28 October 2014

Jo Hamilton at HomeSense Salisbury: Tips for Decorating Your Home

Fashionfake, HomeSense Salisbury, UK lifestyle bloggers, Jo Hamilton
Fashionfake, HomeSense Salisbury, UK lifestyle bloggers, Jo Hamilton
Fashionfake, HomeSense Salisbury, UK lifestyle bloggers, Jo Hamilton
Fashionfake, HomeSense Salisbury, UK lifestyle bloggers, Jo Hamilton
Fashionfake, HomeSense Salisbury, UK lifestyle bloggers, Jo Hamilton
Fashionfake, HomeSense Salisbury, UK lifestyle bloggers
Fashionfake, HomeSense Salisbury, UK lifestyle bloggers
Fashionfake, HomeSense Salisbury, UK lifestyle bloggers

Last weekend I got an amazing opportunity to interview one of the most sought after interior designers in the UK, Jo Hamilton. Jo has been running a successful design consultancy for over 18 years and has made numerous TV appearances in programmes such as 60-Minute Makeover and What to do With the House When the Kids Have Left Home, as well as being a guest speaker for Grand Designs Live.
I have always been interested in interior design so this was a massive treat for me (thank you HomeSense!) and Jo was just the loveliest in person so the interview went fantastically well with lot so of tips and tricks on how to improve your home!

What are the key trends in interiors this A/W?
There’s a lovely mix of inky tones - deep navy, grays, blues and the elements of marine. Strong colours like navy will mix well with S/S 2015 powdery pastel trends so inky coloured accessories are a good buy which will carry you through seasons. I’m very excited about this trend.

What could you do to make a small room look bigger? For example, a living room?
Keep the colours light and cool - it opens the room up. A good trick is to keep your furniture the same colour as the walls so it all melts together and make sure to keep all corners of the room lit up, as well as the ceiling. Keeping the decor to a minimum and ensuring you can see the floor through accessories will help the space feel bigger.

Have you got any tips for creating more storage for clothes, but keeping a room stylish?
Most girls have lots of shoes and some shoes are beautiful - they’re our pride and joy! I once did a room for this girl who had a lot of shoes and we made it in to an art feature with square boxes over the whole wall. The boxes were lit up with little lights in the corner and her beautiful shoes were displayed. If your items are beautiful make a feature out of them and create extra storage.

What is your favourite way to make a room feel cosy and warm?
A mix of light, texture and colour. Let the light fall from the ceiling and make sure you’re using yellow based light as well as candles and an open fire is always great. Layer different textures with items such as cushions, rugs and throws in materials which makes you want to touch it - shearling, fur and chunky knits.

What are you tips for anyone wanting to decorate on a budget?
Dressing a room is very much like dressing yourself - I like to mix hughstreet with designer. Have one or two statement pieces which you spend money on like expensive cushions thrown on a high street sofa. Shops which sell reclaimed and vintage items are great for finding pieces to make your decor look expensive on a budget.

What is your advice to anyone who might be thinking of starting a career in interior design?
Get as much experience as you can. A good way to do this is to offer to design your friends homes which helps you build a portfolio. Ask interior designers for work experience and try to find places where you can talk to designers, like Chelsea Harbour. You can also gain valuable experience from working in homeward stores where you can work with the products and find out how everything works. I also think that having formal training is very important and helps you on your career path.

Was there anything that stood out to you in the HomeSense Salisbury store?
What I love about HomeSense is the vast range of styles and unusual pieces, like this bath (see photos above). It has so many great accessories and designer pieces which you can find for a bargain.

Reader Questions 

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Most of my inspiration comes from talking to clients and finding out what their interests are. I build a picture of the person I’m working with as the design is not about me. A lot of psychology goes into interior design! Also beautiful art from which I can pull out colours and designs.

Have you got any advice for people who rent but would still like to decorate?
Ask your landlord to paint the walls white before you move in, this will give you a nice canvas and it will be art and pieces of furniture which stand out. Include statement pieces of art and sculptures - your room doesn’t have to be boring and your personality will stand out with those statement pieces.

How would you get two different themes to work together, for example boho and modern?
I personally love that - there’s nothing worse than a recipe book approach on interior design. Boho style works great with straight modern lines for example an old character dresser in a sleek modern kitchen. You should have a colour story and decide on a colour palette to work with to make two different styles work.

There is a very interesting section at HomeSense: Unique Finds. How would you use the quirky items which can be found here to make the most out of them?
Don’t use too many of the same style items, choose one or two pieces which will become your feature. Let your feature pieces stand out by dropping everything back like having a modern coffee table with a sculpture on in, and a quirky design lamp in the corner of the room. Any feature should be well lit so if you have spotlights aim them at the sculpture to highlight the item.

You can visit Jo's website here and don't forget to check out your local HomeSense store for quirky accessories when you're next redecorating!


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