26 May 2014

Depop: the hot new selling app for bargain hunters

Depop market has quickly become a...hang on, you haven’t heard of Depop? Depop is a smartphone app which lets you quickly sell your preloved items, or even set up shops, and receive quick payments along with details of the buyer such as their address. Depop also lets people message you to try and bargain out prices or track deliveries – couldn’t be any simpler! I have started a Depop account (give it a follow and see if you can grab a bargain yourself) to try and get rid some of the wardrobe clutter before I move into a new home this August. Because so many of the clothes I am wanting to get rid of have either never been worn, or worn once, I didn’t want to take them to a car boot sale as I just couldn’t bare to see my brand new items amongst a pile of old coffee cups and garden utensils. And I find eBay just such a load of faff – I want quick and easy sales, without hidden charges and the waiting, and bidding, etc, etc, etc... So I chose Depop. It is seriously as simple as make a profile, search the items you like for example ‘vintage’ or ‘leather’ or ‘New Balance’ and find the items all displayed in an Instagram fashion. You then click on the image and if you like the description, it fits you and the price is right – you simply click ‘Buy’ and your order is placed, payment goes through PayPal and I send out your item next working day.

Depop has quickly become a hit with fashion bloggers selling their blogged about threads; boutiques who can set up a shop on the app and anyone who has some nice things to get rid of and make a penny from it. Depop does charge a 10% fee from the sales that you make, but to me that is a good deal compared to other online retail sites and when you think of it, if you sell your items for like £8 it’s only 80p.

It’s not only clothes that make it on Depop: art, music, magazines and collectible have been coming up on my feed from the beginning. You can also follow your favourite bloggers on the app so if you’re a hardcore Fashion Influx fan and love her style, you can actually pick up your favourite items through Depop. Most of the new fashion items will be discounted as bloggers will have items to photograph, but not necessarily want to keep so there are plenty of high street current trends bargains on the app!

Anyway, this isn’t a sponsored post and nobody asked me to plug Depop – I just love the app and hopefully you guys will too! It's an international app so everyone can get involved! Don’t forget to check out my profile and pick up those bargains if you like what you see.

My Depop name is @FashionFake // 


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