9 April 2013

I'm Happier Than A Seagull With A Stolen Chip.

Hello my lovelies!

I felt like I've had to get something out of my system for a little while now, so I've decided to share my thoughts with you all, and maybe some of you might find this post useful and the photo below will put a little smile on your face!

I've had quite a weird week in terms of emotions: I've been very giddy and happy, so much so that my friends are starting to question it, but all might be explained in further posts, however I've also faced really difficult social situations in terms of people who I would really like to not have a connection with anymore because quite frankly, they make me sad and unnerved, trying to get to me and it's just upsetting. I've figured the best option for anyone in a situation like mine is to just ignore any "lash outs" towards you and just put it to the back of your mind, although it is very difficult. I've got so many positive things happening in my life right now and everything is slowly falling into a much better place, that I think it's almost an invitation for nasty individuals to come and try and ruin it. Well, not this time. I saw this little decoration in one of my favourite shops the other day and it made me smile, so I hope if you're having a bit of a downer day/time this will cheer you up:

And it's so true! This week I've spent my time day dreaming and laughing, planning trips to my favourite places and just being me. There will be people in your life who think they can get to you, and the best thing to do is just not pay attention, because soon enough they will get bored, they will move on with their own lives or find something else to be miserable about. And actually, without sounding patronising, I feel sorry for them. Because I always think: how miserable must their life be to try and get people down?! It's always even more difficult when said individuals may have been close to you in your life a while ago, because you'd always want to help and you'd always want to make them happy again but I've realised that sometimes people have to pull themselves out of their own holes.

I've always had people like this in my life, even at school I used to get bullied because I always wanted better and I always wanted to grow to my full potential, rather than settle for anything that was easy. I'm stubborn, I'm selective and I like nice things in life - none of which make me "stuck up".
I currently live in a small town where I moved a couple of years ago which might as well be EastEnders because that's how most people act here, and I refuse to be a part of this ongoing drama which fuels guys and girls to behave in menacing and malicious ways because there's nothing better for them to do, I know many people will relate this feeling.

I guess the message is for anyone who reads this and might be feeling a little down about negativity in their life: ignore it and move on with things and people that make you happy, because otherwise you'll drive yourself insane. And when you are faced with negativity and you're feeling like you could actually put up a fight this time, here's a tip: be polite, be sweet and smile. Because god knows, that will throw anyone off your case, it's an old tried and tested method.



  1. Love the motto!

  2. This is a lovely post! :) Really nice, I'm glad there's lots of good things going on you. Also the quote is amazing haha! xxxx

    Lauren xxx

  3. Great post, I love that phrase!!!


  4. If you're enjoying yourself and HAPPY with life, don't let anyone steal your shine! Sometimes it's hard for us to keep up a happy and upbeat attitude, so if you have it, don't let anyone take it away! They're just not happy with their current situation :)


  5. Most people will bring you down. It's our nature to hate everyone else who's more happy or more successful. I've had a great share of hateful and dumb comments, not to mention the "passive aggressive I wanna make you feel bad, because I feel bad". That's why I don't like people, at all :D
    I'm so happy for you, that you are happy and you are fighting off those assholes!
    Keep it going!

  6. Oh it's so nice to read such a positive and cheerful post! I loved it.
    Lots of love from New Zealand,


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