23 January 2014

Product Review: Area H2O Hard Water Shampoo and Conditioner

FashionFake, Area H2O shampoo review, beauty blog

FashionFake, Area H2O shampoo review, beauty blog

FashionFake, Area H2O shampoo review, beauty blog

FashionFake, Area H2O shampoo review, beauty blog

FashionFake, Area H2O shampoo review, beauty blog

I was one of the lucky first blogger who got to try out the new range of shampoo by Area H2O - a shampoo and conditioner that is designed to react with the type of water you have in your area. I live in Hampshire, and the water in my area is hard - I constantly get annoying little white marks all over my shower door, it's a ridiculous chore and I hate removing them but that's for another topic. Area H2O shampoos were created by biochemists and is designed to cleanse your hair of natural mineral deposits which occur when you wash your hair with hard water. Some of the effects hard water has on your hair are:

  • hair remains dry even after being treated with an intense conditioner; 
  • hair may tangle excessively after you wash it;
  • colour will fade quicker;
  • hair will be damaged, even if you treat it with protein treatments; 
  • styling products may no longer work if you have moved to a hard water area.
My hair has been dry and lifeless for quite some time now, and treatments which worked magically before suddenly had no effect at all. I thought I killed it when I decided to ombre my hair, and the bleach had finally finished my locks. But even after a hair trim, and various treatments - there was no change. I never realised just how much hard water affects hair! 

I started using Area H2O about a week ago, so I've washed my hair about 3/4 times during that week. Oh. My. Jesus. My hair, is unrecognisable. From the first wash, I didn't really notice much of a difference but it was the second and third washes that really showed results. By the fourth wash, I had silky, glossy, weightless hair. I had less flyaways and my hair was super smooth, with the colour radiating through. Sounds like a fairytale, right? Well take it from a girl who thought that I would have to resort to getting a bob - I love bobs, but I'm not ready for one just yet - and this has rescued my locks. I would recommend this shampoo until the cows come home - if you go on the Area H2O website, you can find out what water is like in your area! When I was in Scotland, which has soft water, I loved taking a shower and washing my hair as you can immediately tell the difference. Drinking it was certainly a lot more pleasant than drinking water back home.

So, here is the solution to all my hair problems in two wonderful tubs. I cannot thank Area H2O enough for introducing me to this product because it is truly a miracle product which should be in the bathrooms of every hard water resident. 


22 January 2014

The Big Debate: Would You Put Your Blog on Your CV?

FashionFake, should I include my blog on my cv

I'm going to let you in on a little mission of mine: I am currently on the hunt for my perfect job. After working freelance for several months, some things in life came up for which I need to have a steady income, rather than a variable amount month on month, and also (I don't know if other freelancers will agree) I'm driving myself insane working from home. I'm a social creature and I enjoy life more when I'm surrounded by other creative individuals. So I've updated my CV and whilst doing so, a question suddenly arose: do I, or do I not put my blog on my CV?

FashionFake started as a hobby, I was so inspired by some of the blogs I was reading a couple of years ago that I wanted to see how I'd measure up in the bloggosphere. I quickly made some amazing blogger buddies which is the main reason why I'm still blogging (share the blogger love, y'all!) but I also quickly gained the attention of beauty and fashion companies. Once I started blogging for companies and specific products, I started taking FashionFake more seriously - I had commitments to the brands that I'd chosen to work with. My blog also helps me keep up to date with social media trends, new platforms, SEO skills, website management (because who else is going to fix your blog when things go wrong?! Unlike a company, we don't have outsourced providers at the other end of the phone!) which of course includes HTML, audience awareness... The list goes on and on, so your blog is actually a lot more than just you standing around in pretty frocks or chatting about the latest lipgloss from Rimmel: it's a hobby that utilises precious skills in the digital media.

