22 April 2013

A USB With A Difference.

USB, fashion, accessory, glam

USB, fashion, accessory, glam

If anything like me, you throw things in your bag at the end of the day and then spend hours trying to find the accessory you so disrespectfully chucked into what I can only describe as a portable Tardis (seriously, where do things disappear to?!), then this just might be a gadget for you.

I have a very boring, corporate USB which I have been using for transporting and storing most of the things that have to do with my blog, and I always struggle to find it in my oversized bag. So when I first heard of Emobox UK who provide USBs as more of a fashion accessory, I was intrigued to see if their devices could make a difference to my frustration with USB sticks.

I actually don’t trust myself to wear a USB as a necklace, knowing how many necklaces I snap by being clumsy daily, but I picked the one I thought I could spot from miles away, buried in my never endingly deep bag. This glittery USB necklace has 8GB storage which is perfect for me to use when transferring data or when I’m working from different computers and need to transport blog photos/articles back to my home computer. And, my idea worked as the rhinestones make it glitter the moment light hits the necklace so I can finally find it – quickly and easily.

It comes with a 30” chain necklace, and perfect for any techie who loves a bit of glam and glitz. Emobox UK also have USB’s shaped as credit cards so they’re easily kept in your wallet, or trendy bracelets.



  1. I've recently started using an Emobox design - it's much more a nerdy man version but this necklace is wonderful!

  2. I agree that corporate-designed flash drives can be boring. And what use can they be at such state? This device is meant to keep us productive, most importantly in managing our files. So I consider it so nifty of you to look for a way to bring back your fascination for it. How glamorous this USB stick truly is! LOK-IT Secure Flash Drive


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