22 January 2014

The Big Debate: Would You Put Your Blog on Your CV?

FashionFake, should I include my blog on my cv

I'm going to let you in on a little mission of mine: I am currently on the hunt for my perfect job. After working freelance for several months, some things in life came up for which I need to have a steady income, rather than a variable amount month on month, and also (I don't know if other freelancers will agree) I'm driving myself insane working from home. I'm a social creature and I enjoy life more when I'm surrounded by other creative individuals. So I've updated my CV and whilst doing so, a question suddenly arose: do I, or do I not put my blog on my CV?

FashionFake started as a hobby, I was so inspired by some of the blogs I was reading a couple of years ago that I wanted to see how I'd measure up in the bloggosphere. I quickly made some amazing blogger buddies which is the main reason why I'm still blogging (share the blogger love, y'all!) but I also quickly gained the attention of beauty and fashion companies. Once I started blogging for companies and specific products, I started taking FashionFake more seriously - I had commitments to the brands that I'd chosen to work with. My blog also helps me keep up to date with social media trends, new platforms, SEO skills, website management (because who else is going to fix your blog when things go wrong?! Unlike a company, we don't have outsourced providers at the other end of the phone!) which of course includes HTML, audience awareness... The list goes on and on, so your blog is actually a lot more than just you standing around in pretty frocks or chatting about the latest lipgloss from Rimmel: it's a hobby that utilises precious skills in the digital media.

That same day, whilst waiting for Liam to show up so we can go and watch Devils Due, I accidentally stumbled across the evenings #fblchat and the topic was...Would You Put Your Blog on Your CV? It couldn't have been more perfect as I'd spent the last couple of hours pondering that question. I started off by joining the chat and saying that "actually, no I wouldn't" but I was proven wrong by some very clever ladies who pointed out some great points about why your blog contributes to your professional development:

And they are exactly right. My blog DOES reach a global audience and when I look at my stats I'm constantly happily surprised from which parts of the world my hits come from! Who my main readership is (thank you all for reading by the way, it means the world! No pun intended :)), what are range is looking as what posts, do they read it via their phone/computer/tablet? I look at these statistics every week and think about what was successful in my blog - how is that any different than when I analyse an audience report using a software which belongs to my company? I'm only furthering my knowledge and skills, but doing so in my own free time. Not to mention creative writing skills, copy editing too? With the implementation of SEO? Online marketing, PR, social media - you name it! We all want our blogs to be seen and it takes a lot for your blog to stand out in a sea of 200 million (estimated, but true figure) blogs in the world. It is a FACT that the majority of an audience will believe peer recommendations, rather than a brand ad in a magazine or on TV, which makes bloggers the biggest advocates of products and trends.

For some, their blog is their career. It's rare to find but it happens. For some, a blog is their professional portfolio where they display past work, collages, styling photographs and other professional items which will help them display their work. For most, blogging is a community, a hobby no different than going to a book club or being an enthusiastic cuisine connoisseur. But underneath, for all, a blog is a lot more work than we give it credit for.

I have decided that I will place my blog in my CV - under my interests and hobbies. However, the skills that I practice every day, the new skills that I learn because I have to to keep up to date with digital media, those skills are going under in my professional CV.
What are your thoughts on this topic? Would you put your blog on your CV?



  1. Such a good post! I had never really thought about blogging like that before. In fact, I always thought that if I put it on my CV, I'd get laughed at a little bit or maybe they wouldn't understand why I was telling them. You've certainly changed my mind there!

    Kerry x

  2. For me it depends on the role. For most I don't, but if it's for a fashion retailer, brand, magazine or it's a social media based role then I will. I agree with everything above - it's especially a great way of showing that you can interact with a global audience and a portfolio for your writing skills. Brilliant post and topic x x


  3. I've got mine on my CV and I'm a trainee solicitor, so it is versatile. It shows Commercial Awareness and that you have a personality!


  4. I've got my blog on my CV because I think it shows something I'm passionate about. Plus, trying to get into fashion obviously means that my CV is quite tailored. xx

  5. I put my blog on my CV because I have not only learned important skills, but also built important relationships with brands, that I want people to know about. It's a definite yes for me :)

  6. I'd never thought about blogging being useful for a CV before, but you're so right!
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

  7. I put my blog on my CV but you've just made me realise how much more I can put on there about it!
    Really good post :)
    Frankie xxx
    www.eventhoughimskint. com

  8. This is such a great post, Lana! I actually agree in thinking that you should put your blog on your CV, especially if you are a journalist or someone who wants to work for a magazine. It shows what you can do and when you're looking for the "perfect job" then, really, every single bit of info helps!

    Again, wonderful post and something you don't really see that often!



  9. This is such a great post! I don't think I've thought about how I could place my blog on my CV, but I think that after reading this I will definitely have to update it :)

    Lauren | laurenthedaydreamer.blogspot.co.uk

  10. I've been wondering about the exact same thing. And I think, many of us, underestimate out blogs and we shouldn't. After all, you learn so much from it. You learn to write, to take photos, to write reviews, to communicate with other companies and bloggers. It's not just a mindless hobby, it's something that helps you develop some skills. That's why I think it's good to place it in your CV, you should be proud of it :)


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