8 July 2014

Family Time at Nandos!

Start the eve at Nandos....
Nandos, food blog
Nandos, food blog
Nandos, food blog
Nandos, food blog
Nandos, food blog
Eds Diner Time!
Eds Diner Basingstoke, food blog
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On Sunday we celebrated my mum's birthday and we decided to have a little spice for dinner so we headed to Nandos for some Class A Peri Peri chicken! I have to fess up and tell you that I have only actually tried Nandos for the first time last summer. I know, where have I been all these years?! Living under a rock apparently. Anyway, I absolutely love their food! My usual order is a Hot half chicken, with corn on the cob and coleslaw - delish! It's just such a great place to come to especially in the summer as if some of the more unfortunate of us who aren't lucky enough to get a holiday in a hot, exotic country (like me this year - hump!), you can relax in the busy, loud environment of most Nandos chains.

My family then decided that after all that spicy chicken, we could all do with a big, super sweet desert. Mum and I aren't huge dessert eaters and prefer savoury so it was unusual for us to want a huge dessert, and my brother is 14 - no 14 year old will refuse a sundae! We headed off to Ed's Diner, an American style chain with the most enticing floats, shakes and sundaes. I have to say, it was a struggle. You cannot eat a whole meal, and have one of their shakes (I had the Butterscotch one!) or one of their sundaes - Max has the chocolate Kit-Kat sundae and mum tried the triple berry one!

It was a lovely day and you can view any snaps that don't make it to my blog on my Instagram account! Don't forget to give me a cheeky follow ;)



  1. That food looks so good omg! I need to go to Nando's next time I'm in the UK, I've never really had time to do that so far but everyone seems to love it haha! :) xx

  2. Aww how fun! Need to go there when I come visit!



  3. Happy Birthday to your lovely mom! And whoa, guys, you eat a lot! :D

  4. ah this sounds amazing... looove nandos!! :)


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