22 June 2013

Lush "Jumping Juniper" Shampoo Bar.

Lush Cosmetics, shampoo, natural, Jumping Juniper, beauty, hair care

Lush Cosmetics, shampoo, natural, Jumping Juniper, beauty, hair care

Recently, I have been feeling like my hair has lost a lot of its life and shine, maybe because I have been using the same shampoo for a very long time now. My hair gets oily quite quickly, and the ends become dry and split, so I need something that will cater for both of those issues. I was advised to try the Jumping Juniper shampoo bar, and I was very intrigued by the idea of a shampoo bar - it's a fresh, natural bar which you rub between your hands with water and work up a lather, then wash your hair. One wash is enough, sometimes with shampoo I used to do two but this leaves hair ridiculously clean after the first go.
Jumping Juniper smells great and has rosemary and lavender infusions. It left my hair bright, shiny and bouncy - but I did have to apply some hair oil to the ends of my hair to keep them nourished and prevent splitting. My hair was so easy to style and kept it's shine and bounce for a good 2-3 days.
I love using the shampoo bars now and I think I'm actually going to carry on buying these rather than the high street shampoo I've been using as these have been giving me result I'm looking for! The bars also last ages with approximately 80 washes in each bar. Have you guys ever used shampoo bars? What did you think of them?



  1. I love Lush but I've never tried any of the shampoo bars, just some of the standard shampoos. Definitely need to give some a go, they seem great and good value too! xo

  2. I've always wondered how good these would be, they sound amazing so I'll have to give them a go! 80 washes is amazing too - definitely more cost effective x

  3. I have been using this for a while and love it


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