29 May 2013

May Glossybox.

1. Beautiful Movements Cosmetics Prime & Create Mixing Medium (£20): Formerly known as BM Beauty, Beautiful Movement Cosmetics have launched a new range of makeup with the help of Kimberly Wyatt (ex Pussycat Doll) and this is one of the pieces. It's a primer which you can mix with your foundation to create a matte and shine free base, mix with powder blushes and bronzers for a creamy colour or with eye shadows for a DIY liquid eyeliner. Containing aloe vera, this primer is suitable for most skin tones and is very gentle.
I enjoyed using this product, but it's not the best primer I have ever used and it just didn't "wow" me. It does what it says, but for £20 I'm expecting a truly flawless finish.


2. Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner (£2.99): I had really high hopes for this bargain eyeliner, for such a small price it promises easy application, long lasting and waterproof which sounds perfect for long summer days. I found the handle a little stiff and uncomfortable to use (maybe because I'm just used to a very thin brush...) but the liquid itself was great - lasted me a long time and didn't smudge much at all.


3. Headline Colors Nail Polish (£9): Um, OK this part of the review is going to confuse you because the mark I am giving this product is solemnly on the colour. This new range of nail colours has a UV absorbent formula so it chips less and stays on for longer - what a great concept! That is, if you live in a country where sun actually makes an appearance for longer than a weekend, but that's a separate moan. The polish is also free from toxins which helps your nails stay strong and healthy.
But I hate this colour for the summer. I will probably love it in the Autumn/Winter months, but last thing I want to see this month is even more grey.


4. Jelly Pong Pong Fairly Lashes Mascara (£15): Jelly Pong Pong previously had me impressed with some of their products which always come in pretty packages, smell nice and do their job. This mascara is no different - it creates long and curled lashes without weighing them down, has a long wearing and waterproof formula and looks natural. I am going to wear it for trips to the beach when I want a more natural, sun kissed look. But the price is a little much for this mascara as there are just as good, cheaper alternatives on the high street.


5. Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shine Spray (£18.95): Oh my god, since I first tried the Awapuhi Wild Ginger (read about it here) I have been in love with this ridiculously expensive brand. This shine spray smells delicious, works wonders by making your hair shiny and healthy and not making hair greasy at all! Thumbs up, I would recommend this brand and it's products to anyone. It does come with a hefty price tag but for me it has been worth every penny.


As a little extra, Glossybox chucked in some mini nail files which are really handy to carry around in your bag, in case of a manicure emergence, and a little chocolate! This box contained 4 full sized products, and the only product I'm disappointed about is the nail polish and that is purely because I don't really like the colour.

Did you get the Birthday Edition Glossybox this month? What products did you get?



  1. Aaaaw, so many pretty things *_*

  2. Did you just use the bm beauty stuff as a primer or did you mix it with powdered blush? I'm looking for a tutorial on mixing it lol
    Please check out my blog

    1. I usually mix it with my foundation as it helps it stay on longer and glides on really smoothly!
      But it's great to mix with powder too, it creates a nice smooth texture. Take a brush and brush some powder onto it, then dip it into the primer and mix on the back of your hand :) That's how I do it!

      Lana, xo


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