7 October 2013

Mary Jane Fashion: Winter Parka Trend

A parka has been one of the top winter coats for years and years now – high street and high end brands keep reinventing the trend by adding elements such as leather sleeves, furry hoods or shearling lining to these coats to keep them fresh and stylish. I think everyone I know owns a parka in one style or another, it’s just such an easy outerwear piece to throw on. I recently discovered that Mary Jane Fashion has a really wide range of womens winter parkas which cater for most styles and looks.

I love a parka at its simplest – skinny indigo jeans, a nice pair of sneakers, cosy jumper and a bobble hat! That’s how you will see me wear my parka 80% of the time. Of course, you can jazz up your parka by upgrading to leather skinny trousers, ankle boots and a fedora hat. Alternatively, wear your parka with a winter floral dress, cable knit tights and a chunky scarf.

If you’re a fan of  womens jeggings for winter months, they go incredibly well with a long parka. It’s all about balancing the chunky coat with skinny trousers, I am yet to see a good outfit which is baggy all over (if you have please share as I literally feel like a pillowcase when I wear my boyfriend jeans and a baggy top…)

In the outfits below, I just wanted to show you a couple of different ways you could wear your parka with the AW13 trends – which one is your favourite?

All clothing and footwear in this post is from Mary Jane Fashion* who kindly sponsored this post! 


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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I have been looking to get my girlfriend some winter clothes for her birthday. I know that she wants some winter boots, so that is one of the things that I should be looking for. Also, she pointed me to a cowl that looked really nice, so I am probably going to get that for her as well.


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