6 August 2013

Elisha Francis.

A few months back I was hoping to attend the High Street Fashion Week in London, but I ended up with a ridiculous bug which meant I had to stay at home and miss the party - boo you cold! One of the designers I was hoping to meet was Elisha Francis who is an up and coming London jewellery designer. She creates delicate, fashionable and most of all classic pieces which I was very drawn to as I like jewellery to be classy and timeless - something you can wear with anything. 

I was really happy to hear that Elisha Francis had created bespoke bracelets for bloggers, and I was one of them! Seeing as I never made it to HSFW, I got my bracelet in the post and what design came was a surprise! I love this pearl bracelet, I think pearl accessories are a beautiful way to accessorise almost any outfit and I wear mine almost every day (I also joke as it has my name on it, if anything ever happens to me my body will be easily identified. Unless of course the bracelet gets lost in the process...) 

The bracelets range anywhere from £12.50 to £60+ depending on what you are looking to purchase. I absolutely love my little accessory, it's become something that sits on my dressing table and I slip it on just before I leave the room. Check out the designer at Elisha Francis London and I have no doubt something will catch your eye, no matter what style you go with. 


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