10 August 2014


iPhone case from Iconemesis*

I was recently contacted by Iconemesis - an iPhone case brand which does the cutest designs from talented artists! I have been a fan of their Fifi Lapin iPhone cases for a while now, so I was excited to not only receive my own stylish bunny case but also to hear their latest news: Iconemesis is a growing brand, and they need crowd funding help in order to reach their goals!

For me, it's difficult to find phone cases I like because I don't like a lot of 'bling', or 'flappy' cases (where you've got a flap that you can store your cards in, etc), or just plain boring cases. And if anyone gets an iPhone case near me which has the quilted and diamond design - just no, I just can't with them. So when I first found out about Iconemesis I was over the moon to see their stylish Fifi Lapin phone cases! But that's my personal preference - there are plenty more designs to choose from if Fifi just doesn't hit the right note. I just love this stylish rabbit! (I never thought I'd be taking fashion inspiration from an animal cartoon, but here we are.)

The Iconemesis Indiegogo campaign is live now and will be until the 21st of August. Their goal is to reach $9,100 and everyone who contributes an amount to this total sum can get contributor perks such as getting your own iPhone cases. I think that crowd funding is an awesome way for new brands to get the financial help they need in order to grow their business.

I'm wishing Iconemesis all the luck in reaching their target goal, and I'm really hoping to see more of their cute designs on the web soon - so lets help them get the contributions they need, and if you back them up you can even get your own free iPhone case!



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