16 October 2014

Unique Finds at HomeSense

FashionFake, HomeSense Salisbury, lifestyle blog UK
FashionFake, HomeSense Salisbury, lifestyle blog UK
FashionFake, HomeSense Salisbury, lifestyle blog UK
FashionFake, HomeSense Salisbury, lifestyle blog UK
FashionFake, HomeSense Salisbury, lifestyle blog UK
above: all items from HomeSense Salisbury store* (excluding the Chillilili sauce, bottles and Hemsley + Hemsley cook book)

A couple of days ago, I blogged about my favourite tea and coffee finds from the Salisbury HomeSense store and I want to continue with this lifestyle post them by showcasing some of my unique finds from the Salisbury HomeSense shop.
I love finding unique home accessories to decorate my house with – from vintage finds to modern shapes and materials, I love uniqueness. And sometimes it can be difficult to really set your home apart with copies of the same model being mass produced. I have been shopping for my homeware at TK Maxx for years now, and I was so happy to hear that they will be branching out into a store allocated specifically for interiors. The designs are beautiful and there is such a variety of styles that any home will find plenty of items to put in your shopping basket. I have selected some of my favourite items in the photos above to tell you about:

The faux skull: I find this piece is absolutely beautiful. Our living room is kind of modern rustic style with faux cowhide throws, cosy thick knit blankets, clean cut tables and vintage suitcases and as we already have one iron skull mounted on the wall, it seemed perfect to pair it with this exhibit. And with a price tag of £12.99 this beats any other macabre accessories I have seen around!

The chicken: Oh the chicken. You guys loved the chicken when it first appeared on Instagram – it’s so cute and rustic! This china chicken (who has now been named China) lives in our kitchen by our egg house and adds to the cottage feel on the interior. It’s been a huge hit with everyone who’s seen it and comes at a very reasonable £12.99. Mega love!

The Tunisian bowl: Is actually from Tunisia. HomeSense stocks unique items handmade all over the world, with beautiful designs and multiple purposes. I love this bowl, and it’s perfect for serving almost everything – here is one of our Sunday roasts!

The food: OK so some people don’t realise that HomeSense actually do some food accessories as well as home accessories. From pickled jalapenos to jam, from herbs de Provence to wasabi paste, all sorts of olive oils, Himalayan salt, the hottest sauce you will find on the planet – you can find gems in there. The food section is one of my favourite places because I love herbs and sauces and I have never seen such a variety of unique finds. I have never left HomeSense without at least three jars of something.

These were just a few of my top picks from the HomeSense Salisbury store and I hope you have enjoyed this post and got inspired!

This post is part of my HomeSense series as the official HomeSense Hampshire ambassador and I was kindly compensated with gift vouchers.

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  1. I never understood the skull thing, never understood why they use it in fashion shoots as well :D It just creeps me out!
    I love reading about your home finds, it makes me feel so cozy :D


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