 

I really wish I went with the hype and brought a chubby stick into my life earlier but I know now that they're cute little lipstains and worth every penny!


28 April 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation Review.

Revlon has been one of my favourite makeup brands this year: I’ve fallen in love with the colours of their lip butters, the longevity of the Kissable lip stains and now I have discovered my love for their foundations. 

I have read many reviews on the Nearly Naked foundation and a couple of weeks ago I recommended it to my friend who likes her makeup very natural. As Revlon had a 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug that day, I bought one myself just out of curiosity (along with two of the lip butters!). The next day my friend came back saying she loved the foundation – which for me meant that I probably wouldn’t as I prefer a heavier coverage. I’m really self-conscious about my skin as I used to suffer with really bad acne throughout my teenage years, and I think I genuinely have developed a type of body dysmorphia – when I look in the mirror and I have no makeup on, I think I still have acne. It’s horrible because my friends always compliment me on how good my skin looks, but I can never leave the house of even see people without putting on foundation and concealer (if anyone would want to see a post on this subject, I’m doing some research on it so please leave me a comment and I’ll get on the case). 

I wasn’t looking forward to testing this foundation as I thought the coverage would be too light for me and it wouldn’t cover up my skin like I’d want it to, but boy oh boy did my mind change! It’s true, this foundation is very light on the skin but it efficiently covers all spots and blemishes, evens out the skin tone and I even feel like my skin glows more with Revlon’s Nearly Naked than with most foundations that claim to have the “glow factor”. I use my Beauty Blender dupe from H&M (I’ll post about it soon, it’s so great and an amazing bargain!) to spread the foundation evenly over my face, and then conceal some extra spots and voila!

I’m so happy with this foundation; it’s like the best thing to happen to faces this summer. And the colour matches my skin tone perfectly, which is so rare to find. So I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes their makeup natural and light, and even if you prefer a heavier foundation –give this one a go as you might be pleasantly surprised, just like I was.


26 April 2013

Makeup Sponge by H&M (Beauty Blender Alternative).

Makeup Sponge by H&M £2.99

The beauty world has been taken by storm by a makeup sponge under the name of Beauty Blender. Top beauty bloggers have been giving this little yet heavily priced accessory (£16) the thumbs up, so I really wanted to give it a go. However, just before I ordered it from the Beauty Blender UK website I found a very similar item in H&M for a fraction of the price, so I thought I'll give this a go before I splurge on the real thing.

I was quite skeptical using this sponge, especially as recently my foundation is just not getting on with any sort of brushes or sponges. So, here goes:

I pour the foundation onto the outside of my hand, then use the sponge to dip into a little bit of foundation. Then just kind of "hop" it all over your face to create a smooth and even coverage. I was really impressed with the results and how evenly the sponge covered my skin, definitely pleasantly surprised! I use the chunky, rounded side to do most of my face and then the pointy edge to get into difficult areas like the sides of my nose and around my eyes.

This is such a bargain for £2.99 and I don't really see the point in getting a Beauty Blender now as this kind of serves the purpose perfectly. I don't know, are Blenders really worth the mass hype created around them, has anyone tried one and would recommend it over a dupe?


24 April 2013


I was mooching around at one of my best friends houses the other night, and she told me about these cards she sometimes does readings from: they're called Goddess cards and they tell you about your past, your present and your future. I love things like that because I think it's really fun and can be really encouraging if you have lost motivation and sight of where you want to be in life.

I followed instructions and channeled the energy of the past and my Goddess card was Mary Magdalene, who represents Unconditional Love. My friend giggled as the card was quite accurate! The card represents unconditional love for someone, and then forgiveness for the slander which might have have happened as a result. But let's not dwell on the past, right?!
We then moved onto the present, and this is the card that I got really obsessed with: it was the Celtic Goddess Cordelia which represents the outdoors and the phrase on the card said that you've been cooped up indoors for a long time and now it's time to go outside.The card encourages you do break free from whatever has been holding you back and go venture out into the big world and enjoy every moment of it. Both me and my friend got the same card for our present so we're going to take this opportunity and mooch to Glastonbury this weekend and visit all the crystal shops and hippie bars, which I cannot wait for!
My third and final card was the Goddess Artemis who is the Guardian. It says that I will have my guard up, but I shouldn't do as everything will be OK. I am quite a cautious person anyway, but I can see how maybe in the future I will be even more wary of people, especially guys, as I always seem to let the wrong ones in.

