17 February 2014

Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Review.

FashionFake, Anatomicals, under eye bags, beauty blog

FashionFake, Anatomicals, under eye bags, beauty blog

FashionFake, Anatomicals, under eye bags, beauty blog

FashionFake, Anatomicals, under eye bags, beauty blog
Anatomicals "Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer" wake-up under eye patches £6 for box of 3 at ASOS.com

Eye bags are the enemy for a high percentage of us, both men and women. I have been fighting mine for several months now as my sleeping patterns have changed, I've been a little stressed out and have fought off several bugs, as well as surviving several late nights and early mornings. Because I spend a lot of time working on the computer, eye bags is something I just have to learn to deal with most of the time. But when the culprit has been something less ordinary, like a few cocktails with some old friends or prep for a presentation which has kept you up all night there are beauty products which can help you eliminate the puffiness of the bags - Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer is one of them. Created by Anatomicals who are known for their fun packaging and affordable price, these under eye patches are easy to stick on in the morning whilst you're munching down on your cereal and getting dressed. Each packet contains two self-adhesive patches which easily cling on to the skin under your eyes and all you've got to do is keep them on for about 30 minutes et voila! Under eye bags are promised to calm down and reduce.

I tried these patches a week ago and I found them extremely easy to use. I hate products that I have to faff about with - Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer patches literally just whack on to your skin and you're done. I did some housework whilst I had these bad boys on and they didn't slip off once, bonus! They have a cooling effect which was really nice on tired eyes, probably my favourite part of the product. My eyes definitely felt fresher once I took the patches off, and I'm pretty sure the puffiness did go down a little, but as I mentioned I have had a couple of really full on weeks so I wouldn't expect this product to produce miracles. I've got a couple of packets left and I'm most definitely going to use them after nights out or long working days - it's a bathroom essential and a perfect accompaniment to your prep for an evening out.

Do you have any miracle cures for puffy eye bags? Share with the world!


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  1. This is probably the funniest product I've ever laid eyes upon! I would buy it just for the name! :D


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