26 February 2013

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler.

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler £74.99 (code 2-2-3 used in photo)

Several months ago I discovered the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler which was being used by all bloggers I'm following and pimped out over social media channels. I struggle to get my hair in any style as it's so unruly, and even when I do get it right it never stays put. So you can imagine that being a hair skeptic I already decided this product didn't work for me.

I got the Styler as a Christmas present (thank you mummy) and I cannot part with it ever since. The tong is so easy to use, heats up so quickly and the results are flawless. There are different combinations so you can choose how tights your curls will be - from just a wave to vintage doll springs. I quite like my hair a little wavy so I use the 2-2-3 setting.

I curl in about 1" sections and after I let it cool down, mist with hairspray. Miraculously, this styler actually helps my hair stay wavy throughout the day. I'm really impressed with it and have to say I've really ditched my straighteners for a while!

Have you tried the Encode Styler? What did you think, worth the hype?


The Body Shop Foundation Brush.

The Body Shop Foundation Brush £12

Brushes are such an important tool in your daily makeup routine - they help apply product with ease and precision, they get into creases where your fingers wouldn't necessarily fit and they keep your hands clean. It's also very important to keep your brushes clean and update them when needs be. I started using decent makeup brushes when I turned 18 and have never looked back since. They can be a pain when you have to constantly clean them, and dry them and fork out for good quality ones but bad brushes actually scare me now! So my foundation brush finally looked like the bad guy and I knew it was time to replace it.

This time I have chosen a Body Shop brush, which is made from super soft synthetic hair and has an easy to grip handle. I love The Body Shop products because they are cruelty free which is a massive bonus to any company ♥ The brush glides easily around the face and is great for when you need to get in the creases around your nose.

I really loved using this brush and I am hoping to update some more of my brushes with The Body Shop ones. Which brand of brushes in your favourite? Any new ones I should try?


22 February 2013

The Body Shop Lychee Blossom Body Mist.

Let me start with this: I love body mists. There's nothing better to refresh and make you smell delicious in the muggy summer days (or even when it's roasting hot), on a casual weekend when you don't really fancy the strong scent of perfume or after a hot bath or shower.

I picked up this little beauty from The Body Shop sale, I love eating lychees so I thought I must like the scent of them and I did! It's a refreshing fruity/floral scent, in a compact bottle that you can carry in your handbag for instant "refreshness".

As corny as it may sound, the scent of the Lychee Body Mist is actually quite relaxing as the word makes me think of Asia, in particularly the serene gardens of Japan. So I do feel more "zen" and relaxed when I spray the mist around me. It's quickly become one of my favourite products as the scent stays with you for quite a while, it's easy to use and carry with you and the smell is divine.

Do you use body mists? Which one if your favourite?


21 February 2013

Hello Cold... Again.

Jumper BDG at Urban Outfitters // jeans River Island // boots Zara // bag Primark // headwear Primark // silver collar RocknRose // ring Primark // watch Urban Outfitters

We've been hit by yet another phase of freezing weather in most parts of England, and I know I was ecstatic to see the snow land and set a couple of weeks back, but this is just irritating. There's now no snow but amazingly cold winds and is quite frankly the perfect atmosphere for catching colds and viruses. I am now very ready for spring, sunshine and loose (non knitted) clothing.

I managed to get together this casual outfit which fits the weather, is comfortable and chic. Featuring my favourite pair of high waisted skinny jeans by River Island which I have had for 3 years and still love! My new mid heel boots by Zara which were a bargain in the sale for £16.99 (!) which are great for wearing on busy days as the heel is chunky and sturdy.

I'm one of those people that love winter in the summer and summer in winter. Whaaaaaat.... :) How are you coping with the weather where you are? (Residents of sunny countries - please don't make me jealous!)


20 February 2013

H&M Nails in Peach Me Soon and Chica Boom Boom.

