4 June 2014

Best Hot Sauce

Review of hot sauce, best hot sauce, spicy sauce review, food blog
Review of hot sauce, best hot sauce, spicy sauce review, food blog
Review of hot sauce, best hot sauce, spicy sauce review, food blog
Review of hot sauce, best hot sauce, spicy sauce review, food blog

For anyone who follows my Twitter and Instagram accounts, it will come as no surprise that I LOVE spicy food. I come from a culture which appreciates strong tastes and can push for spice - as well as travelling when I was younger which taught me to eat almost anything. So naturally, I need a little kick in my food!
In the past year I have seemed to develop a real hunger for spicy foods and when I say spicy I'm talking lashes of Tabasco just doesn't even cut it anymore. I've grown very fond of curry's in the winter months to warm and fill me up, so I've started to push my taste buds further and here is the result: I'm having chilli matches with myself.

Here I have a small collection of some of the chilli sauces I'm using at the moment - a good mix of several different parts of the world to literally spice up your life! And whether you like a small hint of spice, or full on panic attack worth YouTubing - there is something here for everyone:

Franks Red Hot Sauce - is a favourite amongst many! Franks consists of aged cayenne red pepper, garlic and vinegar and has a tangy, almost sweet and salty flavour which is great for marinading or simply coating chicken in, pork and in burgers. Perfect for foodies who enjoy a kick as well as flavour.
Hot Ranking : 5/10

Cholula - this sauce is something I only discovered today when browsing the sauce isles of a supermarket. Cholula is made of Arbol and Piquin peppers, vinegar and various spices and is a perfect compromise between spice and flavour. Not as hot as the rest of the sauces, Cholula has flavour which will be delicious served with grilled fish and a salad for a shot of Mediterranean in your diet!
Hot Ranking : 4/10

Tabasco Habanero - Tabasco is a known name amongst sauces and is one of the most popular hot sauces around the world. Tabasco has spawned since its original days and now holds several sauces from mild to extra hot, which is what the Habanero bottle claims. Made with Habanero peppers, aged red peppers, mango, banana and papaya purees as well as garlic and onion, Tabasco Habanero is spicy with a taste that lingers slightly after eating and will make the perfect accompaniment to a BBQ marinade - just add as many drops as your mouth wishes. I also sometimes add Tabasco to mayonnaise to make a spicy dip for prawns or chicken dippers!
Hot Ranking : 8/10

Sriracha - Sriracha has crawled up the taste buds as well as social media channels of many Americans and since made its way to the UK. Originally from Thailand, this sauce is made from chilli, garlic and sugar and I have had it with almost everything I've eaten in the past month. It's so universal and goes well with most things but is amazing as a marinade for BBQ chicken wings. Simply put a bunch of wings in a plastic bag, squeeze enough sauce into the bag to coat the wings and shake well. Leave it for an hour or so and then BBQ! It's delicious.
Hot Ranking : 5/10

Mr Naga Chilli Pickle : a less conventional chilli sauce, this pickle is perfect for curry's. It's very hot and is very flavoursome - I add a spoonful of this sauce to a curry and let it cook out for a while. It definitely adds some...je ne sais quoi. Prepare to have a bowl of yogurt topped with coriander near you when eating curries with this chilli sauce! It is made with Naga Morrich peppers, vinegar, paprika and mixed spices - any curry sauce will bloom with this pickle.
I found it in my local Asian food store and the owner promised that this sauce is THE spiciest thing ever, and I agreed. Until... I met Dalla.
Hot Ranking : 9/10

Dalla Pickle - Ok, ok, so the dalla pickle is supposed to be the hottest chilli pickle. Worse than any ghost chilli, or scotch bonnet or whatever else you have heard of. Not many people know of the calla pickle and even less sell it - so when Liam presented me with this beauty of a bottle I was very intrigued. By this point I'm nearly used to the naga pickle so how bad can this be, right? BAD. I added a tablespoon of this pickle in a curry I made and I barely made it through half of the bowl, and ended up in bed for a good couple of hours with a burning sensation in my throat that not even ice cream could fix. It is enough to simply dip your finger into a calla pickle jar, taste the teeny tiniest bit to feel like your heads about to blow off. Many have tried, many have also tried to keep a brave face but I think the chilli has defeated those many.
Hot Ranking - 10/10

Am I missing any sauces out? What's your favourite hot sauce? Leave me a comment with the name of the sauce and I'll be sure to try!


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  1. I love spicy! Makes me sweat and gasping for air, but all worth it! :D


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