Anyways, two hours after this little story! I named my post Cordelia because I am going to use her as inspiration not only for a more laid back and layered spring style, but follow the words of advise and go outside, do different things because there is no one keeping a lock on me anymore. Over the past week I have realised that if you want to do something, do it. I was so scared of taking some opportunities because I was scared of the consequences, but last week I finally did and they paid off. Don't let people hold you back, ain't nobody got time for that! :)


23 April 2013

April Glossybox.

1. Crabtree and Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy (£14): This is an exclusive launch of Crabtree and Evelyn's new fragrance line, Somerset Meadow. This product is rich in macadamia oil, shea butter and antioxidant vitamins C and E which help it heal and restore dry skin. The new collection launches on April 29th. I wanted a new hand cream as I haven't had one through the winter and I can see some dry patches which really annoy me. This cream does everything it says on the tin, moisturises and restores skin with a lovely, fresh and subtle scent.


2. Yves Rocher "So Elixir Purple" Eau de Parfum (£44): I'm really getting into my perfumes at the moment, so it was lovely to test out this scent! This eau de parfum combines tuberose, vetiver and patchouli to create a mix of florals and wood scents. I did find that at first the fragrance can be quite overwhelming and strong, baring in mind that I like subtle and light scents, however I started enjoying after about half an hours wear. It's a nice perfume to wear to work on days when you have meetings or I can imagine it being worn by professionals such as lawyers and directors. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that this is a pretty strong yet alluring perfume! I'm only marking it down one point as I'd like it to be a little more subtle.


3. Nip+Fab Dry Skin Fix Body Butter in Pistachio Sundae (£9.95): I've actually used a whole full sized tub of this a couple of months ago, so I was pretty happy to see a little version in my Glossybox (you can read my mini review here)! I love the scent of Pistachio Sundae and Nip+Fab products have never let me down in terms of how good they are. Apply the body butter after a shower or a bath, it's got a really nice whipped texture and the scent alone is just delish.


4. Essie Nail Lacquer in Pansy (£7.99): Essie is one of the cult, must have nail polish brands and most bloggers rave about the colours. I got my first Essie colour last year, which was Bikini So Teeny, and I like the colour, the brush made it really easy to apply, but it's not something I would shout about. I found Essie not better and not worse than most cheaper nail colours, I think they definitely have an amazing choice of colours but it's just overpriced. It doesn't stop me occasionally buying them and to be honest I did fall in love with Beyond Cozy (review here) but I would honestly purchase more colours if they were priced at a nail polish average £5. Like this is a really cute, spring pink and I think it looks lovely with the romantic floral trends of Spring 2013. However, my points go down for price.


5. Illamasqua Medium Pencil (£13): My favourite product of the box, this multitasking pencil is like gold dust to girls on the go! It can be used as eyeliner, lip liner or brow pencil so i just throw it in my bag and use it after work to glam up before cocktails, or just to give my face a quick pick me up halfway through the day. Today I have used it as an eyeliner and not only is it easy to use and blend, it also makes my green eyes stand out from a mile away.


This months box was designed by Pearl Lowe inspired by the English countryside. It's a cute pinky peach box, and I'm starting to use my old boxes for storage, which looks cute and they are the perfect size to keep most of my beauty purchases in.

Did you get the Pearl Lowe Glossybox this month? What products did you get?


22 April 2013

A USB With A Difference.

USB, fashion, accessory, glam

USB, fashion, accessory, glam

If anything like me, you throw things in your bag at the end of the day and then spend hours trying to find the accessory you so disrespectfully chucked into what I can only describe as a portable Tardis (seriously, where do things disappear to?!), then this just might be a gadget for you.

