14 April 2013

H&M Glitter Nail Polish in Blue.

glitter, nail polish, blue, review, beauty

glitter, nail polish, blue, review, beauty

I went on a massive shopping spree a couple of weekends ago, and I think I was just on a mission to buy something from every shop I went into. Whilst at H&M, I spotted this nail polish which instantly caught my eye. The photo's don't even show half of how beautiful this colour is, especially the shine you get when the glitter strips sparkle in the light. It reminds me of a beach holiday, cool drinks on a sunny day and best of all it's a fun polish (excuse my hands, they got a little ruined whilst moving all my stuff so I need to nurse them back to smoothness!)

This polish is such a bargain at £2.99, and it covers your nails with colour and sparkle with just two coats. I have been wearing mine for three days now, and it hasn't chipped once. I can't promise that it will be easy to get off as I haven't attempted that yet, but I always let my nails soak in a little nail polish remover before attempting to remove glittery polishes.

I'm really enjoying H&M's nail polishes at the moment, you can read a review I did previously on my favourite summer colours here. What do you think of H&M nails?



  1. I have only one nail polish from H&M and I really don't like it. The brush isn't great and it chips so easily.

  2. I love this colour, I saw it online and really want to buy it.
    : ]

  3. This is gorgeous! Going to look out for it next time im in H&M! x

  4. H&M nail polishes are brill, I have always been so impressed with the quality and for the price. This one is super pretty too :)



  5. oh, i love h&m polish! i haven't tried this kind, but it looks like such a pretty color!

    lindsey louise


  6. I've never tried any H&M polishes, but this is so pretty

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