7 January 2014

Scrub off the old, Spray on the new: Sunjunkie self tan review

We all make new years resolutions of all sorts that we aim to keep throughout the coming year. Mine have been mainly focused on my health, both body and mind, with one priority being to get a bikini ready body by the summer. I'm not saying that I feel like I need to lose weight per say, but I do need to tone my body and get "sculpted", I don't want to spend another summer sucking in my stomach until I feel like I'm about to pass out. However, I have found a way to slyly mask a less fit body through a tan, which covers a multitude of screaming self conscious lumps and bumps. For example, cellulite. If you aren't very happy about the bumps on your legs, a tan will easily cover those bumps! The same with most scars, although SAFE real sunlight is better for the skin - a fake tan can help along the way. 

Next thing is that when it comes to fake tan, I am extremely fussy/lazy on application. I cannot stand having to spend ages trying to reach every part of my body, and end up looking like a dirty caveman because the tan didn't set anyway! Then the hands and feet always look darker, the knees get patchy, etc, etc, etc... I don't need to mention to you how a fake tan works. I need an easy solution. 

I discovered Sunjunkie through one of the #bbloggers chats on Twitter, and I was really excited to try out their products. Sunjunkie are a professional tanning brand who sell not only individual products, but also help stock up salons. The team are really great to talk to, and were very helpful when it came to choosing my shade - although I am pale, lighter shades don't tend to work on my skin. 
I first used this product just before I left for Scotland to get a little bit more of a glow in the colder weeks. I found the products were easy to apply, the instant tanning mousse shows up on the skin so you can smooth and even out all the patches. I did find the first time, the colour did come out uneven on some parts of my body, but I applied the products the second night and by then the tan was even. I then topped it up with the body mist et voila! I spend a good couple of weeks with a healthy, brown (NOT ORANGE) glow. 

I would recommend Sunjunkie to tan fanatics - I especially love the brown glow, without any hint of orange; as well as when the tan is washing off, it washes off without getting patchy or streaky. Although I wouldn't go overboard on tanning in the winter, sometimes having a healthy, olive glow is just what we need to remind us that summer is only months away. 



  1. love a good fake tan! thank you for sharing!



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