I have a very boring, corporate USB which I have been using for transporting and storing most of the things that have to do with my blog, and I always struggle to find it in my oversized bag. So when I first heard of Emobox UK who provide USBs as more of a fashion accessory, I was intrigued to see if their devices could make a difference to my frustration with USB sticks.

I actually don’t trust myself to wear a USB as a necklace, knowing how many necklaces I snap by being clumsy daily, but I picked the one I thought I could spot from miles away, buried in my never endingly deep bag. This glittery USB necklace has 8GB storage which is perfect for me to use when transferring data or when I’m working from different computers and need to transport blog photos/articles back to my home computer. And, my idea worked as the rhinestones make it glitter the moment light hits the necklace so I can finally find it – quickly and easily.

It comes with a 30” chain necklace, and perfect for any techie who loves a bit of glam and glitz. Emobox UK also have USB’s shaped as credit cards so they’re easily kept in your wallet, or trendy bracelets.


16 April 2013


vintage, dress, floral, outfit, fashion

vintage, dress, floral, outfit, fashion
customized vintage dress // gillet and pumps Primark // sunglasses* Firmoo // watch Urban Outfitters (similar here)

I have to admit that the weekend just gone, I was being an antisocial bear and pretty much locked myself in  my room with the exception of taking Harvey out for a long walk on Sunday. It wasn't sunny in the town where I live, so I guess that put a little downer on the weekend, but on the upside I had a Supernatural marathon (yaaayy!) and got lots of blog posts done as my "To Review" box was getting pretty full up.

I got this dress from my mama, it's really old and I can remember her wearing it 14 years ago, and when she asked me if I wanted it - I jumped at the chance. I made some changes to it: took out the shoulder pads and put a black ribbon through the front in place of a white cord which was there and I guess just brought it a little up to date. Now it's one of my favourite pieces and I don't see myself getting rid of it for a very long time. Maybe even wait until I have a daughter and give it to her. Awwwwh, it's like a family heirloom.

I'm wearing it today to celebrate the sun FINALLY hitting this town with some circle frame sunglasses and a quilted gillet for a casual look. And I'm quite impressed with the near mess that my hair turned out to be - I straightened it and then for some weird reason I started curling it with my straighteners, and did half/half. But it turned out pretty cute! Accidents are sometimes the best.


15 April 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Lychee.

One of the hottest spring colours on the blogging sphere is this Barrry M number in Lychee, a striking nude colour. I really like nude nails so I was very excited to try out this nail paint especially as it is from their Gelly Hi-Shine range.

I would say it has a thick consistency, I do two coats and a topcoat over my nails, and that provides a nice and even colour for me. The polish also lasts an acceptable amount of time, my first chip is usually after 3-4 days but I do wear a protective top coat as well. It's easy to apply, but I find that you would have to do two coats because sometimes when I apply one, the polish looks streaky.

It's one of those colours that will go with anything, and will look great with a tan. The creamy shade is a perfect match to the pinks and corals which are dominating the beauty world this spring. I'm a fan of Barry M nails, most of my nail polishes are from them, so this was another lovely piece to add to the collection.

What colours will you be wearing this spring?


14 April 2013

H&M Glitter Nail Polish in Blue.

glitter, nail polish, blue, review, beauty

glitter, nail polish, blue, review, beauty

I went on a massive shopping spree a couple of weekends ago, and I think I was just on a mission to buy something from every shop I went into. Whilst at H&M, I spotted this nail polish which instantly caught my eye. The photo's don't even show half of how beautiful this colour is, especially the shine you get when the glitter strips sparkle in the light. It reminds me of a beach holiday, cool drinks on a sunny day and best of all it's a fun polish (excuse my hands, they got a little ruined whilst moving all my stuff so I need to nurse them back to smoothness!)

This polish is such a bargain at £2.99, and it covers your nails with colour and sparkle with just two coats. I have been wearing mine for three days now, and it hasn't chipped once. I can't promise that it will be easy to get off as I haven't attempted that yet, but I always let my nails soak in a little nail polish remover before attempting to remove glittery polishes.

I'm really enjoying H&M's nail polishes at the moment, you can read a review I did previously on my favourite summer colours here. What do you think of H&M nails?