That same day, whilst waiting for Liam to show up so we can go and watch Devils Due, I accidentally stumbled across the evenings #fblchat and the topic was...Would You Put Your Blog on Your CV? It couldn't have been more perfect as I'd spent the last couple of hours pondering that question. I started off by joining the chat and saying that "actually, no I wouldn't" but I was proven wrong by some very clever ladies who pointed out some great points about why your blog contributes to your professional development:

And they are exactly right. My blog DOES reach a global audience and when I look at my stats I'm constantly happily surprised from which parts of the world my hits come from! Who my main readership is (thank you all for reading by the way, it means the world! No pun intended :)), what are range is looking as what posts, do they read it via their phone/computer/tablet? I look at these statistics every week and think about what was successful in my blog - how is that any different than when I analyse an audience report using a software which belongs to my company? I'm only furthering my knowledge and skills, but doing so in my own free time. Not to mention creative writing skills, copy editing too? With the implementation of SEO? Online marketing, PR, social media - you name it! We all want our blogs to be seen and it takes a lot for your blog to stand out in a sea of 200 million (estimated, but true figure) blogs in the world. It is a FACT that the majority of an audience will believe peer recommendations, rather than a brand ad in a magazine or on TV, which makes bloggers the biggest advocates of products and trends.

For some, their blog is their career. It's rare to find but it happens. For some, a blog is their professional portfolio where they display past work, collages, styling photographs and other professional items which will help them display their work. For most, blogging is a community, a hobby no different than going to a book club or being an enthusiastic cuisine connoisseur. But underneath, for all, a blog is a lot more work than we give it credit for.

I have decided that I will place my blog in my CV - under my interests and hobbies. However, the skills that I practice every day, the new skills that I learn because I have to to keep up to date with digital media, those skills are going under in my professional CV.
What are your thoughts on this topic? Would you put your blog on your CV?


17 January 2014

Beauty Edit: How To Get Dewy Skin

FashionFake, beauty blog, makeup blog, dewy skin tutorial, Clinique moisturiser review, Benefit Girl Meets Pearl review, Origins GinZing review

FashionFake, beauty blog, makeup blog, dewy skin tutorial, Clinique moisturiser review, Benefit Girl Meets Pearl review, Origins GinZing review

FashionFake, beauty blog, makeup blog, dewy skin tutorial, Clinique moisturiser review, Benefit Girl Meets Pearl review, Origins GinZing review

FashionFake, beauty blog, makeup blog, dewy skin tutorial, Clinique moisturiser review, Benefit Girl Meets Pearl review, Origins GinZing review

With spring fast approaching, I have no doubt that dewy skin will be on every beauty enthusiasts mind. I have had issues with dewy skin before where I felt like it was just shiny, so I opted for matte foundations and never bothered to give my skin any youthfulness by applying products which created a healthy glow. It's taken a while, and several Pixiwoo tutorials to get my dewy look, but it's finally finished and I'm loving it for simple, natural days!

On clean skin, start by applying a good moisturiser. I'm using Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion at the moment, I would't say it's the best moisturiser I have ever used because it takes a little while to soak into the skin. It's a winner for the evening when I moisturise before bed though, so I do give it it's due. Then, apply a brightening eye cream - I use Origins GinZing which has lasted me for absolute ages! Definitely an investment piece for brightening those under eye circles. Once your skin is nicely moisturised, it's ready to be primed. One that I've been loving recently is the Premae Smoothie Serum which contains natural ingredients and is brilliant at calming down acne prone skin so as far as primers go - this one is a winner. Once your skin is primed and ready, start adding a little bit of a glow with a product like Benefit Girl Meets Pearl primer which I wouldn't use all over the face, some people do, but I prefer to just buff it into my cheekbones and a T shape from my forehead, over the nose and a little bit on the chin - this gives your face a youthful glow. I then use a matte foundation like the Clarins Ever Matte foundation to apply over the face to ensure my face won't be looking overly shiny, one layer is more than enough with this type of foundation. You can also add a little extra glow by buffing Girl Meets Pearl over the foundation if you feel it's appropriate. Remember to get rid of those under eye bags - no youthful look is complete without bright eyes! I love Seventeen's Phwoarr Paint concealer, it is seriously heavy duty and saves my face every day! Strongly recommend this as one of your makeup bag essentials as it's only £5.49! Finish off with soft lips by applying a generous amount of your favourite lip balm, mine is most definitely the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream here - which works amazing on not only lips but also hands and any other dry areas on your skin!

Now your skin should be looking dewy and refreshed, you can carry on with some blusher and a coat of mascara, or whatever takes your fancy! I usually apply this routine on a Sunday for a family roast, or when I'm out for countryside walks as the air will give you the most beautiful rose tint on your cheeks!


