10 January 2014

Beauty Edit: Favourite Foundations

FashionFake, beauty blog, Bare Minerals foundation review, makeup review, mineral makeup

FashionFake, beauty blog, Bare Minerals foundation review, makeup review, mineral makeup

FashionFake, beauty blog, Bare Minerals foundation review, makeup review, mineral makeup

A good foundation is exactly as it sounds - a foundation which holds your makeup look together. Foundations can make or break a look and we all aim for a perfect skin tone which suits us. There are hundreds of foundations on the market and it can be difficult to pick one which suits you, and you are then faced with a decision of whether you want a natural, light cover or something that has a more substantial coverage. Here I have picked my top 4 foundations of the moment:

Clarins Ever Matt SPF15 Foundation: I have been using this foundation for over a year now and I absolutely love it. This foundation falls under both light and heavy coverage for me as you can easily layer it; one layer during the day for a natural look, which can be topped up before a night out for a higher coverage. This is a matt foundation, which means it takes away the shine from skin which can be a little greasy, so if you're having one of those months I'd give it a go! The Clarins foundation also smells gorgeous - kinda fresh and floral - which is also a winner! I'd give this foundation a 9/10, and the only reason I mark it down is that when applied with a brush it can go streaky... So fingers it is everyone!

Dr Jart+ Regenerating Beauty Balm SPF30: I have fallen in love with Dr Jart+ from my first experience of their BB's - flawless, natural look, great coverage, great shades. I always thought beauty balms were a massive let down because they didn't work on problem skin, or if you have scars from acne, etc. But Dr Jart+ provides perfect coverage with a natural finish. I can happily wear this foundation on days when I want to feel like I'm not wearing much makeup as well as a night out - if my skin hasn't been playing up that week. This is definitely my go to BB, andI give it a 10/10.

MAC Studio Sculpt SPF15 Foundation: MAC is such a hyped up brands that sometimes I get sick of hearing about it, especially on Twitter. But, it's hype isn't without a cause - their products guarantee quality and longevity. I have been using the Studio Sculpt foundation for years and this is a foundation I choose to wear for a special occasion, or if I feel I need a high coverage. It does feel quite heavy on the skin, but is easy to apply and lasts for hours, enough for any occasion. I'd give the foundation an 8/10, many because it does feel heavy on the skin.

Bare Minerals Original SPF15 Foundation: Mineral makeup - immediate thumbs up. Who wouldn't want to have a foundation that is essentially non harmful to your skin?! This is a great foundation for anyone - you build your own coverage so you can go from a natural dusting to even out your skin tone, to buffing on a whole layer of makeup. You can also build up this coverage, so again if you wanted a natural look during the day and a heavy duty layer at night - this is your pot. I love Bare Minerals, this foundation goes with me everywhere because it's one pot full of many capabilities. I easily give this foundation a 10/10 and highly recommend a purchase if you are not sure whether you want a light or heavy coverage because this will do both.


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  1. Love your picks! I've heard such great things about the Clarins brand (which isn't as popular here in the US as it is in the UK), and so after reading your review on this foundation I have added it to my wish list!
    I know that MAC is really popular within the beauty world, but their foundations just don't work with me! I end up getting Orange Face (yuck, not to mention full on embarrassing!). Glad that you don't have this problem though!

    Lovely post, Lana! :)


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