13 April 2013

April Florals.

floral dress, Zara, fedora, boho style, outfit, look, fashion

floral dress, Zara, fedora, boho style, outfit, look, fashion
Dress Zara (sale) // hat Topshop // boots Zara (sale) // watch Urban Outfitters

I was recently bargain hunting and I came across the smallest sale section in Zara where I found this beauty of a dress for £7! I friggin love it, I don’t have many dresses this shape and I thought the pattern on it was absolutely beautiful.

This is my first outfit with this dress, I love the clean boho look and how easy this dress goes from day to night. In the summer, this dress will be teamed with sandals, oversized sunnies and a straw trilby for BBQ’s and day trips, then all I have to do in the evening is glam it up with black chunky wedges and some layers of silver “gypsy” jewellery and out I go.

I love finding sale items like this one, firstly at £7 for a beautiful silk Zara dress it would be a crime not to buy it, secondly it just shows that you don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds to buy a new dress – just grab a bargain and style it with this seasons accessories. Like these cute boots I got from the same Zara sale - for £16! 


12 April 2013

Style Stalker.

StyleStalker, FashionFake, fashion, outfit, look, leggings

StyleStalker, FashionFake, fashion, outfit, look, leggings

StyleStalker, FashionFake, fashion, outfit, look, leggings

Last night I went to see Dark Skies, something about me – I love horror films. I’ve seen most of them including old cult classics and comedy indie favourites. Some of my favourites include An American Werewolf in London, Dawn of the Dead (remake), Shaun of the Dead, Drag Me to Hell… Actually there’s just too many. I always loved spooky films and TV series, and I have been fascinated by the supernatural. I think the world is just much more interesting with the thought of something else that not everybody can see existing. I am quite a sceptic though, so it’s all just fun and games (que a spirit entering the room to prove me wrong.) I am mega excited for The Evil Dead remake to hit the cinemas in the UK, I remember the original scared me enough! On the 18th, I’ma be in the cinema watching it.

I love these leggings I bought from StyleStalker, they can toughen up a floral blouse and go well with a monochrome look, can be worn casual (like in this outfit) or be dressed up for a night out with Jeffrey Campbells “Lita” shoes and stacks of bohemian jewellery. StyleStalker is a favourite amongst the brands I wear because of their unique pieces, and I love teaming them with plain items for an up to date classic look.

With the hot weather due to hit England this weekend, I’m planning some beach hangouts and beer garden days, what’s on everyones agendas, anything happening in the sun I should know about? Also, just to let you know I’ve started linking the products which I am wearing to their location on websites so if I can find it, it will be linked below the image J


11 April 2013

Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil Review.

A part of my huge beauty haul from the other day was this Garnier Beauty Oil, something I saw in a post from Kate at ghostparties (one of my favourite beauty blogs and vlogs) and I really wanted to try it as it sounded like a great product with the bonus of being a spray as well, which means less hassle and grease.

I love beauty oils: I have tried The Body Shop Morninga Oil before which I adored as it was so versatile (you can read my review of it here) but I was really excited about the nozzle of this oil bottle! I know it might sound sad but I think it would just be such a quick and easy way to give your skin a little bit of nourishment and moisture, without having to faff about with greasy hands.

I used the oil after a hot bath, I was ridiculously cold that day so I needed to warm up, however luxuries like these play havoc with my skin as going from cold to hot makes my skin dry. So after drying my skin, I sprayed on the Garnier Beauty Oil concentrating on areas such as knees and elbows. The spray spreads evenly across the skin but I still felt that I wanted to rub it in a little more. It doesn’t have a strong scent which is brilliant as you can apply perfume without having to worry about clashing smells. The oils absorbs quickly, and leaves skin with a healthy shine.

I really like this oil and I would give it 10/10, the only con I would say it has is that when you spray the oil onto your skin, it does tend to go not just on the body, but also the floor. That perhaps is the only reason why I’m not lathering it on multiple times a day, because my room with wooden floors has turned into a mini skating ring. But nothing is perfect, right? :)

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