15 January 2014

Anxiety, Panic Attacks and How To Beat Them.

After speaking to some of you on the #lbloggers chat a couple of weeks ago, I was finally inspired and encouraged to publish this post which I have wanted to for ages, but never knew if people would actually want to hear about others experiences. I know that reading other bloggers posts on anxiety helped me with mine because I know how alienated anxiety sufferers feel - you honestly think you're the only one who has this disorder and no one else understand. So, I hope this helps at least one person suffering from an anxiety and panic disorder feel more encouraged and connected.

"A panic attack is an exaggeration of the body’s normal response to fear, stress or excitement. It is the rapid build-up of overwhelming sensations, such as a pounding heartbeat, feeling faint, sweating, nausea, chest pains, breathing discomfort, feelings of losing control, shaky limbs and legs turning to jelly. If you experience this, you may fear that you are going mad, blacking out, or having a heart attack. You may be convinced you are going to die in the course of the attack – making this a terrifying experience.
Panic attacks come on very quickly, symptoms usually peaking within 10 minutes. Most panic attacks last for between 5 and 20 minutes. Some people report attacks lasting for up to an hour, but they are likely to be experiencing one attack after another, or a high level of anxiety after the initial attack. You may have one or two panic attacks and never experience another. Or you may have attacks once a month or several times each week. For some people they seem to come without warning and strike at random.
Panic attacks can also come in the night and wake you up. These nighttime attacks occur if your brain is on 'high alert' (due to anxiety) and can detect small changes in your body which it then interprets as a sign of danger. Night-time attacks may be particularly frightening, as you may feel confused and are helpless to do anything to spot them coming
Description taken from Mind.

I remember the first time I got a panic attack - I was 19 walking to the university bus stop. There was nothing at all that could cause "reasonable" panic. The first feeling was a strike of dizziness and I felt lightheaded, but I just tried to shake it off thinking maybe my body hasn't quite woken up yet (good old uni days!) but it didn't stop. I started feeling numb in my hands, arms and my legs felt like jelly. I felt sick, and my throat closed so I couldn't breathe, which was probably the most horrifying thing of all. Then came the infamous chest pains - I really thought I was having a heart attack. I was only a few minutes away from the bus stop where I was meeting my friend, so I stumbled to my destination. When I got there, I sat on the ground hyperventilating, telling my friend I was having a stroke or actually dying! Anyone who has never experienced a panic attack will think of this as overly dramatic, but I can promise you to the person experiencing it - that's the reality. I had to take off my coat and jumper and was sat in a T-shirt, shaking not from the freezing temperature as this happened just before Christmas, but from what my body was going through, when suddenly just like a switch it all stopped. I managed to get myself together, we missed the first bus but I went to uni anyway although my body was absolutely exhausted like I've done a whole day of hardcore exercise.

I spent that whole evening Googling what I felt and what it could possibly be - don't do that, because I diagnosed myself with all sorts of things which made me even more anxious. Although I was shaky, I felt fine so I dismissed it as a bug and carried on with every day life. It happened again about a week later, on the same street when I was on my way to work and got progressively worse to a point where I was experiencing a panic attack almost every day. I went to my GP back in my home town and explained to her that I think I was experiencing what I thought were panic attacks and the response I got - wait for it - "Get over it." I was so happy my mother was sat in the room with me because if I told anyone they wouldn't believe it! A source of help and trust was telling me to get over something I had no control over, and I'm not the only one who has felt like that. I know a lot of people have gone to GPs who easily dismissed them and did not bother finding a solution, thinking that all a panic attack will cause is dramatic flap of hands and "Oh I'm dying!" cries coming from the so called victims. It was very discouraging, and made me feel like a complete idiot, I already felt like I was causing a fuss over nothing because I had all these blood tests done to ensure nothing was actually physically wrong with me so I knew I was in perfectly great health.