H&M Nail Varnish in Peach Me Soon and Chica Boom Boom £2.99 each

I have never tried the H&M nail varnishes before but this time I picked up two of their colours as they were so bright I just couldn't resist! I am really fussy with nail varnishes as I hate the really diluted ones which you need to apply several times to get the colour right, and the ones that take half an hour to dry! So I tend to stick to brands that I know and love.

I thought these colours would be great in the summer with naturally tanned skin, and when I look at them on these gloomy days whilst I impatiently await for the warmer months the bright oranges and peaches will help me, and maybe even brighten up my day.

I had to apply two coats of these varnishes as they were a little thin and I wanted the colour to really stand out, however they didn't take very long to dry which was a bonus! I would also suggest applying a top coat to prevent chipping in the first couple of days, but overall I did like them. I want to pick up some more bright colours from their new range and at £2.99 they are a bargain.

What is your favourite brand of nail polishes? Have you tried the H&M ones? What did you think?


15 February 2013

The Body Shop: Cucumber Facial Cleansing.

I have decided to change my cleansing routine this year and opt out of lazy makeup wipes making a switch to  cleansers. I spotted this duo when I was looking around The Body Shop and for a bargain £2 I decided to try it out. The tubs are quite big and will last a long while as I don't use an excessive amount of cleanser and toner.

Start of by cleansing your face with the milk and cotton wool pads, eye makeup included. Then wash face with your choice of facial wash (mine is currently Bare Minerals Purifying Facial Cleanser) and dry. The final step is to use the toner, dab a little on a cotton wool pad and glide all over face and neck.

Since using this method, my skin has been a lot smoother and brighter, I've noticed the problems I had with clogged up pores are becoming smaller by day. So I'm definitely going to stick to this and ditch the makeup remover pads for good! The cucumber scent is fresh, the feel revitalizing and the end results priceless.

What is your cleansing routine? Have you made a switch this year?


13 February 2013

Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting Kit.

I was recently approached to review some new products from the Jerome Russell BBlonde range and as I've been obsessing with hair this year, I quickly agreed. I decided to try the highlighting kit as I've had highlights before and I think it's a wonderful way to brighten your hair without dying it all over, so you still keep the natural colour along with the brighter strands.

The kit comes with everything you would need to commence the operation - except for a helper. This is one thing I will start with: unless you want to go through absolute hell, ask a friend to help you out with some of the aspects of this process (I asked my ma). This method uses a neat but largely unattractive cap that you place over brushed hair, then you use a little hook to pull through thin strands of hair all over your head through the cap. This is the bit that I find terrible to do on your own, so I asked my mama to come and help me, I mean I can't see where the little holes are in the back of my cap!
If you have long hair, you need to be very careful when pulling the hair through, as it can tangle and become very painful. So make sure you really brush out all the tangles prior to placing the cap on your head and ask your friend to be gentle.
The first time it can take a long time, I think I was sat waiting for my hair to be pulled through for about two hours! So get a magazine, or a film, and get comfy. Once my hair was fully through the little holes in the cap, we mixed all the ingredients together and started dying! The mixture comes out blue, then you brush it onto the hair and this is where the cap is great, as it protects the rest of your hair and your skin from the dye. You then have to place what looks like a plastic bag over the top of your hair (again, looks so silly but is brilliant as it helps the dye and prevents it from going anywhere else, like your clothes, where it could damage it).

I waited 30 minutes as I have naturally light hair, if you have darker hair wait a little longer but keep checking on the colour every 15 minutes, I could see mine going blonder after 20. You then rinse out the dye with the cap on, after all the dye has gone remove the cap (again, be careful not to tangle your hair in it) and wash with the shampoo provided. As dyes can often dry hair out, I then smother mine in conditioner, wait a minute and rinse. Then treat it as normal, with any sprays/leave in conditioners you would use.

