22 December 2014

Christmas Life Update

FashionFake, UK lifestyle blog

Hey everyone! You might have noticed that over the last week or so I have been really quiet on the blog and my social media channels. It is the most wonderful time of the year and there is so much I want to share with you, however this year I have been one of the unfortunates to get hit with a throat infection and I have been in bed resting for what seems like ages now with not a lot of improvement. I've got a course of hardcore antibiotics which I need to take for ten days which means I'll be on hot chocolates and tea's with honey rather than yummy mulled wine and Baileys which is my usual Christmas drink - but hopefully I can have a tipple on NYE! And there's no way I'm skipping out on all the food - although I have to time when I eat to work with my antibiotics. I've only just started eating properly again after what feels like a week where I could manage one meal a day, so I'm really looking forward ti stuffing my face over Christmas to get my energy back up. One thing I'm upset about is that I got really into baking festive cookies and now I feel like I can't do that because I'm coughing all over the place and who wants the risk of a cough cookie to land on their plate?! So buh-bye cookies until I feel a little better!

I just wanted to give you a quick update as to why it's all been so quiet over on FashionFake, but this week I have managed to get some posts scheduled so you can expect some festive newness on my blog this week :)

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