I lived with these panic attacks for a good year, experiencing them most days, sometimes even several times a day when it was really bad. I tried to figure out what it was that was bringing on these panic attacks and put the pieces of the puzzle together in my mind. That was until I had experienced the worst panic attack to date, a night that I will never ever forget in my entire life: as most people who just came out of uni, I was pretty broke and that lead to my phone being cut off. As my way of "dealing" with anxiety was to ring my mum or my best friend and talk to them, you can imagine how terrifying this was. I lived with a boyfriend back then and that particular night he was getting ready for a night out, and I just had to find out what time he'd be back so that I kinda have something to go by in terms of when I wouldn't be alone in the flat in case I needed to call someone, or talk me out of my anxiety. The mark I got was around midnight so I was like "OK, I'm sure I can survive until midnight if anything happens." WOW was I wrong. My panic attack started at about 23:30, and as I paced around all I could think about is "It's only 30 minutes until I've got someone who can help me" - remember, I have no phone. At 00:30, I realised that my boyfriend wasn't coming back anytime soon. I sent him a Facebook message asking him to call, which he did and upon me literally begging him to come back and help me, I got a cold and hard rejection. Note in the story here: try and not rely on people for comfort when you have a panic attack, because for whatever reason they may not be around and that will send you down an ever worse spiral of panic. As I mentioned in the blurb before, most panic attacks will last from 5-20 minutes, but it is possible to have reoccurring attacks which is exactly what's happened to me that night. I paced around the room like an absolute maniac, having chest pains, hyperventilating and feeling sudden flushes of freezing and boiling temperatures until around 5am, when my body literally just gave up and I fell into the deepest sleep. If you're wondering what happened to my then boyfriend, he showed up on sunrise - thumbs up right here. During my hours of pacing, so many thoughts had crossed my mind from running out in my PJ's to find a pay phone to calling the hospital and signing myself into a psychiatric ward because being crazy is the only thing that made sense in my mind.

Something had to be done because I don't think I could physically survive another such intense panic attack (now I know, yes you can. Your body is a lot more clever and capable than you think) So off I went to my GP in Bath who was completely different from my GP at home - she listened, she explained panic attacks to me properly and gave me options on how to make it better. You have to push your GP, if like me your first experience was useless, then go back and demand that something has to be done. My first option was to go on medication which was called Citalopram. Citalopram is widely used in treatment of anxiety disorders as well as depression, I know at least 3 people who have been on Citalopram for those conditions. I was prescribed 20mg, and although I didn't experience horrific side effects like some do (sickness, vomit, dry skin) I felt so spaced out. I was like a zombie walking for a good week before I started to feel the positive effects of the Citalopram. It definitely phased out more of the minor panic I was experiencing, however I was still having intense panic attacks. By this point in life, I lived with a girl friend and usually we were at home together - after my mega attack when I was alone, I developed a fear of staying home alone in case I had a panic attack and no one could help me. I had a couple of attacks which were really bad and I had to have someone come and stay with me when my flatmate was out of town. I took Citalopram for over a year, until I came to live with my mum when I came off it because I had a good support network around me. I wouldn't recommend Citalopram, mainly because I feel that all it does is phase out the panic attacks and doesn't actually fix the problem long term, or at least it didn't for me.

After a year, I visited my GP again because living with panic was becoming unbearable. I was having anxiety attacks nearly every day, I was feeling down because of them and I felt like they would never go away. I honestly felt like I couldn't live with them anymore, I was getting down because of them - I'd lost my confidence to the point where I was scared to take buses, trains and elevators and couldn't even go to town on my own without having a debilitating panic attack. I felt like I was a burden on my friends and family because I always needed them with me or I'd call them in the middle of the night crying my eyes out because I was having a panic attack. I was referred to something called iTalk which is a CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) programme aimed to help people in the South of England overcome anxiety without tablets. At first, you get a phone call where the assistants help asses your situation and put you on a scale of mild or severe anxiety. My scores were 21 out of 24 - I was on the severe scale. If you are more towards the severe spectrum, you have an arranged weekly or bi weekly meeting with a therapist. Now I'm going to be completely honest with you - I was embarrassed to go. I was embarrassed to admit to my friends and family that I'm going to "therapy". I practically zoomed into the room on my first appointment. My "therapist" was helpful and understanding, for the first time in my life I felt like someone understood what I was talking about and I didn't feel silly or embarrassed telling her what has happened to me - she gained my trust immediately. During CBT, we did a lot of exercises which will sound silly now that I tell you: one of them was to run around the block and then concentrate on our breathing. That was to let my brain know that actually, when the heart is pumping which is exactly what it does during a panic attack, our berating gets quick and deep. And what happens when breathing gets quick and deep? You feel light headed due to all the oxygen that circulates through. So actually, all the symptoms that made me panic even more are completely normal due to circumstances where my body is preparing to either "fight of flee".

