19 November 2013

Panache Sports Bra Review

FashionFake, Panache Sport, sport bra, fitness blog, lifestyle blog, fashion blog
FashionFake, Panache Sport, sport bra, fitness blog, lifestyle blog, fashion blog

In this weeks Lazy Girls Guide To Getting and Staying Fit I wanted to talk to you guys about the right support when exercising on land (we covered swimming last week). I have worked in a luxury underwear store just after uni, so I know that right support is really important day to day, and when it comes to exercising. I have been ridiculous before and wore my daily bras to go running in and OK, lets face it I'm not exactly the shape of a Page 3 model - it's only recently I started looking more like a woman than a teenage boy in terms of my body shape! So I can get away with wearing less coverage items, however I am now converted to sports bras for exercise.

I really wanted to do this fitness thing properly and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review the Panache Sport bra which is what celebs like Abbey Clancey and Deborah Meaden wore during this seasons Strictly Come Dancing. The sport bras looked really comfy and stylish, there's a whole range of colours to choose from so you can ensure it goes well with your gym kit! The sizes come in a range of B to H cups, so if you've been blessed with a bigger bust you can get a pick too! I know a lot of bras stop at a certain size, mainly a DD and when I worked for the lingerie retailer I always had comments from ladies who couldn't find their size - I even had to get in touch with head office once to let them know of the huge demand for bigger sizes!

I was really looking forward to trying out the product and seeing if it makes a difference in comfort so during my next run I got my Panache on! At first it felt more like a sports top as it feels like a lot more coverage than my usual CK under garments so already I felt more comfortable to move around and not accidentally pop out. Of course I layered up to go out as I like running in the country side and enjoying the scenery (catch my running post next week in my series of Lazy Girls Guide To Getting and Staying Fit!), but I would have styled this bra (yes, you can still look stylish whilst getting fit) with a baggy vest top to keep you cool and covered. You can also do exercise which requires you to be upside down like pole fitness or gymnastics (I'm not a pro of either but I was curios so I did a headstand to see how the bra would feel) and it will keep your shape!

The Panache Sport bra gives you a great deal of support in terms of moving around and stops you from bouncing: does exactly what it says on the label really! I felt very comfortable whilst running and stretching about - but never restricted. The verdict on this product is that this is your best friend when it comes to exercising: in a variety of colours to choose from and technically adequate gives the Panache Sport bra major kudos from someone who wants to feel comfy and look good whilst working out. I also have to admit, I end up wearing it whilst I'm lounging around the house before going out running or popping to the gym!

Do you have a favourite brand of sport wear that you swear by for comfort and style?



  1. Although my boobage area is not at all bouncy-worthy and quite nonexistent, I feel this bra should be worn everyday. Most bras suck so much and are quite uncomfortable :D

  2. I like the pineapple gear in debenhams, the leggings are really good for the gym, I'l need to check this out

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  3. really nice sports bra and looks like they provide great support there :)

    Check out my new blog post! ;)


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