I was really impressed with the results, it might have taken longer than most home highlights - but it was worth it. Because the strands were all over my head, my mam didn't miss any patches, it was all very even and professional  The blonde colour is just how I would have wanted it, real blonde - not yellow. And even after worrying that my hair might be a little dry, it was moisturised and healthy. I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone thinking of doing home highlights, and I will be using this kit to highlight again during the summer, it's cheaper than a salon but with amazing results! Just remember to get someone to help you on board, and you're ready for your summer hair update!

What do you think of the colour? Have you tried this method before?


12 February 2013

February Glossybox.

1. Docteur Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream (£25): An absolute must in the cold months is a good moisturiser, free of harsh chemicals and full of natural goodness! Which is exactly what this French brand is renowned for. Its formula has four complementary raspberry extracts and patented phyto-endorphins which boost skin cell activity leaving it smooth, hydrated and protected.
I love the scent of this cream, it's so sweet and fruity! It worked well on my skin and I have noticed how fresh and bright it's looked all day! And I'm not even feeling my best at the moment due to a horrendous cold, so it does the job just like promised.


2. Helen E Cosmetics Moisturising Lipstick in Marshmallow (£8): I have to say that when I first saw the colour I wasn't impressed as it's too bright and not the type of pink that I would wear, however trying it on I felt different. You can create a softer, more natural look by dabbing the lipstick on and then spreading it gently with you finger tips to create a light coverage and a glossy finish, or line lips with a lip liner first and colour them in with the lipstick for a real pop of colour! I haven't heard of the brand before, but I am impressed with the results, although the lipstick didn't last very long so Lipcote is probably advisable for long term wear.


3. Micabella Cosmetics Mineral Blush Powder (£34.95): This mineral blusher is made from 100% natural mica, a crystal like mineral. I am a huge fan of mineral makeup, I love the natural coverage it gives to the skin and the fact that it's so light it doesn't clog up pores as much as any other makeup! I used my Bare Minerals blusher brush design especially for mineral makeup to buff a tiny amount on the apples of my cheeks up to the hair line, and I left it looking quite natural - however you can make it darker if you keep buffing the colour in. I really loved the flawless and healthy look it added to my skin.


4. Narciso Rodriguez For Her L'Eau (from £23): The combination of traditional citrus, blend of floral scents and the undertone of musk gives a sexy update to the classic perfume. The scent is subtle yet strong enough to last all day, which is one of my favourite points about this perfume. There is nothing worse (for me) than to have to keep topping up on your perfume because it looses its power after a couple of hours wear.
Definitely one for romantics, it does bring to mind flowers, beauty, love... Probably the perfume I would wear if I were to ever walk down the isle.


5. MeMeMe Cosmetics Beat The Blues (£5.50): This skin illuminator has really stolen my heart. After applying, my skin looked so healthy and radiant that it will travel with me wherever I go now.
Easy to apply with an applicator brush attached to the lid, dot the illuminator along the cheekbones and the brow, then gently dab into the skin. Or you can mix this with your everyday foundation to really give your skin a glow, best worn with natural makeup!


6. LOLLIPOP!: A cheeky sweet treat from Glossybox, who doesn't enjoy a lollipop once in a while?!

You can guess the theme for February's box is Valentines Day and single, taken, broken hearted or generally happy - this box full of treats cheers you up. Girly, sweet and romantic - a pamper that we all deserve!

Did you get a lovey Glossybox this month? What products did you get?


10 February 2013

From Paris With Skin Love...SVR Laboratories!

Prior to trying this toner, I didn't include toners in my daily facial care routine. But adding just this one simple product has encouraged me to update my routine as my skin feels a lot cleaner and fresher. A toner is used after you cleanse your face and before applying moisturiser, and I use it morning and evening.

The SVR Laboratoires Provegol toner is aimed at problem skin to help eliminate spots, close pores and reduce redness. My skin feels a lot brighter since I've started using this cleansing water and although I've decided to try another toner for my daily routine, Provegol has helped clear up my skin when I had a minor breakout.

Do you use a toner in your daily routine? Which one would you recommend?

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