I was in CBT for just a year, but within 6 months I saw a drastic change. It took me a mere 6 months to start using public transport to go on long journeys like taking the train to Birmingham on my own, or going to London on my own. It might sound silly to some, but for me that was a huge achievement. A year on, I was able to take elevator journeys on my own. I don't care how pathetic this sounds to some people, for me that was conquering a huge fear and I felt like I deserved a medal for everything that I have overcome during that one year. From feeling like I'd rather die than go through life with panic attacks to travelling and enjoying life in 12 months, I felt amazing and I started to enjoy all the little things like a bus journey that most people aren't phased with at all. I was "dismissed" from CBT officially last summer and I have only had 1 major, and perhaps 2 minor panic attacks which I handled on my own, not by calling and having others comfort me. I would strongly guarantee speaking to your GP about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in your area as it teaches you life techniques on how to handle your anxiety and I believe it is the only way to truly manage the symptoms. I feel like I can finally talk to others about anxiety and even help them through their own panic attacks because anxiety doesn't scare me anymore. I know exactly what it is, and I know how to fight it. I still have days (like now as I'm writing this post) when I fee down and suddenly my chest tightens and my head spins and we will always get those days, but the tools and power of knowing how to handle these symptoms are priceless.

I wanted to share this experience with you because I know I'm far from the only one who has felt like they're alone with anxiety, or has been embarrassed of it and you know, there are still idiots out there who think that just because you have something that doesn't quite click in your brain you're mentally ill or a psycho but those people are ignorant and aren't worth listening to. Talk to you friends, talk to your family and most importantly talk to your GP about getting help for your anxiety disorder. We're not freaks, we're just extra sensitive people and that makes us special. Think on the bright side - when a person experiences a panic attack our vision becomes sharper, our hearing becomes more intense, we gain more strength in our muscles making us virtually invincible, like a superhero in our own right.

I hope this post helps any one of you, or if you are someone who has a friend or a family member with anxiety attacks, understand it better. I feel like anxiety is still a taboo subject and I hope more people start sharing their experience to help others in their journey to beating panic attacks, I would one day love to be a speaker who helps groups of people understand that it's nothing to be ashamed of. If you have any questions, or just want to chat about anxiety feel free to drop me an e-mail or a tweet - there's always someone who gets you :)


Benna Jewellery - Designer and Fashion Chic Online.

Benna.co.uk Designer Fashion Jewellery

Necklace / Necklace / Shourouk Phoenix Alabaster Necklace / Monica Vinader Rose Metallica Fiji bracelet / Monica Vinader Gold Love Fiji Bracelet / Monica Vinader Peace Gold Fiji Bracelet

I was recently contacted about a jewellery retailer called Benna, who sell designer fashion jewellery online. I've never previously heard of Benna, probably because I am on a prolonged  spending ban at the moment, but when I checked out their website I was really impressed with how lovely and timeless the jewels actually were! The website is pricey - most of the items that I liked were on average £300-£400 which isn't an everyday investment but if you're looking to buy a statement piece or want to be cheeky with birthday presents - this might just be worth checking out.

Benna stock a number of designers, including Shorouk which is a high fashion designer with signature bib necklaces in all colours and precious stones - this designer is most definitely not for anyone who is happy to blend with a wall. The labels designer, Shorouk Rhaiem holds a treasure of experience from houses such as Galliano, Chloe and Roberto Cavalli which shines through the pieces with vibrancy and sparkle. The Shorouk cuff caught my eye immediately; until I saw the gorgeous Phoenix Alabaster Necklace (which by the way, if anyone wants to gift it to me then I welcome the idea! :P) which was worn by Sarah Jessica Parker (OMG I know right?!) and looks absolutely fantastic worn with a cocktail dress or perfectly shown-off with a T-shirt and skinny jeans.

If you prefer a more subtle taste of elegance, check out the rose gold designer charm bracelets - my favourite pieces come from Monica Vinader. The beautiful and simple design with a splash of colour makes a perfect everyday wear piece and looks fantastic during the festival season. I love the turquoise and the dusty pink colours - this could be the king of your stackable bracelets!

What do you guys think? If you were to invest in a piece of jewellery, which brand would you choose to invest in?

