6 April 2013

Look Beauty Mattify Me.

I was always intrigued by the Look Beauty stand in Superdrug (in my previous post I did say Boots – sorry guys – correction it IS Superdrug, I just lost track of everywhere I’ve been recently!) and a while ago I went on a spree and bought quite a few products. I already shared with you my reviews on their mascaras, and now I want to share this mattifying powder that I’ve been using every day.

I love powders that have a matt effect as my skin tends to get a little shiny halfway through the day, so a powder that can keep matt is really important for me. I loved the colour and the texture of the powder, the shade suited me perfectly. It comes in a compact with a mirror which is handy to carry around with you and top up if you need to, I find that I do if I want to do something after work. The powder is really light and it gives your skin a nice, dewy velvet finish and after a bit of blusher my skin looks flawless. It’s got a little bit of coverage, so on days where I’m just wearing a BB cream or fancy going “bare faced”, I’ll powder just around the t-zone to keep my skin oil free.

The Look Beauty range is affordable and so far I have not been disappointed with their products. I’d love to try their lipsticks next, what are your favourite colours?



  1. Great review! I like Look Beauty products and although I'm not using powder that often, this sounds like a nice product. X


  2. Such pretty packaging, sounds like a good powder xx

  3. Great review, I have always heard about Look Beauty products but never tried them. Nice to see a good review though.
    I love your blog!


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