*This was a kindly sponsored post.

13 January 2014

The Ragged Priest

dress & hat from The Ragged Priest; necklace Primark; boots Topshop

I came across The Ragged Priest whilst I was visiting The Clothes Show Live 2013 in Birmingham. One thing I will mention is that you will find amazing bargains at The Clothes Show - the hat and this dress were both a bargain £10! I vaguely heard of The Ragged Priest from other bloggers and Twitter, so I was eager to check them out at their stall: The Ragged Priest is a vintage inspired label, with individual twists to their items. I like the simplicity of this dress, and how it hugs the figure - however, I do sometimes feel like I have to keep sucking in my belly whilst wearing this dress as it defines EVERY curve on your womanly body.... The hat is a cute accessory, it's so cosy and comfy! I can't wait for the summer to come so I can wear this dress with a nice tan and "jesus" sandals.


10 January 2014

Beauty Edit: Favourite Foundations

FashionFake, beauty blog, Bare Minerals foundation review, makeup review, mineral makeup

FashionFake, beauty blog, Bare Minerals foundation review, makeup review, mineral makeup

FashionFake, beauty blog, Bare Minerals foundation review, makeup review, mineral makeup

A good foundation is exactly as it sounds - a foundation which holds your makeup look together. Foundations can make or break a look and we all aim for a perfect skin tone which suits us. There are hundreds of foundations on the market and it can be difficult to pick one which suits you, and you are then faced with a decision of whether you want a natural, light cover or something that has a more substantial coverage. Here I have picked my top 4 foundations of the moment:

Clarins Ever Matt SPF15 Foundation: I have been using this foundation for over a year now and I absolutely love it. This foundation falls under both light and heavy coverage for me as you can easily layer it; one layer during the day for a natural look, which can be topped up before a night out for a higher coverage. This is a matt foundation, which means it takes away the shine from skin which can be a little greasy, so if you're having one of those months I'd give it a go! The Clarins foundation also smells gorgeous - kinda fresh and floral - which is also a winner! I'd give this foundation a 9/10, and the only reason I mark it down is that when applied with a brush it can go streaky... So fingers it is everyone!

Dr Jart+ Regenerating Beauty Balm SPF30: I have fallen in love with Dr Jart+ from my first experience of their BB's - flawless, natural look, great coverage, great shades. I always thought beauty balms were a massive let down because they didn't work on problem skin, or if you have scars from acne, etc. But Dr Jart+ provides perfect coverage with a natural finish. I can happily wear this foundation on days when I want to feel like I'm not wearing much makeup as well as a night out - if my skin hasn't been playing up that week. This is definitely my go to BB, andI give it a 10/10.

MAC Studio Sculpt SPF15 Foundation: MAC is such a hyped up brands that sometimes I get sick of hearing about it, especially on Twitter. But, it's hype isn't without a cause - their products guarantee quality and longevity. I have been using the Studio Sculpt foundation for years and this is a foundation I choose to wear for a special occasion, or if I feel I need a high coverage. It does feel quite heavy on the skin, but is easy to apply and lasts for hours, enough for any occasion. I'd give the foundation an 8/10, many because it does feel heavy on the skin.

Bare Minerals Original SPF15 Foundation: Mineral makeup - immediate thumbs up. Who wouldn't want to have a foundation that is essentially non harmful to your skin?! This is a great foundation for anyone - you build your own coverage so you can go from a natural dusting to even out your skin tone, to buffing on a whole layer of makeup. You can also build up this coverage, so again if you wanted a natural look during the day and a heavy duty layer at night - this is your pot. I love Bare Minerals, this foundation goes with me everywhere because it's one pot full of many capabilities. I easily give this foundation a 10/10 and highly recommend a purchase if you are not sure whether you want a light or heavy coverage because this will do both.


7 January 2014

Scrub off the old, Spray on the new: Sunjunkie self tan review

We all make new years resolutions of all sorts that we aim to keep throughout the coming year. Mine have been mainly focused on my health, both body and mind, with one priority being to get a bikini ready body by the summer. I'm not saying that I feel like I need to lose weight per say, but I do need to tone my body and get "sculpted", I don't want to spend another summer sucking in my stomach until I feel like I'm about to pass out. However, I have found a way to slyly mask a less fit body through a tan, which covers a multitude of screaming self conscious lumps and bumps. For example, cellulite. If you aren't very happy about the bumps on your legs, a tan will easily cover those bumps! The same with most scars, although SAFE real sunlight is better for the skin - a fake tan can help along the way. 

Next thing is that when it comes to fake tan, I am extremely fussy/lazy on application. I cannot stand having to spend ages trying to reach every part of my body, and end up looking like a dirty caveman because the tan didn't set anyway! Then the hands and feet always look darker, the knees get patchy, etc, etc, etc... I don't need to mention to you how a fake tan works. I need an easy solution. 

I discovered Sunjunkie through one of the #bbloggers chats on Twitter, and I was really excited to try out their products. Sunjunkie are a professional tanning brand who sell not only individual products, but also help stock up salons. The team are really great to talk to, and were very helpful when it came to choosing my shade - although I am pale, lighter shades don't tend to work on my skin. 
I first used this product just before I left for Scotland to get a little bit more of a glow in the colder weeks. I found the products were easy to apply, the instant tanning mousse shows up on the skin so you can smooth and even out all the patches. I did find the first time, the colour did come out uneven on some parts of my body, but I applied the products the second night and by then the tan was even. I then topped it up with the body mist et voila! I spend a good couple of weeks with a healthy, brown (NOT ORANGE) glow. 

I would recommend Sunjunkie to tan fanatics - I especially love the brown glow, without any hint of orange; as well as when the tan is washing off, it washes off without getting patchy or streaky. Although I wouldn't go overboard on tanning in the winter, sometimes having a healthy, olive glow is just what we need to remind us that summer is only months away. 


5 January 2014


Let me start of by saying - happy New Year everyone! As you guys can see, I've taken a mini break from blogging for the most part of December as I needed to concentrate on the real world and the people in it for a little while. But I'm excited to say I am feeling inspired again and cannot wait to start sharing new and exciting posts with you in January!

2013 was a roller coaster of a year: sometimes I felt on top of the world and others not so much; I've made life changing decisions most of which worked out, some didn't but I realised that I wanted to follow my true passions in life and love what I do every day; I took chances and tried things I am scared of and it felt great because I realised that my fears have stopped me from doing great things in the last couple of years. 2013 is also the year I fought off my anxiety, and although I appreciate it's never going to completely disappear I now know how to tell that panicky voice in my head to be quiet and never, ever again am I letting it stop me from doing something exciting.

Last year, I got a chance to spend quality time with my family and friends which was great because sometimes I feel like I can get carried away with work, etc. and I end up being a bit of a hermit. It was great to spend my "free" time actually concentrating on the people I love - don't forget to do that, no matter how busy or stressed you are.
I also met a boy in the summer. By November, I realised I have fallen completely in love with him and I am incredibly lucky to call him my boyfriend, not just because I think he's the best thing since sliced bread but also because it's not very often one person is everything that you ever wished for. I'm looking forward to what 2014 will bring!

This year was also a great year for my blog: I worked with some amazing brands and have attended London Fashion Week and The Clothes Show Live, met some of my favourite bloggers at exciting events like the AX Paris Party and Wonsuponatimes Halloween Party, made some great contacts in the industry which I hope will make 2014 even more exciting and also learnt a whole new bunch of techy stuff that I can use to bring you even more exciting content.

I came up with an idea for a second blog which I am hoping to start at the beginning on the year: as I started to slowly mention travel and food on FashionFake and I would really like to keep this blog for fashion and beauty specifically, I'm going to start a restaurant/food/travel blog where I'll be documenting my adventures! Maybe you guys can even help me come up with a name? That's one thing I have issues with - naming blogs and articles. A special mention will go out to whoever comes up with a winning name! I'm really excited to expand into new categories and especially food as anyone who has me on Twitter and Instagram will know how ecstatic I get around good food and restaurants. I also visited lots of food festivals last year like The Dorset Seafood Festival and The Stockbridge Food Festival which I would have loved to share with you, so now I will have a space where you can read all about the future events!

I've got a good feeling about 2014 - I think this will be a year of many great changes, adventures and successes, especially as the year of the horse is a promising one for most signs, but especially for horses themselves.
Have you made any New Years Resolutions? What do you hope to achieve this year? I'd love to read your comments below!

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